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As well as the Lakers have played since the All-Star break (14-1), head coach Phil Jackson is not pleased with the way his bench is playing.

“They have to play defense a lot better and not turn the ball over…its a problem right now” – Phil Jackson as told to Brad Turner of the LA Times

The bench unit (which primarlity consists of Lamar Odom and the “killer bees”), themselves admit that they are in a bit of a funk right now.

“I think we’re all a bit frustrated. We’re just not getting stops the way we believe that we can. Its mentally affecting our offense a little bit” – Steve Blake

The Lakers have given up sizeable double digit leads in their last 2 victories over the Clippers and the Suns and much of the blame has been attributed to the 2nd unit. As great of an edge that the Lakers have with their starting lineup, Phil Jackson believes the bench needs to be more consistent in order for the team to get where it wants to go.

“Even though it’s (the 2nd unit) a team that can speed up the tempo of the game, theyre playing too fast…And defensively we havent made stops”

  • BooCocky

    the lakers really dont use the bench in the playoffs. they’ll be fine.

    • 123kid

      Our bench is what will give us that extra advantage over other teams, especially in the playoffs. With only a couple more games left in the regular season, having the bench become more consistent and having them play more minutes will help the starters get much needed rest. It doesnt help guys like drew and kobe when they work hard to getting big leads and then can only rest for like a minute because that lead they worked hard for disappears.

  • rondo

    Lamar,Matt Barnes and Steve Blake will be OK when things start rolling.

  • Cheryl

    When the bench comes in I feel like an uncontrolled tornado is on the floor. They need to slow it down. They are out of control.

  • Dragon

    I still think the bench from last year was better but supposely this year our bench is more of a defensive group it hasn’t shown yet. Blake needs to up his game more and maybe next year they can find a better point guard.

  • ilikebasketball

    Blake sucks.

    he has been a major dissapointment.

    • Steve Blake

      Hey, you know that hurts.

      A whole lot.

      • LakerMarc

        Is that really you? If it was just keep in mind that many fans know that ALL players have ups and downs and when you came to the team most of us were Thrilled. eve…we still are and look forward to you having an integral post season…I know you’l turn it up.

        • LakerMarc

          …sorry….LOL an Integral role in the post season. Sometimes we really do have to watch just how low we stoop when we criticize the players…after all the team is the players and many of us apreciate them and even love them since we LOVE OUR TEAM….THE TEAM IS THE PLAYERS…..WATCH THE INSULTS ASSHOLES!!!! LOL

  • LA West 44

    You have LO off the bench, not bad, Shannon Brown is servicable, Barnes has been good at times. Can’t count on Luke, he can’t guard anyone. I thought the Lakers would get a lot more from Blake, but overall the bench has been much better than last year. Still think the best is yet to come

  • steve

    The Lakers will be ready come playoff time.They will be like Jaws,when it smells blood.Phil has nothing to worry about,they will be ready knowing that if they win 16 straight the season is over and they can relax.