Kobe is a warrior.
NBA.com: Kobe Bryant hasn’t been trapped in a fancy Los Angeles building and surrounded by vicious enemies led by a brilliant German since the last time Dirk Nowitzki and the Dallas Mavericks visited Staples Center.

Still, the Los Angeles Lakers’ unbreakable star was only half-joking recently when he said he was Bruce Willis — you know, the “Die Hard” star famed for playing action heroes who can’t be stopped, no matter the odds or injuries stacked against them.

With a broken index finger on his shooting hand, a strained elbow and several additional woes that have come and gone this season, Bryant is persevering through an uncommon spate of significant injuries without missing a game for the defending NBA champions.

“Injuries don’t affect me,” he said. “I’m not going to sit here and say I’ve got a (bad) knee, I’ve got a (bad) finger. I’m fine. I’m more than fine. I always keep playing.”

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  • Purple & Gold Fan

    Kobe is awesome.

    He doesn’t need a wheelchair or his guys to carry him off the court when he’s really injured as opposed to pretending to be injured. Makes 16 out 16 free throws with a avulsion fracture on his shooting hand and scores 44 points. Continues to steal, pass and dribble the ball with his left hand. Doesn’t want the injury mentioned because what does it matter if he’s playing.

    He’s the best the NBA has to offer right now. Every other player is healthy, but Kobe’s doin work hurt.

    As I told my boys before the season started, ESPN and the NBA are gonna keep trying to turn the page from Kobe to Lebron, but Kobe’s play won’t let it happen!

    Glad he’s on our team.

    Go Kobe!
    Go Lakers!

    • BE_A_LakerFan

      Well said… well said.

      • http://lakersnation.com Penis

        I love Kobe and I’m a guy whick means I would give him anal and oral all day!

        • BE_A_LakerFan


      • lakers2000

        Your momma must be proud of your stupid ass. I wish the Laker Nation would weed out these 12 year old, cant get vaseline to date me, Harry Potter super fans and their idiotic, can’t figure out spell check comments. Way to show your intelligence you freaking tard. Happy new year to all the real intelligent basketball fans. Go Lakers.

        • WINLESS

          Well said. It didn’t used to be like this…with all this non-sensical talk that has anything to do sexually. Where’s the point in that? Happy New Year to all the real intelligent Laker fans. Go Lakers.

    • kid24

      There is nothing more to say** real talk

  • 09champs!

    Couldnt agree with you more Purple and Gold Fan, really well said.

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  • http://57.amklac Marwan the tard

    you ever watch a soccer game , some guy gets hurt and he rolling around, writhing in pain.then he jumps up and is just fine.?….KOBE IS BRINGING EURO SOCCER TO THE NBA.Laughable! at least ARTEST DOESN`T FAKE IT….HE`S OUT.

    • Purple & Gold Fan


      What exactly is there to fake. He broke a finger. I was watching the game in which he broke his finger. He didn’t even make a big deal out of it. The only we knew is because of the media.

      So he needs to fake a broken finger for what reason exactly?

      Media attention? He gets that just by being Kobe.
      Sympathy, I don’t think so, look at your comments.

      And the rest of the team is just lying for him right?

      Wow, you really live up to your name.

      • http://LakersNation Marwan..

        Dude, hes using my name but he put “the Tard” trying to say I’m the tard. His screen name was “laffs atu”

        • Purple & Gold Fan

          Thanks for letting me know Marwan, dude is a sorry imitation, with no balls, can’t even use his own username to spew his hateful garbage.

  • http://57.amklac Marwan the tard

    HEY BRO, he gets hurt every f.ing game…..talk about a pansey !!!..ONE NUT WONDER.??…I forgot your hero.

    • KBGOAT

      so what if he gets hurt every game? he still OWNS your favourite player every single time. keep hating, kobe LOVES fuel.

  • Kobe The Mythical Being

    Yeah! Kobe is the greatest indeed…

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  • Smush Walton

    More moronic comments from MORON THE RETARD. Some things never change.

  • The Mamba24

    Quick question. Why do some of you guys respond to the idiots on this site? Just ignore their a$$ and keep it moving.

    • Purple & Gold Fan


      Of course you’re right, it’s just sometimes you get tired of this guy and his lame crap and you just got ta say something. Yeah, yeah I hear you, I know, it’s just like blowing spit in the wind. It ‘s a waste of time.

      Thanks 24


      This “turd” uses the hate here to fuel his fire. The more you hate, the more he spews his garbage. Let’s just move it along and talk Laker basketball. His 15 minutes should be up already!

  • http://57.amklac Marwan the tard


  • drive-for-16th

    “the tard” why are you here talking shit anyways, don’t you have better things to do in your life. If you hate the team and everybody, don’t talk shit just leave!