Shaw looks at the Cavs head coaching vacancy.

L.A. Times: The Lakers continued to be a franchise in flux, as Phil Jackson mulled his future, Brian Shaw received permission to interview with the Cleveland Cavaliers and, almost a footnote, two players were selected in the second round of Thursday’s draft.

  • jballer24

    Fuck the Cavs.

  • gameplan

    I still trust experienced coached on scott, if phil retires!

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  • Odom the worst player

    If you leave Shaw please take Odumb with you

    • http://sairam9 u.idiot.

      watch the third quarter of game 7. i know hes inconsistent but damn…

      • Odom the worst player

        That’s it he’s had plenty of time. We can’t continue to wait on this guy. we needed him to produce years ago. Don’t make it personal

        • BUMKNEE

          Plus… remember last season when Kobe went out for a couple weeks… the spotlight turned to Lamar who by the way was instrumental in winning games we thought wed for sure lose… but i guess this is what happens to a role player who faces a greater than 90% of plays which aren’t devised for him.

      • Odom the worst player

        I think you are the idiot you are pointing out one qtr in a whole series. We need someone who is consistent. it’s my and everyone who really watches this guy opinion that this guy is way overrated and can’t play

        • BUMKNEE

          Dude.. sorry to say but stats arent everything….. plus (no Excuse) but the refs are ALWAYS very rough on Lamar….. this can definetly pull a player out of his game…. (even more so for u who thinks he cant ball.) Lamar spreads the floor.. passes great… posses great left hand play.. and of course rebounds… no body even comes close to the rebounding ability he carries… p.s. you must really want all the Lakers gone except for Pau… the ONLY one who is truely consistent…. yes even Kobe can have the finger pointed at him.. these guys are not robots.. just superhuman… and all humans have faults.. In conclusion … Back the Funk Off Biatch.

          • Odom the worst player

            Nope will not back off, and no just want your boyfriend odom gone. The refs see the idiot for what his worth. Nothing. The guy cant play thats all there is to it

  • Marwan Marzina

    Good luck to Brian Shaw, hope he finds a team that fits him.

  • Pastorius

    Derek Fisher; next Coach of the Lakers.

    • SteveAveryisStupid

      That’s a good idea..

    • Ruin818

      i second that

  • Whatsa


    What’s up with the coaching 2nd/3rd strings coaching other teams?

    Kurt Rambis to the Timberwolves = fail?
    Brian Shaw to the Cavaliers = probably fail

  • Robert

    The whole thing worries me. Even if Phil doesn’t retire, if the Cavs sign Shaw, then Phil loses one of his Generals. And, if Phil stays and retires ‘next’ year, and Shaw is gone, he may not be available after that. Also, Byron Scott is only available this year.
    So, we have 3 potential coaches (Phil, Shaw, Scott), and we could lose ALL of them (eventually) based on what Phil does. Playoffs rely on coaches’ skill. So we need a good ‘playoff ready’ coach.
    Geez this is almost as bad as last year (re-signing Odom, losing Ariza, the whole thing, etc.)
    I’ll trust Kup with the decision on ‘players’, but even some of that is depending on what Phil does.

    • Jackson

      Jackson is going to make a decision next Friday. I think these guys (Shaw and Scott) will at least give it 5 days before they sign the dotted line.

  • cameron

    Hopefully he doesn’t take it in case Phil does retire…But hopefully..Philly stays in LA!!!

  • nfl

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