While NBA teams are preparing for their pre-season openers, there have been some concerns overseas about potential terrorist attacks in Europe.

“I can tell you that we are in touch with the State Department and all the U.S. authorities and embassies around Europe and we are taking appropriate security measures for all our traveling party,” NBA Commissioner David Stern said at a news conference.

NBA teams playing overseas will go on as panned with their games and full schedules amid heightened terror concerns. The Lakers and Timblerwolves are set to play tomorrow in London’s O2 area, while the New York Knicks were scheduled to play Olimpia Milano in Milan on Sunday.

“The NBA is staying in contact with the U.S. embassy, the CIA and Scotland Yard,” Lakers spokesman John Black said. “They are keeping us informed of the situation.”

Practices and all team events were carried on as planned. “I’ve been out of the hotel as much as possible,” Gasol said. “It’s a great city to be out and walk around in, and experience things. It would be a crime to stay at the hotel.”

Lakers rookie, Devin Ebanks also shared his thoughts on the situation, and how it’s affected him.

It’s hard to imagine if this leaves and dent in David Sterns plans for NBA globalization in the future. All signs point to no.

The Lakers opener will be played tomorrow at London’s O2 arena. You can catch the game at noon on NBA TV.

  • drive-for-17th

    lodon” hahahhaa

  • MambasVenom81

    Can someone tell me were i can watch today game live???? I think they play 12:00pm pacific time right?

    • http://thelakersnation.com Kam Pashai

      It’s going to be delayed on KCAL, but live on NBA TV.

      • MambasVenom81

        Man stupid kcal!!! gonna have to order NBA tv…

  • 24allup inya


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    • 24allup inya

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  • MambasVenom81

    Man fack these informants, i ordered NBA tv and they blocked the channel. U guys need to work on this fack….

    • http://thelakersnation.com Kam Pashai

      The game was live on NBA TV. They had it blacked out in Los Angeles without prior notice.

  • ceballos-neverforget

    Obviously the chances are unlikely, but this is a dangerous, unnecessary chance they’re taking. A few extra per-mar security jackets and bodyguards won’t stop any terrorist threat if they so choose an NBA exhibition game as a target…Not saying I believe the media hype, but why take the risk? Not like Europe is that strong of a market in comparison to Japan or China anyway.

  • 24allup inya

    Both of u are dumb if u didnt know that NBATV always blacks out the Lakers games in LA in such cercumstances! They want u to get NBA LEAGUE PASS u fucken idiots! MAMBAS VENOM81= the biggest idiot!!!!!