L.A. Times: We ♥ the Celtics? Lakers fans ♥ the Celtics?

The team the Lakers and their fans used to love to hate, the one they yearn to see in June, to obliterate the memory of last spring — not to mention other springs — is back.

Wild as it might be, that makes the Celtics local darlings between now and then.

“The great dichotomy!” says radio host Vic “the Brick” Jacobs. “The ambivalence wracks my soul. The ultimate humiliation of Game 6, the 39-point massacre by the Celtics, must be avenged. There must be a physical catharsis, an emotional catharsis.”

(For Vic’s KLAC teammates, whose names I can’t divulge, but whose initials are PP and MMS, I keep going to him because he’s the beating heart of Lakerdom, or its most crazed recognizable figure, edging Mychal Thompson, who still dresses like a normal person.)

You’ve heard of Jews for Jesus? This is Lakers Fans for Celtics.

Of course, Our Guys in Green are just here to play the Clippers, but these are perilous times with Kevin Garnett out, in their race with younger, bigger, deeper Cleveland.

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  • Jarrod

    Joseph, hook me up with some of that stuff you are smoking… We beat you twice this season… once without Bynum. When we bring Bynum back, you guys wont have a chance. Btw…Pierce is the biggest b*tch in the league, not even close.

  • xtro

    hey joseph,

    i hope starbury infects your team’s chemistry w/ his negative poison.

  • L.A.

    Joseph, your celtics have a horribe bench.
    Good luck going thru Cleveland 1st.
    Lakers will kill your Celtics Bangwagon.. BANGWAGON!!

  • penistone

    joseph eats COCK MEAT SANDWHICH

  • penistone

    joseph eats C0CK MEAT SANDWHICH

  • Smush Walton

    Who is this a-hole “Joseph”?

    Can we get his posts blocked? No one on this site cares to read his diarrhea anymore.

    Perhaps we can forward his posts to a Sukdic site where there are more people that share his single digit IQ.

  • jason

    sighing marbury=desperation

  • jason

    rematch..who cares..as long as we win the title I dont care who we play.

  • sketch

    i was hoping that the lakers would have signed mikki moore, but now that he’s with the celdicks, that tells me a couple of things…

    1.) kg is more hurt than the celdicks have been letting on. they desperately need a big man in there to help out perkins and play D. and mikki moore is no kg.
    in fact, kg may not even be kg when he comes back because who knows how he’s in fact healing. bynum at 20 took the rest of the season to heal from his injury and now kg at 31…sorry, kg is no wolverine.

    2.) bynum is probably closer to coming back than we had first anticipated. otherwise the lakers might have signed or made a bid to sign mikki moore.
    and the article just posted on this site states just that…that bynum is closer to returning rather than later.

    tell you what joseph…i am loving it! because your celdicks are just so desperate to find something to work because your big 3 sucks compared to our team. we showed you that on Christmas Day and even without bynum, we b!tch slapped you in your own dome. hahaha!

    hey kg, tell me how that tasted? was that just a regular season game that didn’t mean anything to you kg? if it was, then why were you so desperate in signing marbury? wasn’t he the guy that left you hanging in minnesota? you think that he’s gonna be your savior now? hahaha. the only Savior is Jesus and even He ain’t about to save your sorry franchise!

  • YellowPurpleFever

    [Comment ID #62933 Will Be Quoted Here]


  • green_apple

    Marbury will do what he does best, a cancer to the team.

  • green_apple

    joseph, you must be really mad at L.A.
    the clippers beat you too!

  • LakersFirst

    Joseph the f*g, HAHAHA, your Suckdics lost to the f’n Clippers!!!

    LOL LOL LOL – the clippers!!!


    Proof why one should never shyt into their own wind! …LMAO

  • jason

    hahahahahahahahaha…looks like boston just cant seem to beat anyone associated with los angeles hahahhahahaha

  • double LA


  • portman

    [Comment ID #62933 Will Be Quoted Here]

    so you think going here at “our” domain and scream “raise the banner celtics” will make us feel bad. wow, that’s very celtic of you. good luck with marbury and mikki moore, looking forward to seeing them in green.

    and PS, the “fakers” are so 2004. get creative “celdicks” fans.