Baby Bynum is all grown up…

Yahoo!: Seven things to know about Lakers center Andrew Bynum — one for each foot of his tall, lanky frame:

His stock is climbing. And fast. Consider: I asked several scouts, execs and a couple of media types this question in recent days: If you’re the Lakers, would you trade Andrew Bynum and Lamar Odom for Amare Stoudemire? The consensus was a resounding no. The best answer: “Two months ago, I would have done that. Today, no way. Bynum has come that far that fast.”

Anyone who watched Suns-Lakers on Christmas Day would think hard to make a Bynum-for-Amare deal straight up. Of course, that couldn’t happen because of salary restrictions. Bynum is making $2.1 million, Stoudemire $13.7 million.

He may be the third best center in the league right now. After Dwight Howard and Yao Ming (not necessarily in that order), who would you rather have? Chris Kaman possibly; he has better numbers but they don’t seem to be helping the Clippers all that much. Shaq is having trouble just staying on the court. Stoudemire is a forward playing out of position. Tyson Chandler is too one-dimensional. Same with Marcus Camby. Who else? Eddy Curry? Please. A scout told me he watched Bynum “destroy” Curry two years ago. Ben Wallace? Funny. If Bynum doesn’t make your top three now, give him a year or so. He just turned 20 in October.

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    These are great compliments to give a young talent like Bynum, but this shouldn’t get to his head. He should continue to rewind the Kobe clip everytime he starts his work out. This way he will always have that anger within him, proving everyone wrong. So far he is doing a good job.

    I would like to see him raise his legs a little more while he monster dunks with a little of a “AAARRRGGGG” coming out of him while he is dunking on whoever wanted to block it. This would definetly give the opposition a second thought about jumping. Also, I think he needs a little foot work. He should play a little of racketball, this will no doubt help his quick foot reaction time.

    All in all, he is doing extremely well for a kid that just turned 20.

  • keep24

    20 years old or not, Bynum has to realize that he’s not playing for the Cavs, Nets or the Raptors. This is LA. The Lakers have produced more superstars and legends than any other team.

    Quick: name the best all time 5 players from the Bulls? See! You can’t.

    Therefore, if you’re going to play in LA, you have to realize that you have to mature and grow at the speed of light. It’s that simple. If you want to take your sweet time developing than you should ask for a trade, to say Memphis. That way you can take the next 10 years developing.

    Imagine if Kobe took 10 years to develop his game. We would’ve never won those championships.

    As is right now, you have the chance to get a ring with one of the top two players of ALL TIME. Yes. ALL TIME.

    You don’t want to be the next Lamar Odumb, do you?

  • Shaq786

    trade, kwame, mihm, walton, v,rad, ’08 first rounder….. for ben wallace, luol, and noah!!!…. both teams get better

    chicago…. hinrich/gordon/noc/smith/kwame…..duhon/thabo/walton/tyrus/mihm

    la….. d-fish/kobe/deng/odom/bynum…. farmar/sasha/ariza/turiaf/wallace

  • ab4sure

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    MJ, Pippen, Jerry Sloan, Bob love, maybe Horace Grant… YES I CAN!!!!!HAHAHHAHAHA

  • ab4sure

    Also, keep24. The lakers were extremely patient with kobe. Don’t forget his PO airballs. They didn’t trade him for Kidd.. do you remember that. and kobe took about 3 yrs too develop and still had to grow some more physically and mentally. Also remember it takes Bigs much longer too develop than smalls and so far Bynum is way ahead of schedule for a just turned 20 yr. old.

    As far as the top two players of alltime…MJ, Magic, Bird, Russell, Chamberlain, Kareem, …should i go on.. they might have something to say about that.

  • kyler_hay

    Bynum is turning into a baby Shaquille im glad we didnt trade him 4 Kidd Personally I think we dnt need the way that Fisher and Farmar has been playing but we need to trade no won we can b in 4th in the conference after tomorrow night

  • keep24

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    How can you compare Kobe’s first three years to that Bynum. Yes, he did have a few air balls, but you saw the passion in his game.

    Remember how he lead the league in points off the bench? He almost got the 6th man of the year honors but the Lakers moved him to a starter.

    Big or small, college or no college, passion is something that you can not teach. Either a player has it or he doesn’t.

  • keep24

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    WTF ??????????????????????

    Bird? Bird? Bird?

    Would that be Larry Bird? You mean better than Kobe? Even as a huge Magic, I have to admit that KB24 is better.

    And don’t even let me get started on the old Russell, Chamberlain and Kareem argument.

    When you talk about all time, you can’t talk about centers because they are one dimensional players. In that case where’s Shaq on that list?

    MJ and KB are top two because of their ability to dominate the game from every angle. More importantly, they are not one dimensional. They can go inside, outside, free throws, play the point, play small forward and so on.

    Why don’t you give it a second thought?

  • keep24

    Bird? REALLY?


  • ab4sure

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    very easy to compare…kobe took at least 3 yrs to develop and bynum is developing and this is his third year. YOu can’t talk about kareem, chamberlain, russell etc.. because you would lose that argument… and yes bigs and smalls do develop on a different time table..don’t tell me that you don’t know that???

    Bird??? ..three titles, multiple MVP’s of the League, Greatest Point Forward Ever…Bird who??? You need a basketball history lesson…



  • keep24


    I guess I can’t argue with a person that clearly seems to be a Kobe hater. That’s alright. You’re entitled to your opinion.

    I don’t even think you read my post, or if you did, you didn’t understand it. I think even most Kobe haters, such as yourself, would agree that Kobe is the biggest offensive threat that the league has ever seen. It remains to be seen if at the end of his career he’ll be considered better than Jordan or not.

    I think most would agree that he’s as close to MJ as anyone we’ve seen.

    “Kobe is just learning to carry MJ’s gym bag” … how can I even argue with a person that has no sense of basketball or reality.

    I don’t think I live in a world where Bird is considered a better player than Kobe.

    Let me ask you: What world do you live in? Does it rain skittles where you live?

  • realakergm

    The word is that the lakers will start kwame when he returns. The thinking behind this is he will become trade bait. the lakers would like to trade him straight up for ron ron artest, check it out the $$$$ add up.

  • ab4sure

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    I live in the world where basketball is considered a team sport not a one on one sport. YOu want answers .. You want answers… I’ll give you answers. and THE TRUTH…LOL…. YOu in a world of one on one.of the INDIVIDUAL OVER THE TEAM..OF STYLE OVER SUBSTANCE ..where highlights on espn are your measure of a great basketball player. you live for the spectacular dunk, the alley opp pass, .you don’t realize what true basketball is all about.. . i live in the world where making your team win is the measure of a basketball player…not the highlight…not the espn replay of a spectacular dunk…if you lived in this world you would recognize the magic johnson’s , the larry bird’s, the michael jordan’s etc… maybe kobe can one day be in their category….that remains to be seen… he will have to prove it and he has a chance to with this team he now has.. the team he dissed as not being good enough… well he is finding that he is not a very good evaluator of talent and should stick what he knows best.. basketball..

    By the way, the Kobe Hater Card is usually always played by those who refuse to see the complete picture of what kind of player he is… Are you that blinded that you had to play that Card???

  • lalaland

    hey keep24 you talk about cant teach passion. from the very first game ive watched bynum he has had the passion. everytime he dunks on someone he is smiling and jumping up and down. remeber the dunk he did on shaq in his first year then ran down te court screaming. for everyone who has doubted this kid and kept saying trade him just sit back and enjoy the trip. next year he will be a monster to deal with in the nba and kobe will reap the benefits.

  • keep24


    I’m all for team basketball. But I also enjoy and look forward to great entertainment when I watch a ball game.

    If I wanted pure basketball, than I’d be a Spurs fan and I would watch the NCAA over the NBA.

    What the Lakers have always been able to offer the NBA has been the perfect balance between team ball and great individual SUPERSTARS! This is LA. This is Hollywood and not Indiana or Charlotte. Get the big picture.

    Lakers are not Lakers without Kobe, or Shaq before him or Magic before him or Kareem before him or The Logo before him or Chamberlain before him.

    See my point. No one will tune in and watch or care about Laker basketball without those two elements.

    Lakers are more Hollywood than it’s fans want to believe.

  • keep24

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    I hope so. I think he has improved beyond anything that I personally could have dreamed of.

    he just has to realize that this LA and plays for the Lakers – which means he has to live up to a whole different set of standards.

  • Fred A.

    WTF? Bird? I feel bird is no where near the top 10 greatest players of all time. This is how I would rank them:
    1. Air Jordan
    2. Wilt
    3. Kareem
    4. Magic
    5. KOBE
    6. Bill Russel
    7. Big “O”
    21. Bird

  • ab4sure

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    I have to keep it real and say I do agree with much of what you said here.

  • Flush Odumb

    And of all these great players, how many had to put a ridiculous “star” on their head to remind everyone or themselves that they were “all stars”?

    What a D-U-N-C-E!

  • ab4sure

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    Bird…. three straight league MVP’s, two finals MVP’s, and leads his team to 3 NBA championships.

    Kobe…. O League MVP’s, 0 Finals MVPs, and helped lead the lakers to three NBA championships.

    Kobe has time to catch up, but I say make him earn his place in history. He has a chance with this laker team. Remember this is not a one on one game between the two players.


    He’s already in History(and we both know Dirk shouldn’t have won last season).On a better note,AB has SHUT ME UP(I’m a proud Washingtonian Laker fan so can say that)for now.I still want JO with the Lakers(Time to go Kwame).Think of the line-up of DF/KB/LO/JO/AB,MONSTER!That would piss Boston fans off seeing though The RED SOX,PATRIOTS(IT’S ALL SET-UP FOR THEM TO WIN IT,3 NETWORKS)AND CELTICS ARE 24-3.Lakers get JO at least we make it more tough for them to get that TROPHY(Don’t think I’ve forgotten about ARIZA,DAMN GRANT).ONE MORE VET(or MAGGETTE),THE PACK RULES!

  • lakersfanboy

    Good thing the Lakers did not go on with the trade that involves Bynum. Bynum is a team’s asset, he is perfectly what every coach wanted for their big man. I think he will continue to get better for next season.

    Lakers fan