Who would have thought we would be Division Champions? I don’t see too many hands up. Great accomplishment considering our expectations before the season, now our eyes are set on the Conference crown.

Yahoo! Sports: The Los Angeles Lakers are Pacific Division champions for the first time in four years and have a shot at the Western Conference title after winning their most important game of the season.

But they had to survive a tremendous scare, blowing all but one point of a 30-point lead.

Kobe Bryant, making a push for his first MVP award, had 29 points, 10 rebounds and eight assists, and the Lakers held off the New Orleans Hornets 107-104 Friday night to move within a half-game of the conference-leading Hornets.

Pau Gasol added 25 points, Derek Fisher scored 15, and Lamar Odom had 13 points and 16 rebounds for the Lakers (55-25), who never trailed but weren’t assured of victory until the final minute

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  • Jack

    yahoo… we gotchu pacific.

  • http://thelakersnation.com ThE NeXt FaRmAr 5


  • Shril

    It was a scary situation for the Lakers from late 2nd quarter..I hate Peja, and Pargo…. But a great pull off at the end none the less.. Let’s see how we do against the Spurs and Eva on Sunday

  • Majic “Big” Johnson

    Am I happy? Yes… Time to celebrate? No…
    We still have work to do folks!!!

    I do not want another 2003/4.

  • e

    kobe should be mvp…finally! some good defense in the first quarter..too bad it slipped in the 3rd..the second unit needs to understand that defense is more important than offense…the first unit knows it, now the second unit needs to

  • lakerz

    the mvp is locked in!

  • lakers1fan

    I just hope the kobe haterz (i.e. charles “BARK”ley) dont come up with some sorry azz excuse like, “well I think Paul is Mvp because he cut down the lead to -10 pt deficit” sorry azz theory but I can just hear all those haterz (media, writers, and the rest of the haterz) come up with something pathetic like that!

  • lakers1fan

    one more question….does anybody know why The LATimes aren’t voting for a MVP???

  • two0one7

    The MVP for you.

  • kevin


  • allan

    how can anyone deny that kobe makes his teammates better and that he has become a great leader. i hope all the mvp voters watched closely and saw (what we’ve been seeing all year) kobe literally gathering his team to talk, talking to them face to face during dead balls, and essentially being a coach on the court.

  • fuck laker haters


  • Jack

    Its crazy that espnews still wants to show lebrons dunk over and over again. ehe.. totally trying to avoid Kobe’s sick dunk. screw you kobe-haters. this is the limit man.

    and once again, why in the hell is lebron in the mvp talk???? jesschrist… gimme a break man. jst look at today: there was lakers/hornets game also suns/rockets game and the game on TV is cavs/bulls. wtf.

  • Smush Walton

    What was Vlad Rad doing out there? He totally sucked! For a three point “specialist” he was absolutely worthless tonight! And that play early in the game where he barreled into Chandler was a total brain fart! I hope the coaches rip him a new one! Unfortunately, this guy is still a space cadet. One one night – worthless the next!

    Why did we constantly leave Peja open? Are we stuck on stupid??? Finally at the end Kobe finally was able to blanket him.

    Luke – please learn to make a layup and scrap your post moves – they are beyond lame. Every time the ball ends up in Luke’s hands I just CRINGE!

    Great job by our rebounding specialist, Lamar, but will someone please drill it into his thick head NO OUTSIDE SHOTS!!! That stretch where Lamar started firing shots from the outside was awful – not even close! Trips down where we end up with outside shots from Lamar or Luke are wasted trips.

    There is still a lot of work to be done if we are to be successful in the playoffs.


    YES,it’s early in the morning in Chocolate City(dc)but my blood is warm(more like boiling)’cause ESPN refuse to show the dunk that Kobe had last night. They gave the Hornets WAAAAY MORE RESPECT than the guys who won the game then immediately,like JACK said, went to Lebron’s dunk again but here’s the thing…..THEY LOSS,LAKERS WON,KOBE’S MVP!MVP!MVP! YOU STUPID SONS OF B!@$&ES!!!

  • Rob

    I think Ronnie needs to be more serious. We need him for his strength and ability to provide muscle. However, I believe he gets out of sink with all of his antics. GROW UP RONNIE

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  • http://www.lakers.com all_i_can_say_is_KB24_mvp

    ThAt DUnk WaS lIke ShiZZ nIKZzzz SiKKK DudDEEEE
    Like ToTAllly

    MALIBU MOSt WanTEd Luvs LAkeRs

    KOBE+BEAN+BRyant= MVP u do the MATH!!!!!!!!!!

  • king.manu

    if kobe does not win mvp the nba is corrupt and the biggest bull**** ever!!!!

  • playdefense

    good defense for one and a half quarters. if the lakers want to win the chamionship (probably without bynum and ariza)they have to play with the defense they played with early in the game.. the defense in the second half was pathetic. wide open 3’s and easy fast breaks. lamar please dont shoot from the outside and luke if you cant make a lay-up then just dont play. we need 48 minutes of intensity not 12. great win though. i hate the hornets. GO LAKERS!! crazy dunk by kobe!

  • http://lakers.com Billy Kupchak

    if chris paul won mvp he would be the youngest mvp ever
    CP3 22
    Wilt 24
    Kareem 24
    bill Russel 24

    there is no way that chris paul should be up with those names

  • kobe4ever

    d@mn, good point Billy Kupchak.

  • pjt

    geeeez lakers clinch the division, and all these folks in here are stuck on Kobe getting MVP…?

    I want to see Kobe get a ring…I want Kobe to win a championship…MVP would be nice…But I’m more focused on the playoffs and what is in front of the team…

  • kobe4ever

    i didn’t get to see sportcenter yet but people are saying ESPN refused to show Kobe’s dunk. that means they didn’t show it in the highlights or the Top 10 Plays? if thats true then thats f@#$!# up.

  • http://thelakersnation.com kb24 4life

    what a dunk from the young kobe, he had some time without doing his acrobatics dunks that we are used to see, maybe because of the finger, what a game it was!!!!


    Kobe4ever,I meant to say,since I didn’t see the game,’cause I live in Wash.,DC,I had to stay up and watch sportscenter ’til 1:00am for the highlights and didn’t show Kobe’s dunk but showed how Peja was helping bring The Hornets back and they went back to Lebron’s dunk,it was crazy.

  • lakerz

    did anyone else notice the crowd got into it early?

  • kobe-wan kenobi

    KObe’s dunk was unbelievable!!!!
    still this kobe does not give the the feeling he could take over a game anytime, like he could the past 2 years…
    i dunno maybe he is tired, or his finger do not allow him to be as dominant…
    but if kobe wont be dominant we cant win it all

  • gugy

    That dunk was sick!

    KOBE MVP! for sure after last night.
    If CP3 gets it, will be another robbery at NBA.