Credit: Lucy Nicholson / Reuters
Credit: Lucy Nicholson / Reuters

Prior to entrance of 2013, Congress avoided the Fiscal Cliff; but the Los Angeles Lakers seem to be headed for a cliff of their own: The Dismal Cliff.

Having yet to win a game in the New Year, the Lakers are on a four game losing streak with upcoming games against some tough opponents: Spurs, Thunder, and Heat, along with games against lower tier teams such as the Cavs and Bucks.  The season has been so unpredictable for the Lakers that it is no longer conceivable the Lakers will beat teams they should beat.

Lakers’ fans everywhere are as perplexed as the management, coaches, and players. The Lakers must find a way to consistently pull together and fight through adversity. With losses mounting, can the Lakers turn things around, get into the playoffs, and make some waves? Or, are they on the verge of total collapse in what could be the most disappointing season in sports history?

With news of injuries to Dwight Howard (shoulder), Pau Gasol (concussion), and Jordan Hill (hip), the Lakers could very well be on their way to the unavoidable edge. Many fans are waiting for something, anything, to happen at this point.

Call me crazy, but it may be time to make some noise with a big trade, which could potentially shake this team out of its funk. If the Lakers choose to stand pat, the results may be unimaginable, that perhaps one of the greatest teams ever put together was so bad it couldn’t get the 8th seed in the Western Conference. If the Lakers do go off the edge of the Dismal Cliff, the fall may be catastrophic, ending in the potential loss of Dwight Howard, the heir apparent to Kobe Bryant.

It seems everything the Lakers have tried this season has utterly failed. Changing coaches, offenses, returns from injury… nothing has improved the team’s standing, but has led to a constant regression. Perhaps the one thing the Lakers haven’t tried is the only thing that will work: trading whoever they can to get younger.

The Lakers have turned into a very bad tease. Just when it seemed this team had put it’s season back together, they somehow find themselves right back on the edge, taking their fans with them. Right now, there is no view of an NBA championship in sight this year, nor any sort of consolation prize. For an organization that wins a lot, and is always expected to win, the fall from the Dismal Cliff may have already occurred.