ewwO.C. Register: Kobe Bryant illustrates the experience of playing in front of Utah Jazz fans this way: “A bunch of people in the crowd want to kill you.”

Lamar Odom describes the folks there as people who “hate your guts.”

Derek Fisher has this to offer: “The crowd at the game doesn’t necessarily represent the people of Utah.”

Why the heck is Fisher being so ridiculously nice about it?

Fisher’s daughter, Tatum, is still in what he terms “the red zone” for cancer in her eye returning or developing in her other eye. He has every reason to have rage at the ready since hearing some Utah fans chant “Cancer!” at him and at least one fan being photographed yelling at Fisher while cruelly covering one eye.

Whatever the fans at Energy Solutions Arena have in store for Game 3 of the Jazz-Lakers series Thursday night, Fisher is prepared.

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  • jxanthony

    Wow…how horrible. And I thought LA’s fans were classless chanting “Utah sucks.”

  • WifelovesLuke

    Kobe hits huge shot, raises index finger to lips and “shooshes” the crowd. You can hear crickets. CAN’T WAIT, BABY!

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  • Myself

    It’s one thing to boo the opposing teams player, but I believe that should never bring their families into it, especially a sick love one. Laker fans can be not as loud as other arenas, but at lease we have class. As that dude from the Chappelle Show said in the Black Bush skit “YOU KNOW WE COME SEE YALL”!!! I’ma stoop to the Utah’s level on this one and hope that the Lakers rip their hearts and their children hearts out.

  • dan

    the W that the lakers will get after tonight will shut those disrespectful fans up

  • http://TheLakersNation.info Billy Kupchak

    [Comment ID #68870 Will Be Quoted Here]

    DAMN the Mormons & their right eyes! :D

  • Mitch4Pres

    jazz fans are the worst in the nba. i hate them more than celtics fans or anybody else. fake ass christian, multiple wife having bitches. i hope we sweep the jazz so their fans can go back to their normal boring lives.

  • lakeshoallday

    you guys ever notice how hard it is to spot a non-white fan in utah?? haha..its crazy!

  • gugy

    Fu-ck Utah. Who cares.
    Lakers in 4

  • luke and sasha and farmar has got to go!!! and im a laker fan!

    utah fans sucks!!

  • kobe8

    The only thing that will hurt the Utah fans is a win so, LETS GET IT LAKESHOW.

  • http://lakers.com laker@yahoo.com


  • http://myspace.com/alexis616 Alexis Aubrey

    damn mormons! lol and seeing that picture of that douche bad covering his eye is so disrespectful in many ways.

  • sketch

    What the hell do you all expect from all the inbreeding from the Morons in Utah? All 15,000+ fans at the arena are from 2 fathers and 500 wives! Almost sounds enticing at first…with the dudes getting 250 chicks each! But then when you think it more carefully, hell no! No one wants a nagging wife let alone 250 each nagging to get $h!t done around the house. Then there’s the 7500+ kids each? Oh hell no! Crazy a$$ morons!

  • lakeshofosho

    the only colored people there are the players!! UNBELIEVABLE!!

  • sketch

    [Comment ID #68914 Will Be Quoted Here]

    And even then…hahaha. Remember Karl Malone? What self respectin brotha would drive around in a semi during the off season? Somethin about Utah that just seems to “BLEACH” everybody out! I don’t know how much more “bleachin” out deron williams can take…he’s gonna look like Carrot Top in a few more years!

  • mormons suck

    whats it like being a black man in UTAH? do you have to be mormon or just phuck sheep?

  • Jbullo24

    Well, first of all mormons are not polygamist..check your facts. I am not myself a mormon so rag on them all you want but at least know what you are talking about. Secondly, still waiting for that W thats gonna shut us all up in game 3….*crickets* 3rd of all, the Jazz fans feel betrayed by Fisher for this BS cancer crap when Utah is home to world renowned cancer treatment hospitals, but he still just had to run back to LA cus he cant stand white people. And lastly, Luke Walton and his wanna-be all star dad are pathetic knob gobblers GO JAZZ

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