L.A. Times: It was cause for dejection in past Lakers locker rooms, a poor shooting night by Kobe Bryant often leading to a loss.

Not so much this season.

Bryant’s production is down across the board, but the Lakers are off to a 12-1 start, beating teams by a league-high average of 14.3 points a game.

The Lakers continue to win with ease, even when Bryant has poor shooting nights.

He was five for 17 against New Jersey on Tuesday, but the Lakers won by 27 points. He was eight for 23 against Phoenix, but the Lakers won by 13. He was five for 15 at New Orleans, and the Lakers won by “only” seven. He went eight for 21 against the Clippers, and the Lakers won by 18.

Coach Phil Jackson indicated Bryant would continue to be the obvious focal point of the Lakers’ offense, but it was an important development to win when Bryant wasn’t hitting.

“We have to have the confidence,” Jackson said. “And he has to have the understanding that, ‘Hey, if it’s not my night, I’ll just help other guys go.’ ”

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  • http://myspace.com/sonicussj Whatsa

    Imagine the Lakers when Kobe’s on fire now. Well we’ve all seen that though :^).

  • http://deleted MILO

    well i gues you have not been watching for the last season or so! Kobes shooting has been bad for quite some time now! all i can wonder is where is the Kobe that 2 seasons ago was draining 3’s in two or three defenders? like this

  • http://deleted MILO

    oh yea and subpar is an understatement!!!

  • Vida8

    we will see if they can do that against big teams like boston.
    then we will see if they can win with subpar kobe bryant.


    Kobe deserves a rest…we’re forgetting what he has done for,what..12 seasons now,carrying this team..no,wait,let me rephrase…putting this organization on his back and has delivered EVERY year..it’s the players that he was surrounded by that were subpar….BUT NOT THIS VERSION OF THE LAKERS.

    Kobe no longer has to do it by himself anymore.