The best rivalry in the history of the NBA; should we be surprised? Additionally, the game more than lived up to the hype. What a rivalry it is, indeed. The Lakers’ 110-109 overtime victory on Thursday night delivered a 2.7 U.S. rating and was watched by more than 4.3 million viewers. It was the first meeting between the rivals in Boston since the Celtics beat the Lakers in Game 6 of last year’s finals for their 17th NBA championship…

  • Kush

    first! lol

  • Chris Manning

    Lakers/Celtics Xmas Day: 5.3 rating, 9.96 million viewers
    Lakers/Cavs MLK Day: 2.3 rating, 3.7 million viewers
    Lakers/Celtics yesterday: 2.7 rating, 4.3 million viewers

    Pretty obvious that the Lakers/Celtics is a better matc hup than Lakers/Cavs, unless more than 10 million people tune in this Sunday.

  • Smush Walton

    Still the eastern press is infatuated with “King James”. Even though Kobe clearly deserves another MVP, especially since having to carry a bigger load with Bynum out, it is apparent the trophy is going to King James.

  • lyk13

    The Xmas day rating is still crazily huge as compared to the game yesterday….

  • ilikebasketball

    they are even trying to pad his stats. after pumping up ‘will james beat kobe at msg????!!!’ the days after kobe’s 61, and then he doesn’t beat kobe, so they hype how he got a triple double, which he didnt.
    and after kobe dislocates his pinky and the lakers kill the cavs, they don’t say shit about it afterward and on he is still frontrunner for mvp. and the excuse is they both played poorly that night.

    it’s obvious the nba is wanting lebron to be mvp.

  • sketch

    I love it! This definitely shows how much more of a draw Kobe and the Lakers are than the Celdicks and the Calfs (that’s right, the Cavs are nothin but a little calf that’s brought out for the slaughter!).

    Ilikebasketball, you’re right! I thought the same thing! These fcukers, they just keep taking Kobe for granted. This guy does so much for the sport, yet, they keep trying to prop up Le Hype! It’s absolute lunacy!

    Let’s just forget all the 40, 50, and 60 point games for a second. We all can go on about that forever, but let’s just focus on how hard this man works at his craft! No one’s even close, not even Jordan. (relax Jordan lovers…I said no one works harder than Kobe, not that Jordan is not as good as Kobe…that’s a later discussion.) Jordan loves to mess around and gamble during his free time, Kobe keeps working on his j’s and moves. Just look at how many intricate and great and exciting finishes that Kobe’s got compared to Le Hype. All Le Hype has is alley oops and dunks in his high light reel, Kobe’s compilation is insanely mind boggling!

    Kobe can do it all and most recently have been doing it all on a bad pinky and dislocated ring finger, both of which are on his shooting hand. And yet, he still out performed Le Hype that night! Then he follows up that impressive win with a 61, 36, and 26 the last 3 games and 9 out of the last 10 games!

    Le Hype is all about himself and how to market himself better and to make more money, which is fine, but let’s not prop him up to be this great guy for the game and call him “king”. Especially after Kobe dethroned that fool the last time and he’ll do it again on Sunday! The Haters and Le Hype followers have no idea what they got in Kobe. Love him or hate him… the 81 point game should be all that needs to be said about what a crazy baller Kobe is! 81 friggin points, imagine if he had decided to score like that from the get go…100+ easily!

    LONG LIVE THE REAL BASKETBALL KING-KOBE!!!!!!!!! and go back to being the bratty prince that you are Le Hype! In fact, I’d take Wade over you any day!

  • King Lebron James

    My mind as Lebron:

    I own the ball 90% of the time or even 100% of the time..
    I dribble and look for a shot,
    if the shot is not available to “myself” thats the only time i’ll pass and because I ate so much time of the shotclock, my teamates got no choice but to shoot, ofcourse credit me for the assist!

    and when we rebound, i just pick those free rebounds because my man ben and Z(cant jump!:P) are busy boxing out people! credit me for those rebounds please!

    that’s easy stats for me King James..

  • Michael_23

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    I think Sunday is going to be a big one too. Cavs have that 23 game win streak at home. If Lakers are successful, they break their streak, and more importantly, Lakers go home after the road trip 6-0. Awesome isn’t it? 5-1 is good too, but let’s not get too satisfied with 5-1!

  • Eidraq

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    hahaha…holy sht ur soooo amazing!!!!! let me make a statue of you in my living room of u biting on ur finger nails to dedicate ur greatnes!!! omg omg omg!!

  • people

    Lebron James is completely overrated,this guy cannot even shoot straight and he’s still being compared to Kobe and many other great players,but i guess that what the NBA wants… this guy will never win a championship. TRUE MVP=KOBE BRYANT!