He is a really good player off the bench. If he can control his off court actions, why not?

Player Press: The Los Angeles Lakers might end up getting the man they were hoping for in the first place.

The Lakers had been trying to trade Sasha Vujacic with a first round pick in order to get his salary off the books. They had attempted to make the trade with the Cleveland Cavaliers for Delonte West.

That did not work out and on Tuesday the Cavaliers traded West to the Minnesota Timberwolves. However, the Timberwolves will “almost certainly” buy West out of the remaining $4.6 million on his contract for $500,000, making him a free agent.

If the Lakers can move Vujacic, sources say that they are going to add Delonte West to the roster.

This move would certainly give the Lakers a way to match up with the Miami Heat and stop LeBron in the case that the two teams do actually end up meeting in the Finals next season.

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  • Showtime4eva

    Not sure what the actual plan is with west but if we could clear up the free loader problem I’m down with that.

    • I know it

      Idiots don’t even read before copying and pasting another article . . . Lakers aren’t SIGNING Delonte West . . moving Sasha clears space to sign Shannon . . . Defenders of this BULL SHIT Site are just blind sheep

      • You’re an idiot

        Who’s the idiot? You are. Yes it says they’re trying to trade Sasha to get his money off the books, but they’re also going to try to sign him if the T Wolves release.

    • Showtime4eva

      But the way this article is written makes me feel like it has no merit as actual basketball news at all more like gossip.like tabloid shit.I mean I wouldn’t mind at first the rumor was it was for a salary dump to have more to Shannon an maybe plus one more player.

  • lakerman34

    Keep him away from Kobe’s mom/wife. That’s all I’m saying….

    • kb24isthebest

      hahaha thats what i was thinking lol

    • LakerGuruinNY

      not worried bout him comin after kobe mom, kobe has class, which comes from how he was raised, Lebum acts thug from the hood bc thats how he was raised, end of story.

      • Daduts

        Kobe has class? What about having “consensual sex” while married? Very classy, yo.

        • PRLaker

          so, he was horny away from home, that happens

  • Kalamazoo

    I’m sure there is a morality clause where the second the Lakers get a bad rap, or get close to it they null and void the deal. But Delonte my man “better get me my Kryspy Kreme Do-NUTS!” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=67ufrcQlKt4&feature=player_embedded

    • Kalamazoo

      Wouldn’t YOU stand pat if you had a chance at a title? Artest did LOL. Delonte can do whatever he wants in the off-season tho, but during the season as long as he chills down and does what he’s ‘sposed to there shall be no problem

      • expo

        Ron is Bipolar! Delonte is certifiably crazy!!!

        • Kalamazoo

          Ron is crazy, Delonte is bi polar you got it the other way around. Besides I don’t know how crazy you could get, we already have Barnes, and Artest yet most Laker fans 3 years ago before the Celtics raped the Lakers woulda said “NO NO WE NEED OUR CHEMISTRY! HE WILL BE A CANCER OMG! NO!”

          Settle down- I only judge players based on competitive spirit. It’s not like the guy thinks of himself as a primadonna who needs to start, in Tmac’s case people have a good point, I just don’t see what the big issue is that upsets people.

          He has off the court issues not on the court issues- two separate things-

        • PRLaker

          come on delonte, let kobe show you how a real champion wins a title, unlike that bitch princess james

  • nicholsndimes

    not so sure i want this guy on the team. he’s a little nuts, and his off-the-court issues have translated to him not being a very productive player on the court.

    i’ll pass….

    • e-man

      I don’t think PJ wants to share any of his herbs with Dolante, although Luke might get some from his dad.

  • Sheds

    I dont know man… I dont know…

  • Brown Hater

    I think this guy has to many off the court issues why take a chance on messing up the team chemistry. At this point I might even take Brown back.

    • HATER

      Hey Brown Hater Im the true HATER but anyways i think you are right he does have alot of issues, also why does this article say “This move would certainly give the Lakers a way to match up with the Miami Heat ” cause i thought the Heat was trying to match up with the Lakers cause no matter what Lakers are still the team to beat. 1,2,3-PEAT!!

  • DelontelovesMoms

    We need this signing to catch up to Denver as being the most tatted team.

    • PRLaker

      denver is not the most talented team, are you smoking pot?

      • 24/8

        I think he’s saying tatted team. As in most tats, tattoos. And look what it got Denver, a bunch of headcases who ruin the Nuggets’ chances of winning a title at the worst times. No thanks.

  • andrew

    I’m not understanding this.. How would he stop LeBron? West is 6-2.. He’d be our 3rd point guard.. I don’t understand why we dumping Sasha.. He’s a 6-6 pesky defender who can shoot.. West is Bi-Polar and still surely get in some trouble here in LA..

    • http://www.vidaguerrasbutt.com/vida-guerra-playboy-picture-a_17.html#pic daboss1849

      read the article dumbazz. it says west will sleep with lebrons mom to throw his game off

      • lake24

        LMAO! but on the real side of this all. West wouldnt fit in to the Laker team. him in LA is like giving a little kid the keys to Disneyland. we’ll see him on the local news about him being in clubs going crazy. and he would bring back the old ron artest back. because He knows Ron Ron is down for anything if hes talked into it.

  • http://www.myspace.com/guszo gus26

    does the author of this article even know what is going on???… the only reason the lakers are trying to get west is because they can waive him.. this is a cost cutting move… not sure they sign him… AND how the heck does adding delonte west stop lebron???… poorly written article…

    • datruthbme11


      • Babak

        Gus and the other guy…. he would stop lebron mentally.. the reason for that is because he has or had a relationship with lebrons mom… so the author didnt mean he was gonna stop him by defending him.. and why would lakers sign him and then waive him? the only way the lakers will get him is if timberwolves waive him and lakers pick him up…lakers might have waived him if they traded him for sasha but thats not the case anymore…..

  • Laker s Army

    The only reason they would get him is to get rid of Sashas contract. 5 million a year. Get West for league
    cheap and then trade him or just waive him.
    Lakers have 10 million in bad contracts Sasha and Luke.
    Thats 2o million in luxurey tax money.
    You think Jerry Buss wants to give away 20 million.
    He dosent even wont to give 10 million to Phil .
    And we all know what Pj has done.
    But these two guys are not worth 1 million a year.

  • Popcorn

    I don’t hate machine but he actually went backwards in terms of being the guy that used to spark the Lakers bench; sometimes he looked so lost out there it was as if he forgot to play his role and basketball all together.
    All this happened after he got his $5m a year deal too.
    Delonte West could be a good defender on PGs/Sgs. He might not be “The Glove” but the guy can defend and he can make shots too. I’ve seen this guy make shots in the playoffs against the C’s at moments when even LBJ wasn’t doing sh!t, the guy actually kept the Cavs close in several sequences of that series. Well I’m not going to say he is a superstar but the guy can play. His issues off the court imo aren’t big deal because if Mitch didn’t hesitate to grab Ron Artest with many people, fans and journalists making all kinds of comments about Artest’s behavior ON the court and on top they said that he will not replace Ariza because he won’t fit in the team + his behavior etc. Delonte West personal problems are not big deal if anything he will have a teammate that could help him feel good because he had been label the “The Crazy One” by the whole league and now he was a ring and he is very happy to be a Laker. I think West could be a good blue collar type player of the bench and even produce points cause he can make shots. If anything all this might motivate machine to play a lot better this year. Will see.

    • ThEMVP

      He’s obviously an upgrade over both Shannon and Sasha, I don’t think waiving Delonte if we got him would be a good idea anyway, ShanWOW looked as lost as Sasha did. You can never get too tough, my best hope as a Laker fan is to see the Lakers surpass the late era Chicago Bulls trio of Pippen, Rodman, Jordan one day. Delonte is not what you could call a Pippen’ defensively, or what ever but he’s as hard working as he is. I also think Shannon is not primed or hungry enough to chase that ring, esp as a career-bench/role player.. I just don’t trust Shannon as I do Delonte, and if Delonte would ever look lost, he’d use his skills to offset whatever he doesn’t understands about the triangle. Shall see yea

  • DiscoVietnam

    gus 26 and Laker s Army have it right; this report is BS.

    The Lakers were only looking to get West so they could dump his contract, in exchange for Vujacic.

    • lake24

      “do do da disco daaaannnSSSSSSINNGG” unce unce unce…lol youre right disco vietnam

      • andy2000

        lmao didnt know vietnamese do disco shit, thought they into karaoke and nails salon shit. i might join vietnamese disco clubs someday.

  • mr.laker

    Idk… Seems like a lateral move. Delonte is not that much better than Sasha, and when Sasha is on im not sure he is better than him at all. Idk, I just dont like Delonte West, I probably would just keep Sasha over him.

  • datruthbme11


    • Cookie Monster


  • pauer

    Boooooooo! Why would you sign the ginger pirate?

    He is average at best. Go for Brown not West.

  • lakerfan106


  • LakErS 3 pEaT

    West can shoot BETTER than Sasha. He can learn how to play defense from Ron and the coaching staff. He’ll respect the Lakers to do anything crazy and this can help him avenge leburn for Cleveland’s fans.

    • keepon_keepinon18

      He isn’t like Ron in that his problem is limited to just attitude or personality. From what I’ve read, he has bipolar disorder and has been diagnosed for clinical depression in the past.

      Delonte West is certainly a good NBA player that would help the Lakers. However, I don’t want to take a risk on him (attempting to make him part of rotation vs. waiving him) all under the assumption that Phil will get him on the right path.

      • Kalamazoo

        You gotta take risks in life- Lakers did when they got Artest and we all know he can fight fans. Artest also has a psychriatist to help him deal with issues maybe Artie can hook Delonte up= Lakers would be unbeatable next season.

  • gugy

    Please no West on our team. He is one those guys that spell more trouble then help.

  • 123kid

    in the past i’ve hated certain players that i’ve learned to accept and cheer for if they ever or actually became a laker, i.e. kwame brown, isiah rider, dennis rodman, but i swear if the lakers sign this guy and keep him on the roster, i will never like him in all my years as a laker fan. i’ve hated him in cleveland, i’ve hated that big birth mark on his face, and i’ve hated this whole lebron’s mom and him being lovers ordeal (ew gives me the chills and i think i just threw up just a lil in my mouth).

  • 100 Favors

    man, espn got it all wrong ron artest ain’t crazy, lakers are crazy if they get him and let him stay on the team. west should be in jail rotting away, he needs to fix his personal life before he continues with his nba career. he clearly has problems he is not dealing with. anyway he’s never been consistent in anything and we already have that in sasha. I don’t like this at all, the lakers are risking team chemistry (his off court problems) if they do get him.

  • lake24

    we(the lakers) minus well sign mike brown as an assistant coach. just to do it. lol

  • Lakers=beast

    ehh…if Mitch knows what he’s doing, then sign him

  • Marwan Deletes My Comments

    …you better have my donuts!…

    • LakErS 3 pEaT

      You forget to say “trains, planes, and automobiles”
      “How playa is that mang?”
      “Where I come from snitches get stitches, but I told on him”

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  • Hunt4Six

    Man, if this is true, and we get Delonte West, the 2010-2011 Championship quest is a LOCK, barring any significant injuries to “Key” players…Hope it works out…Excellent move Mitch!

  • Damir

    Can we just sign Shannon Brown and get on with training camp. JESUS!



  • Leo

    I don’t know about Delonte. If it’s strictly for salary, then OK, but I’m not sure about West over Sasha.

    • Kalamazoo

      West is a better player than Sasha you can take it to the bank.. and if the Lakers took him on he’s $4.5 ~ M which is cheaper than Sasha, they are both pesky defenders not all team NBA but still defend, as far as best finisher that’s West.

  • gameplan

    well, he can shoot better than sasha. I think so, but I don’t know his defense.

  • http://www.myspace.com/guszo gus26

    i just remember a clip of him saying “snitches get stiches” on the jim rome show… hahaha

  • http://F? jokkiii

    i would like this, delonte west is a solid player with some off court issues, same with ronron and remember kobe even had his little ‘rape’ thing so if he comes to la he will play well he fits in well, hes a much more solid player than sasha


    • LakErS 3 pEaT

      Agreed! That line-up looks good and SOLID!

  • Long

    i say do it. every guy has a player they don’t want to face. for lebron, thats delonte west (for f-ing his mom lol). lebron won’t be able focus against the lakers when the dude who f’d his mom is sitting on the bench. lol i can see it now and i love it! :) only bad thing is delonte might want to try and Eff vanessa but we got artest to handle him so im not worried. lakers 2011 champs!

  • Danny T

    Pick Him Up, I’m Sure Phil can Handle him.

  • bleepbloop

    Shannon Brown NOT West.

  • RoWyN

    WHO’s YER DADDEH LEBRON?!?!?! hahahaha

  • RoWyN

    Keep him away from Mrs Jerry Buss

  • ????

    do all u guys live in L.A?

    • Showtime4eva

      Not everyone on here.

  • http://www.myspace.com/guszo gus26

    rather let brown walk give away sasha and sign iverson

    • LakErS 3 pEaT

      LOL What? Iverson good one.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1460601006&ref=profile OaklandLakers

    Wow man, I was having a conversation with my brother at the start of the Finals, (A Kings fan…), about players we wouldn’t want on our teams. Our criteria was loose but the players that we listed all could play and have some level of above average bench talent and up. Our main focus was the players that had skill but that had shitty antics on court that we just wouldn’t want to see for 82 games. My short went something like, in no order, Kenyon Martin, J.R. Smith, Matt Barnes, & Delonte West.

    While I COMPLETELY understand the fan that says he’s to much of a head case, I feel the 2 guard rotation of Kobe and West is phenomenal. What I really feel this comes down to is loosing a pesky defender @ 6’7 and gaining a lesser one on one defender yet still above average defender at 6-3 for those fast guards , Particularly the PG’s that Blake can’t keep up with. Watching CLE games over these past few years and looking at the numbers, there’s not much loss in 3PT% category when comparing West to Sasha.

    While Laker fans have just been just in the past week been refreshed with another former foe to family acquisition in Matt Barnes, Delonte West presents a different cause for concern. I think Laker fans should be worried more about adding West from a attitude/antics stand point that Barnes(Which I feel will be as minimal as Artest’s quite last season)

    Overall I like this addition IF it goes through mainly because of the confidence level that Phil would have with having him out there compared to Sasha. That confidence that he could have directly relates to Kobe’s rest on the bench because on far to many situations Kobe came in off limited rest to make up for Sasha’s poor fouling decisions. His offensive season long slump is a different and arguably bigger reason why Kobe came of the bench too early.

  • http://F? jokkiii

    whats with all you people and thinking delonte cant play D

    hes a more solid defender than offensive player

    • zedd

      Agree. I was wondering why people kept talking about his shooting and not his defense. decent scorer, yes, but even better on defense. gets a lot of steals, plus he even blocks more shots than some centers.

  • nick

    Delonte West is a JOKE! If the Lakers sign him it will be a big mistake!!!!!

  • LbC Y562

    Everyone is bein hard on Delonte, I think if dude can honestly come here with a clear head. A new attitude and out look on life, then I’m all for it…. Delonte is a very good player when he trys to be. And sometimes all it takes for someone to straighten up is a change of Location. I remember last year (NOT HERE) but on other sites people were bitchin and cryin about Ron Artest comin… Look what HE did! Give him a god damn chance before you persacute him!! If he starts actin out again I’m all for cutting his ass. Do some of you REALLY think he can come to Kobe’s team and be a distraction???… LMAO WONT HAPPEN!

  • nick

    Is this guy a Distraction? Let see he misses practices, he misses flights to games, he likes to sleep with team mates Mothers and he’s on house arrest for a weapons charge. If thats not a distraction then i don’t know what is. He’s GARBAGE in my BOOK!

  • http://F? jokkiii

    hey nick if delonte west, a career 10 5 and 5 guy is garbage, what does that make u?

  • Robert.

    Geez! It seems like the Lakers are building a more ‘edgy’ team, and certainly would with this move.
    But it looked like in the past few days, that the reason for releasing Sasha was to save cap/lux, so they could re-sign Shannon. If they can’t move Sasha, and hence LOSE Shannon, why would they spend more on another player. Wouldn’t they be finished with the roster?
    If not, then they could get DWest cheap. Also, DWest worked with LeBron, and could provide some espionage (although, we all know LeBron’s two moves: 3 point shot, and charge to the basket).
    If DWest comes (if Kobe wants), the Lakers would have a ‘tougher’ team. I think Kobe always wanted that – to have a group of guys who are ‘hard’ basketball players like him. Kobe can teach his soldiers anything! And we all know he does. Please bear with me on this next statement: I claim that Kobe is a basketball ‘genius’. He is totally immersed in the game, and plays the way he thinks and analyzes it. Ron-Ron said that Kobe talks with each player, shows them tapes, and shows them what to do. Imagine what he would do with some tough players. The Lakers will be scary next year.
    … and maybe for a few years to come.
    I’ll also repeat – I look forward to the Miami ‘challenge’. It will make Lakers championship victories even sweeter.

  • nick

    Any one who sleeps with team-mates Moms are trash in my book. I Don’t care if he gets a tripple double every night. This guy doesn’t belong in a Lakers Uniform. I have no need to compare me with him. I have Class and he obviously does not. I never said he didnt have Basketball Skills, but i will say he’s a Ditraction all day long. I also know the lakers can do better than him. But, my name isn’t Mitch so if he thinks he will workout than fine. He does come Cheap so maybe theres nothing to worry about. I am glad you like him, I just have my own views!

  • ilikebasketball

    west sucks. i hope people are right that they are doing this to waive him…but that doesn’t make much sense to me.
    but west sucks and would fuck up the chemistry. he is mental.
    i dont like Barnes being on the team, but i can at least see him chilling out and being able to give us a solid 15 -20 mintues off the bench.

    West is a loser and trouble.

  • nick

    ( WEST IS TRASH AND HE SUCKS)Thank You, its nice to see people agree with me!

  • Westcoast B!tch

    West is fucccin trash!!!

  • ???

    do u live in L.A

    • Showtime4eva

      Yup! inglewood ca, Go lakers

  • http://minusthebars.blogspot.com/ Don

    This article was written in so much bad taste that I don’t see how anyone can take it seriously.

    But then again, y’all are Laker fans so…….

  • larry

    I don’t want him on my team. Couldn’t we just move Sasha to keep brown? Why do we have to go dumpster diving for backup?!?!

    • LANative

      West is rubbish

  • Digi

    man yall need to chill the fuck out, that shit about lebron’s mom and west is bullshit, u guy’s believe everything u hear, n even if its not what the hell that has to do with anything on the court , that guy can hoop, he will give energy , 3’s and defense yes defense , you have to watch more than the lakers during the season to know that he was actually more clutch in games than mo williams , he can hoop and he is a warrior , if its good for mitch, who u guys know if he’s going after him he has talked to phil and kobe, so who r we to judge this move just prepare for our 3-peat and quit all the bitching and complaining about every rumor or move the lakers do , dam yall so spoiled thats why people hate us lakers fan because we r never satisfied with shit !

    • ThEMVP

      As I said anybody saying Delonte is trash doesn’t know anything about basketball, or is a fairweather fan just trying to go along with what everybody else is saying just to sound “cool”. you can’t change stroke, lol shannon has plenty of it, we aren’t going after that, we’re going for 2 things: consistency, and D. shooting deep (thing delonte is good at), and driving to the hoop (another thing he’s good at) are bonuses, everybody remember when Delonte guarded rashard lewis who’s like 6’9 and he d’d him up? I’d like to see Shannon do that one day.

    • ThEMVP

      Shannon doesn’t have a legitimate stroke, and he’s too bulgy to defend speedier guards, delonte would fit in perfectly

  • You’re an idiot

    You’re an idiot if you think this guy sucks. He’s actually a pretty damn good clutch shooter and a good defender. He might be a little crazy, but the Lakers are kinda pro when it comes to dealing with those guys. I would very much welcome him to our team as it would make our bench even stronger.

  • andy2000

    dont hate Deeeeelonte west man he can pass, defense and shoot. after the game he went straight to lakers wife and mama to shoot some more cant beat that work ethic.

  • Gloria West

    Sign Delonte even if it’s just to screw with Lebrons head !!!

  • 24/8

    What I remember about West is that he’s inconsistent. Sure, when he’s on he’s great but you can say that about Sasha and Brown, too. Just because the Lakers dodged a bullet with one head case shouldn’t mean that now it’s Headcase City here and the more nuts the merrier.
    The reason Artest worked here is because *he* wanted it, he basically begged to come here. He talked to Kobe in the locker room right after that horrible loss to the Celtics in ’08. That’s how you know that Artest was serious and could put aside his stupid antics. I don’t see that with West, there’s no “come on, Lakers, give me a chance” pleading. Are the Lakers going to put up with (if it happens) another weapons charge/arrest or missing games due to mental issues?
    Everyone who is for this is talking about how Phil can fix West, coach him into consistency. We almost didn’t get Phil back because of the grind that every season coaching, even coaching a great winning team like the Lakers, puts on him mentally and physically. And now you want to *add* to that with another ticking timebomb? We’ve got Artest and Barnes for tough/crazy, that’s enough.
    We have had guys on the Lakers who basically ride the bench because they can’t figure out the Triangle. Is our offense a good fit for West? I’d rather have Shannon Brown practice all off-season to develop a shot. Kobe or Chuck Person could help him do that. Maybe Sasha isn’t worth it anymore (loved his clutch freethrows in the Finals, though) but I don’t see that as code for the Lakers need another nut.

    • ThEMVP

      “Sure, when he’s on he’s great but you can say that about Sasha and Brown, too. ” – Nobody said he was great, just a better shooter, overall better player who can move the ball, unlike Shannon and Sasha, look up his stats, and still pesky, and still dunks on kids. Seriously if Delonte was on the radar earlier you can easily see why he would be one of the best guards available. The Lakers did not see Barnes as an option until a few weeks ago, so that means he can fill whatever roles Sasha or Brown had, coming off the bench to fill some size issues.
      So that means the Lakers don’t need them. Barnes is as good a shooter as we have had at that position, Shannon and the Machine are wildly inconsistent, but you can see why the Lakers are willing to roll the dice on Delonte West – he can shoot better and is worth less money than either of these two (SBrown delusions of grandeur, Sasha has the same problem). As I said, Shannon has been in the league long enough to develop a shot, and we might see him do that, but I don’t think he has a consistent stroke, or don’t think he’s hungry enough to amend that. Delonte was also streaky at times, but he’s a career .37% shooter from deep, and God knows the Lakers need players who can shoot. Sasha and Brown rarely give you that.

  • thomas Corleone

    If this happens, we should hold up a sign that says” Lebron you may have went south, but gloria definitely went West.”

    • tani

      hahahaha nice one dude this made my day

    • ThEMVP

      rolling off the floor laughing my ass off!!!

  • tano

    he just got waived today so yeah…. they might sing him

  • tano

    sing* lol

  • tano

    sign* <.<