Re-Live the Lakers journey to the 2009 NBA Title with their official Championship DVD!

According to Don Polite, executive director of Partner Brands Marketing in Burbank, along with season highlights, the video will also have a behind-the-scenes interview with Kobe Bryant and a round-table discussion with former Lakers talking about what it means to have been a Laker.

Why not buy it now?

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  • Starchild

    i haven’t gone to the malls lately, but is it available worldwide already? i’m in manila and can’t wait to get my hands on that baby.

  • http://helloworld24.multiply.com markogarte

    i am also from manila, philippines! :D

    The Filipinos love the Lakers as well as anyone! ;)

    Hope they send copies in our nearest video stores fast! :D

  • theneed4sheed

    The Lakers shouldnt even have a DVD. If we (celtics) were healthy, it would of have been a sweep. Celtics will win it next season. Go Green!!!

  • http://dailydynasty.blogspot.com PHATIUS

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    get a life n get out of out blog jerk.

  • renz824

    im guna get it in BESTBUY today hahaa.. no need to go to NBA.com for it hahaa

  • renz824

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  • scottastrophik

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    Shoulda, Woulda, Coulda, BUT DIDN’T…..

    We would have much rather beat the sukdix for it but there’s always next year.

  • celticpride

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    stf u need4sheed is absolutely 100% they woulda swept the lakers…have we had garnett…. Celtics next year paul pierce is better than kobe…

  • Portman

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    oh yeah, that screen name is very original. so pistons. there are like 17,000 internet junkies screen named need4sheed. dude, you guys don’t even need sheed! you’re gonna have to get larry bird out of retirement to beat us! you’ll have your DVD when they start making EASTERN CONFERENCE 3RD PLACE DVDs. do you even have DVDs in boston?

  • scottastrophik

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  • Dave

    Its on amazon for $19.99. If you get free shipping, its a no-brainer.

  • http://am570rado.com phil buss

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    why are you even on this website faggot ? go play with garnetts balls or something… wash paul pierce’s ass.


    All this celtic blah blah…

    its funny cuz u guys are all but hurt that were the best!

    Best franchise
    Best History
    Best Player
    Best Coach
    Best City
    Best Girls
    Best Entertainment
    Best Everything daym! lol

    WEre the F’ing Best in everything so get your lil celtic dik out this site and sip on a clam chowder soup while lakers roll through your city smooth with a tilted grin….PAYCE!

    I LOVE L.A.!

  • http://am570rado.com phil buss

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    what are you homos doing in TLN anyway? you may go kiss paul pierece butthole somewhere else.

  • http://dailydynasty.blogspot.com PHATIUS

    …. anyways. just copped the DVD today and got it signed by Luke n Farmar. I was too lazy to drive to el segundo to have DFish sign it. I was almost hesitant to have luke n farmar sign it tho. but yeh DVD is a great buy if u decide to pick it up. check out Lakers: Roundtable in the bonus features.

  • Salty

    Why in the world are there Celtic fans checking out TLN?

  • jason

    [Comment ID #79517 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Are you kidding me? Paul Pierce isn’t even the best player on his team. It’s KG aside from his insanity.

  • Vibe

    KG is a little B*itch.

  • J

    Some one post it up on YouTube!! ;)

  • gugy

    Blu-ray also or only DVD? I hope Blu-ray so I can enjoy all the glory in my 60″ HDTV.

  • Mark L

    F U C K you celticpride! Your nothing but a fucking bandwagon. Paul Pierce big crybaby on a wheelchair is an embarrassment. You Celtic fans are all delusional cunts!

  • tony

    just wathed the video on youtube it was great!!

  • ilikebasketball

    the dvd is kinda wack. it’s of course cool to have and will be cool to revisit.
    but soo much of the drama from the whole year is gone, and so much of the drama from the playoffs is left out. and so much of the footatge they used is just footage that everyone saw on national tv on abc and espn. hardly any behind the scenes stuff.
    and the voice over guy is pretty unexciting, as well.
    the voice over one that is on the complete history lakers dvd for the 200-2002 championship run was way better. but maybe when they repackage it they’ll up the ante a bit on it. for now it’s just a thing to make a quick buck on.

  • LakersNo1

    I got mine signed by Farmar, Walton, n D Fisher, that’s all I care about.

  • Swiggle

    That DVD is the worst championship DVD ever. I am very disappointed. They didn’t even have a video montage with a cool song like the other ones. The bonus features are horrible. Very bad job by whoever was in charge of putting that together.

    The first tape in 200 had Bon Jovi – “It’s My Life” at the end. The second one had Sugar Ray- “When It’s Over” and the third one had Dave Mathews – “Where Are You Going” and they were all awesome.

    Hopefully they do a better DVD next year!!! :)

  • gugy

    I just downloaded it to check it out. Very weak.
    I wish the guys at TLN could put a cool compilation together in hi-def but they probably can’t due copyright. That would for sure be better than this DVD.

  • Jack

    i bought it. first day in bestbuy. good work. good music and everything. only thing lame though was the bonus. they should have had atleast one full freakin game. and theers last quarters of series against housten and denver… the blowouts, should have been a the last quarter of the finals. anywho, its the champions DVD, so even if its all crap, i would have still bought it.

    vamonos lakers.

  • willow

    [Comment ID #79546 Will Be Quoted Here]

    These are closet Laker fans!!!! Plus, what else is there to do in Baston?? Closet Laker fans are the funniest people on earth. They talk smack all year long and as soon as the Lakers do well they break out they’re KOBE 8 jerseys!!!! and 34 jerseys. Now they’re talkin smack again coz training camp starts in 3 months so it begins…Hahaha!!! Closet Lakers fans!!!!