Here is some updates on Bynum’s injury and how he’s coming along…

trainO.C. Register: “He’s definitely bummed out. He wants to be playing,” trainer Sean Zarzana said Monday. “He had hit a stride where he was feeling confident with his knee and all. But he is making the best of the situation. He’s trying to keep upbeat.”

Zarzana said Bynum won’t start running – not even on weight resistance machines – until doctors give him a clean bill of health on the injury that the player described as a “medium to high level” tear of the MCL. Until then, Bynum’s day consists of icing, laser treatments and range of motion exercises 3-5 times a day…

Although it seemingly took Bynum several weeks to gain confidence on his knee, he had been playing some of his best basketball when he again went down.

The Lakers apparently were not initially pleased that Bynum has arranged to work primarily with his own trainer rather than the teams’ staff. The two sides eventually agreed to work together for Bynum’s sake.

“We got a lot of adversity (from the Lakers), especially when I brought him back out here,” Bynum said. “The Lakers obviously don’t want an outsider (involved) or their player away from the training staff. But I felt my best chance at getting better and my best chance at succeeding and being the player I wanted to be was with Z (Zarzana).”

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  • Mitch4Pres

    bynum needs to hurry the f up

  • lyk13

    Get well soon Bynumite~

  • Magic “Big” Johnson

    Chillax.. Mitch4Prez.

    He will come back strong.

  • gus26

    what?.. here we go again with the whole truth not being out.. he was suppose to start running on a stationary bike on 02/12.. what happended with that?.. if he needs surgery and needs to be out for the rest of the season so be it.. just do it and avoid further injury.. enough with these games.. i know everyone is gonna be like chill and stuff.. but just look at last year how they said 8 to 12 weeks then it was like one more week.. then one more week.. and then finally in the middle of the second round or third they were like ok.. he is having surgery.. if you don’t think that deflates a team you are wrong.. i rather have the guys mentally prepare and be ready to go at this without drew.. then to be saying “wait till drew gets back”.. only to be disappointed in the middle of the playoffs..

  • sketch

    i’m not even expecting bynum to be back! i think that that’s how we all need to approach this so that we don’t become disappointed again like last year!

    i just hope that bynum and zarzana are doing the right thing. i mean, the Lakers of course want bynum to get back to the court as soon as possible, but they’re not going to risk loosing bynum long term for a short gain! they’re investing over $50 million in this commodity, theyr’e not going to jeopardize his well being or welfare just to hurry him back to play. i’m glad that the 2 groups have finally decided to work together!

    i really hope that this doesn’t turn out to be the same scenario as the tom brady deal. remember when brady decided to go with his own doctors instead of the team doctors? then his knee got infected and needed to go under the knife again!

    let’s get healin and recuperatin bynum!

  • vibe

    This isnt looking good. Hopefully thing will turn alright.

  • PhilJR.

    SHAQ IS COMING BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Michael_23

    Here we go with another setback …

    I think if it’s the 2nd round of the playoffs, Bynum has to pull a Kobe and say “The hell, I’m playin’ through this injury!”

    Kobe has been battling through injuries the past year and a half.

  • p()()P

    HURRY UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    I dont expect Bynum to be back either this season. Just a start to many reports to come about how Bynum had to set back a bit, but still will be back before the end of the season. I caught onto the Lakers lil games of rehab and time tables a few years ago. They spin it and do a good job of not getting everyone in panic mode. The thing working for them this season is them saying that this is not the same injury as last year, but again any type of injury can mean months of recovery. The fact that it took a full day for them reveal the MRI results had me doubting again and like others said it is fine coming out saying he is done instead of these games. It would give the players and fans more time to adjust and say okay lets do this without him instead of going into the second round and saying he is out for the remainder of the season and use it as an excuse.

  • B Dizzle

    B dizzle in the hizoooooooouse!! Bynum ain’t guna do shyt for the team when he comes back anyways….He takes about 3 months before he’s even any good…by then we guna be hoistin up the larry o’brian trophey already….remember how shitty he was when he started the season..he was only good last 5 games of jan…who gives a shyt bout bynum’s rehab…we’ll think about that next year…this year kobe is bring the ship back to la babay…kobe for MVP! ka-pau!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • B Dizzle

    we too deep up in this biaaaatch


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    answer one question, who injured Bynum? You are total A hole

  • vsg

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