How will this guy who torched us in game two NBA Finals look like in a Laker uniform? Sound-off! The Cavaliers are Leon Powe’s first choice for a new team, according to a source, with the Orlando Magic second. Dallas and the L.A. Lakers have also made inquiries about Powe, who suffered a third serious knee injury in Game 2 of Boston’s first-round series against Chicago.

Powe underwent microfracture surgery on his left knee a week later. The most optimistic scenario is a recovery time of six to eight months, with a February return the hoped-for date. But it’s not a certainty that Powe will sign with any of those teams.

  • as1084

    that dude is done…his knees are shot.

  • JohnJohn

    Powe is still young and is a beast down low. I wouldn’t mind having him on the team. Not that many minutes though if everyone stays healthy.

  • Docholidae

    Isn’t he a California kid? He is a scrappy player with a lot of heart, but I think his knees are probably shot.

  • ShowtimeEra

    I think he would be great pickup for the Lakers comming off the bench. Powe is an excellent rebounder and defender and can easly put up points in the paint. I like it! He’d be good for about 10 minutes a game at least until he feels confident on that knee, then he could take on more playing time. But in all reality, either way, we’ll be fine with what we have! We are so loaded it’s not even funny!

  • Micah

    Unless he’s willing to take the minimum I don’t see why the Lakers should sign him. I mean we’re way over the luxury tax and Buss is being a bit more tight on the money in this economy. Plus he could get better minutes and better pay elsewhere.

  • Robert

    I actually always thought that Powe would be a better fit for the Lakers than the Celdicks. I think that Kup/Buss should sign him, at probably a great deal. Wait for 1/2 year and re-hab those knees. I’m sure playing Celdick ball helped to bust up those knees. The Lake Show is more ‘finesse’, and so after healing, he would provide a little toughness in a smooth offense. I think he could learn from Artest, too.

  • The Cookie Monster

    For the right money, getting an all-effort player like Powe is worth it. And he would help us beat the Celtics, if they made the finals! Do it, LA!

    I’m assuming they inquired about him before Odom signed though.

  • Vibe

    EWWW! cant stand him.

  • Young Im

    The only way id feel okay with this is if he’d take the NBA’s minimum (undef 1 mil) because its very risky to sign players who have just came off injuries. we already screwed up by signing bynum for a huge contract when he was commin off an injury.

  • 3 wyshes


  • Never2Gone

    Don’t we already have this guy, essentially, in Mbenga?

  • Mike

    Man, too bad we don’t still have Ronny…Imagine a lineup with Kobe, Artest, and LO, with Ronny and Drew flying around swinging at every shot that goes up. That could have been a muscle lineup. Somebody get Golden State on the horn…

  • 214Man

    Dude wore green. Not Welcome Here!

  • Al the Laker fan you should meet

    We probably need another 2 guard.


    [Comment ID #82337 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Were you as vocal against RICK FOX? Homie da Clown was a Celd!ck before he saw the light and signed with the purple and gold!

    I like Leon Powe! I liked him when he played Cal! He’s a blue collared worker who will never give up, I say bring him on board! His knees are an uncertainty, but you know that he will not slack on his recovery!

    Our Lakers are just a SICK FCUKIN TEAM MAN! We are gonna KICK @$$!!!

  • Sako

    He’s a good player. I’d like to have him. Funny thing is that i signed him to the Lakers a couple days ago on NBA Live 09.

  • xtro

    shelden williams? bruce bowen? jerry stackhouse?

  • Gino

    if this guy’s healthy, i don’t mind having someone who can ball w/ heart. if the leprechauns don’t want him, we can put him to good use like rick fox and brian shaw. i’m sure these guys know exactly what the team needs, maybe they’re looking for some insurance for bynum.

  • Lakerfan

    Are u guys for real? F Powe and the Celdicks. I would like to see Ronnie back maybe for Josh Powell and Adam or Farmar.

  • zen and tonic

    The Lakers do keep an eye on studs coming out of the Pac-10 and Powe had to be on their radar for years. He’s a class act, a hard worker who’s effective and if they can get him back healthy on the cheap it would be great. The Celtics treated him ike a piece of meat after he risked his career for them. The Lakers give it back when you give your all to them. Why not?

  • lalakesir

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    Stackhouse Stackhouse Stackhouse!that would be a good pick up he’s a vet and won’t need alot of minutes cuz he is old.

  • lalakesir

    Nevermind stackhouse lets pick up mike taylor

  • Jude

    Lets not get LP (Leon Powe). He was a 1 series wonder (finals against LAL) that’s all. The dude charges like crazy, its just that the Lakers don’t know how to flop (besides DFish) to get the calls.

  • Jude

    It doesn’t matter who the 15th person on the bench is…it could be Kwame and the Lakeshow will still go back-2-back.

  • Robert

    Powe would be a good addition, but if not, I would lobby for Bowen:

    Here’s some “NBA All Defensive Team History”:

    2008-9: 1st Team: Kobe Bryant, 2nd Team: Ron Artest
    2007-8: 1st Team: Kobe Bryant, Bruce Bowen
    2006-7: 1st Team: Kobe Bryant, Bruce Bowen
    2005-6: 1st Team: Kobe Bryant, Ron Artest, Bruce Bowen
    2004-5: 1st Team: Bruce Bowen
    2003-4: DEFENSIVE Player of Year: Ron Artest
    1st Team: Kobe Bryant, Ron Artest, Bruce Bowen
    2002-3: 1st Team: Kobe Bryant, 2nd Team: Ron Artest, Bruce Bowen

    Get the picture? 1st of all, the greatest player in the world has been ‘1st Team’ for several years. Same with the 2003-4 Defensive Player of the Year, Ron Artest. And … can you imagine, with Bruce Bowen, we would have a DEFENSIVE JUGGERNAUT in addition to our offensive punch. We would have the top 3 All-Defensive Team players on ONE TEAM.

    I don’t think Bruce will sign for the vet. min., but if he wanted another Championship, he would sign with the Lakers. It would be a HUGE dynasty.

  • Whogivesaratsass

    f uck that

  • Toon

    Trade for Ronny Turiaf.

  • lalakesir

    [Comment ID #82371 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Bowen has no game

  • Idiot

    Just because Lakers popped up in the conversation does not mean they are gonna get him. Idiots. They are already stacked up with players. There’s like 3-4 guys who play his position, what makes you think he’ll get any playing time you idiots. Look at Adam Morrison, you guys got all excited when he came, but he didn’t do jack you fu.cking idiots. Lakers don’t even have money. It’s like, you guys think we can get anyone just like that. You guys think it’s so easy, but it’s not, you ignorant fools. Also, Bowen??? Are you stupid? a dumba.s.s? you guys don’t think we have enought players to win this year? you fu.cking idiots

  • ricky

    Leon Powe is a one former Celtic that I would not mind acquiring. He gives a solid effort each night and he is still young. If we can get him for a cheap price and until he heals those knees, he would be a solid addition to our future core of youngsters.

  • LakersFirst

    Because the Lakers are so over the luxury tax, I don’t think they are going to add anymore players to their roster, at least not at the beginning of the year. Now that they have resigned LO, they are at 13 players. I think the Lakers said they were comfortable with having a roster of 13.

  • TheFishthatsavedLA

    If his knees are okay; he would be a nice pickup!

  • Sun Yue Wei


  • Robert

    Idiot (sure you want to be called that?) – of course they’re not going to pick anyone up now.

    But that ain’t stopping us from havin’ some dialogue. I’m glad some on this site are doing speculations, playing GM, etc. It’s actually fun to do. We did that through the ENTIRE LO drama. Some of us learned a little more about the whole process (restricted free agents, vs. unrestricted free agents, etc.).

    It’s all good, and it’s all fun.

    What’s important is that we signed LO. Also, I do know that if the Lakers would or will pick up any other player, it would probably tend to happen ‘mid year’ (in February). It will ‘probably not’ happen, unless someone gets injured. 13 players is fine.

    That being said, Leon Powe is currently a Celtic throwaway, but he’s just starting his career, is young, and will probably survive the injuries (he’s not quite the Oden-bust, actually). If KupC wanted a ‘bargain’, this would be it. Powe has an upside. If KupC felt that it would be in Lakers best interest to pick him up cheaply, why wouldn’t they?

    I know I brought up ‘Bowen'; that was strictly from an ‘All defense’ point of view. He actually did look like he lost a step this year, but if he were in top form, the defensive triad of Kobe-Artest-Bowen would be immense.

  • Popcorn

    I’ll rather go after Joe Smith.

  • dracul

    [Comment ID #82404 Will Be Quoted Here]

    I second that, however since the Lakers are in the stratosphere over the cap, they can only trade and/or sign people at the veteran’s minimum.

    Right now the Lakers are OK- The keys to the season and championship are:

    A: point guard play (as in, will Farmabrick turn into Farmamake, or will Shanon Brown become our point guard of the future?) Personally, I prefer the taller, more daring Shanon – if he integrates fully nto the Triangle, drops consistent 3s and keeps up his energetic play, we would have a tall and quick defensive point guard who can shoot the 3, drive and dunk – the Triangle doesn’t need a traditional point guard who runs the show, just one that plays D, doesn’t turn it over, and can nail the open 3. Fisher fits this bill very well, other than his inability to stay in front of quick guards, which was an issue even when he was young. In the past, this weakness was erased by the threat of running into a 350lb refrigerator, so Shaq’s presence would mostly cover Fisher’s defensive weakness.

    B: Bynum’s play – twice he looked like he was looking like he was gonna turn into a monster, and twice he got injured right as he started doing it. Two knee injuries in consecutive seasons can take away a step, but if Bynum can turn into a 14ppg, 10 rebound, 2 blocks player, then the Lakers are going to dominate.

    C: Vujabrick can’t have any worse of a season, and hopefully he adapts to his new role as Kobe’s backup, and learns not to rush his 3 pointers, which is the reason he’s bricked all season long.

    D: Farmabrick has been injured, but he’s had 3 seasons to get it together. We’ll see if its going to be him or Shanon who inherits the future Laker point guard position.


  • koberei24

    leon powe no way

  • gish

    I think it would be a decent move. Our bench, which I still think is highly overrated, lacks strength and athleticism. That’s why we have trouble against teams like portland and charlotte. Powe would be a risk, but I’m assuming his market value isn’t sky high right now, while his upside is pretty big.

  • gish

    Like some of you guys, I would also prefer joe smith. He’s a solid, solid backup big with a sometimes lethal midrange. Does anyone know his projected market value?

  • farmar must go

    rumor has it raymond felton has interest in lakers, he is a better PG than fisher, brown, and farmar, sign him and trade farmabrick, also another player who should be signed is hakim warrick

  • Lakerfan4ever

    Jul 31st, 2009 at 4:32 pm Click this link to quote this comment in your reply

    It doesn’t matter who the 15th person on the bench is…it could be Kwame and the Lakeshow will still go back-2-back.

    IMAO!!!…poor guy,even after years that he is been gone,he still gets a lots of love from us…lol…

  • Fred A.

    Imagine: :)


    I say YES 2 POWE!!!!!!!!!! :)

  • Lakerfan



    Odom hasent plyed SF in years and Powell is not a Center you silly.

  • LakersNewDynasty08

    fck him he was a celtic….thats all i gotta say


    say Pau, Powell, and Powe 3 times real fast!

  • Robert

    say Pau, Powell, and Powe 3 times real fast!

    … yes yes, that’s reason alone to sign Powe (although I would have
    changed the order: Pau, Powe, Powe -ell)

    Ok… now that LO drama is over, we have nothing better to do than this …

  • Dan Andreas

    Powe sucks. He’s an offensive liability. And no, offense isn’t something he can pick up and learn. Like in the case of Brewer on the Jazz, they both have bad habits and have been playing offense the wrong way for years that they simply can’t turn into effective scorers.

    Powell is WAY better than Powe. Defensively, maybe Powe has the edge. But rebounding and hustling is something Powell does very well, AND he can shoot the 12-15 footer with consistency! But even HE doesn’t play, so again, someone explain why we need Powe to sit next to Morrison and Mbenga in order to win a championship?

    Come on, Sheldon Williams and now THIS guy??? I’m so glad we got Lamar back, GOODBYE horrible replacements…

  • Popcorn

    [Comment ID #82427 Will Be Quoted Here]

    I don’t know. The thing that I like about Joe Smith is that the guy is a solid veteran and he won’t be a problem with the younger guys he can even teach them some basketball and just enjoy the ride. Heck, he may be more motivated to get a ring that some of the bench guys.
    BTW according to espn he was making about $1.2 million last year.

  • Dom1020

    no ty!

  • Robert

    On second thought, they just got rid of Sun Yue, so they are probably not going to pick anyone up (now). They might pick someone up in mid-Feb, esp. if they need someone for the Championship run (or, if someone gets injured).


    [Comment ID #82380 Will Be Quoted Here]

    You are such an IDIOT for saying that people with comments are idiots! You fcuking idiot!!! You are such and idiot that I looked up the word idiot in the dictionary and you came up, you IDIOT!!!! No one in the history of the world have been more of an idiot than you have, you idiot!!!! You think overly using the word idiot will get your point across. Come up with a better take than that 6th grader or STFU! Hahahahaha!!!!!

  • Robert

    Thank you, WINLESS!

  • Doggyrye

    Here we go Cleveland here we go