This comes one day after signing Steve Blake. We’ll see how talks go.

ESPN: The Los Angeles Lakers have opened negotiations with Derek Fisher and while no deal is in place, a source close to the negotiations told ESPN The Magazine’s Ric Bucher they are confident the point guard will return to the Lakers next season.

Fisher, who won his fifth title with Los Angeles last month, has said he wants to come back to the Lakers.

The Lakers did reach out to Fisher in the opening hours of free agency, but could have difficulty re-signing the veteran if he gets a lucrative offer from another team. Los Angeles already is well over the projected salary cap for next season even before filling out its roster.

The start of contract talks with Fisher come a day after the Lakers signed Steve Blake. The veteran point guard could replace the 35-year-old Fisher as the team’s starting point guard.

  • DOMIN8

    I love this guy the city of la loves this guy he doesn’t look right unless he’s wearing that Purple & Gold #2 come on bac 4 # 6 and bring tmac w/ u too bad tho ima miss farmar s.blake ur turn u better step up LAs Got Ya Bac

  • Jack Y.

    Kobe should pitch in some money (in private). lol.

    • BosnianBullet21


      • Odom the worst player

        Don’t be stupid. Kobe has earned every penny he’s going to get. Why don’t you two pitch in and help out on Little Rock. I’m sure you are willing to do so .

        • RonRonGq

          6 for 24 in game 7?

          • LC09

            yo bosnianbullet21 its good to see there’s more bosnians that are laker fans!!!! haha

          • HATER

            You have a bad shooting game and Lakers still win the title but thats all this guy can remember (6 for 24 in game 7). What an ass

          • HATER


  • Guildtank

    Get Von Wafer for minimum. Then we are set.

    • alive86

      ‘cept not, the guy blows.

  • lakers0828

    Great News He was Huge In Game 3 of the Finals and Hit Key Shots if it wasnt for fisher in game 3 we might not have seen a game 6 or 7 back at the Staples so they Had better keep Him

    • Jeremy

      Absolutely right! Big Fish is clutch! He is one of the smartest players in the league on both ends of the floor as well. I also believe that LA owes Fisher a contract so he can end his career here for all he has done for us over the years.

  • Xtro

    Fisher, forever a Laker!

  • Laker s Army

    with age comes wisdom, Blabe can handle the youg point guards . Fisher played daron williams strong
    he had a problem with collison but so did kobe. The kid is 21 years old.
    Fish will be back to handle things one year deal 2 million
    defered money all is good.
    He played Ray Allen good and Nash and Rondo so he still can cover for a old dude.
    This team is so strong now its dangerous .

  • ricky

    Fisher is practically never favored in any point guard match up he is in, however, he’s proven that he can beat them all. Just look at all the young, talented, all-star caliber point guards he has gone up against just this past season. He still beat them all and won the championship

    Round 1: Russell Westbrook vs. Fisher = Fisher wins
    Round 2: Deron Williams vs. Fisher = Fisher wins
    Round 3: Steve Nash vs. Fisher = Fisher wins
    Finals: Rondo vs. Fisher = Fisher wins

    Fish has always been the last man standing and that’s why he’s the champ!

    • jonb

      it wasn’t just fisher it was the LAKERS that beat those teams. Luckily our starting five is so good that it compensates for fisher’s shortcomings. don’t thiink that “fisher beat them all.”

    • jonb

      it wasn’t just fisher it was the LAKERS that beat those teams. Luckily our starting five is so good that it compensates for fisher’s shortcomings. don’t thiink that “fisher beat them all.”‘

      • 242LakerFan

        I don’t think the point was that Fisher was better than all of them, but that in each series, he faced a “superior” point guard, faster, quicker, more athletic or whatever, yet the team overcame this glaring and much touted disadvantage to win the series.


      We get your point about Fisher. He’s the man but don’t forget Kobe took on a few of those assignments. D-Fish stood up with em as much as he could for sure.

  • http://TWITTER piniero1960

    the deal’ll get done. Fisher is a Laker, pure and simple. Some players are simply a product of what they represent and no one aside of maybe kobe has represented the Lakers with more heart and dedication than Derek Fisher. Should never have been a warrior, should never have been a Jazz. Great dude, great player, Laker 4 Life. Let’s go Fish, we got # 6 To go get!!!

  • http://TWITTER piniero1960

    And Y does every1 talk to Fish like that? Does he not display his worth year after year in the playoffs. We’d hardly have any of those ships w/o him. Big shot after big shot and while all your faves are busy stuffing the stat sheets during the regular season, he is mentally preparing himself for immortality come June. Five cookies people, five cookies!!! And he didn’t get them watching from the sidelines either. Tough, relentless, dedicated, and simply put “In the clutch”. Respect please!!!

  • 123kid

    i hope when this deal gets done, we can attract either a trade or FA to come to LA. our starting 5 is stacked, but we need to build our bench with another SG and back up centers then on to the road to the 3-peat.

  • Schism

    The Lakers management knows of Fisher’s importance, and they’ll give him what he asks, but they’ll ask for some help. If they give him $5M x 2years, they’ll equal last seasons payroll with 4 more players to sign. A point that they don’t want to go over too much. A good deal would stretch over 3 years at $3.6M, $4.6M, $5.6M, with the 3rd year at a team option with a $1.8M buyout. That way Fisher could get his $10M over 2 years, and save some $$ for filling out the roster. In 2011, the Lakers will have 4 draft picks, and be less Sasha’s $5M contract to play with. Then they can wheel and deal to keep the core solid with some young hungry Rookies.

  • Bynum & Odom Sucks Balls

    C’mon Mitch keep Derek Fisher Yeah?

  • FISH2010

    The Lakers need to stop bullshitting and start paying the Man already. We need him more now, since farmar is unofficially gone, and no one knows wtf is up with Brown.
    Blake just signed and If Fish wants $5 Million a year give it to him, if not, Let him ponder of $4 Million a year.
    Dont insult the man with 2.5

    • fishersux

      ho are theyinsulting him? lakers dont need him at that price screw fisher, if hes as classy as everyone thinks he’ll be more than happy to accept that much. hell even 2.5 is way to much for the guy that has lost his touch

      • Showtime4eva

        Ho are theyinsulting? Talk about bad grammar. This must be the new face of jazz, suns and rio rondo or laffsatu or just dogshit fucking walking identity crisis.

        • fishersux

          lol suck ass punk bitch

        • fishersux

          lol suck ass punk bitch im a really laker fan till i die homo ass showtime4eva bitch

  • regie francisco

    lakeshow! go lakers 3 peat!

  • Laker s Army

    fisher is the only guy KOBE listens to and respects.
    That in it self is worth paying him. His mental toughness is equal or greater than Kobes thats why they have won 5 champioships.
    Yes he is old but wise. And he dosent need to run around chaseing 21year old point guards. Thats what Blake will do.
    Fisher like Ron Harper was used to win in the 4 th quarter no turn overs and good shot selection.
    Farmar and Brown are stupid young players they never learned the position from one of the best underated gaurds. Now they have two rings each for a little bit of production and they think they are superstars. Are you kidding both will be back up s again on a below 500 team.
    Ariza ,Touriaf left to get paid but left champioships on the table, Your legacy is left with rings.
    Now Mc crady will go anywhere to win a ring .
    Lakers should get Mc Crady for vetran minium.
    He will be like a Scotty Pippen then maybe move Lamar to the 3 or 4 again.

  • TheKloser

    SIGN FISHER!!! Negotiate! Negotiate! Negotiate! But we need DFish for this 3-peat run. Blake is a solid backup PG, and an eventual starter with this team. In any case he makes our bench very solid (with the signing of Fish of course). All we need is a legit backup Big (which i don’t see us signing because of our draft picks). If TMac will sign for the VET Min, we have an almost guaranteed 17th cookie.

    Fantasy Lineup

    PG – DFish
    SG – Black Mamba
    SF – Ron Ron
    PF – Spaniard
    C – AB

    Bench Mob:
    PG – Steve Blake
    SG – TMac/Sasha
    SF – LO/Luke Walton
    PF – Ebanks/LO
    C – ???

    • lakerjay

      kurt or tim thomas

  • Str8 Ballin

    If I was Mitch, let Farmar, Brown, Morrison, Powell, n Mbenga go and sign like J-Critt, Gerald Green, D-Ebanks, D-Caracter. N don’t forget we already sign Blake..

    Love or hate it!!

    • Robert

      Str8, I think Mitch has to let all those go anyway! I’m not sure what $ is left to sign the other guys. We have $1.8M MLE, and $1 Vet’s min. So we get Fish, and one other person (J-Critt, GG?). And not sure if there’s a ‘rookie’ fund. If so, then signing both draft picks makes sense.

  • allen

    Anybody who has any understanding of how this team works is pulling for Fish to re-sign soon at a fair price. His value is not so much on the court (OK, all together *duh*) but in plain leadership and courage and being the hing that connects Kobe to the team.

  • TheLAKERSwon09

    Please come back Derek! PLEASE

  • Bynum & Odom Is Overrated

    Keep Fish… he’s good in the 4th quarter and a clutch shooter

    • fishersux

      talk about overrated fish is done go home fish join miami you leache

  • DCLakeshow

    …I wouldn’t even add Rondo to that list, cause Fish literally spent EVERY GAME, CHASING Ray Allen around. Through ALL of the Illegal Picks, through ALL of the stretched out knees to the thighs, and SOMEHOW, he managed to throw Ray off of his game. If you’re truly being honest with yourself, if Ray added just a little bit more scoring for the Celtics, we might not still be in celebration mode (SEE GAME 2). SERIOUSLY…how many momentum swinging HARD FOULS (whether acted or not) does D Fish have to take, to earn your respect? He truly loves this team, and ALWAYS finds a way to come through when it counts. Those things can not be measured in dollars or cents. Blake is gonna be a great addition to this team, BUT let’s not forget what Derek means to this team.

    Your’s truly,
    Smoosh Parker

    • sketch


  • fishersux

    fisher go away lakers dont want your old ass. good for nothing

  • bLuE

    All you guys hatin on Fish are not Lakers Fans your BANDWOGONERS.. go jump on the LeBrick James bandwagon and stop posting your dumb comments

    • fishersux

      stfu fisher is done hes lucky to be playing for the lakers

  • justdogm1

    just for the comedy value, they blow bye fish and he gives that smile,….come on kobe…no rings with-out fish(or shaq)…cut a check.


      do you understand that basketball is a five man on the court sport? your comment’s are fucking retarded.BUT,JUST FOR COMEDY VALUE. FOR ALL THAT LECHOKE DOES,HE SHOULDN’T GET CHECK,RIGHT?

    • Lakers for 3peat

      seriously dude get a life

      • 242LakerFan

        This IS his life. As a LeBron fan, he doesn’t have much else to look forward to, does he?

  • Bynum & Odom Is Overrated

    Oh no, Laker Nation Bosh just joined Miami with Wade!!! I think LBJ is joining them… We need shooters!!! I’m getting nervous about a “3 Peat.” We need Mike Miller or Anthony Morrow… The finals is going to be awesome West vs East!!! I can’t wait!!! We need Fish BACK!!!