clutchL.A. Times: It had the makings of an unusual game when a quiet chant of “M-V-P” started in the first period . . . for Lamar Odom.

The Lakers took it from there, sporting several different quirks, playing possum in the first two quarters, then sending clear notice of their arrival in the third quarter, then shrinking way back in the fourth before finally getting past the New Orleans Hornets in overtime, 115-111, Friday at Staples Center.

If it seemed fatiguing, it was, the Lakers avoiding a loss in regulation only after Derek Fisher made a three-pointer that tied the score at 98-98 with 14.6 seconds left in the fourth quarter, and Chris Paul missed a 22-footer with 0.9 seconds left in the fourth quarter.

If it seemed riveting, it was that too, the Lakers clinching victory only after Kobe Bryant made two free throws that both danced around the rim before falling through for the final four-point edge with 3.5 seconds left in overtime.

If the Lakers seemed both enthralled and exhausted afterward, they were.

Bryant lifted his arm exuberantly but also gestured respectfully to Paul, his Olympic teammate, down at the other end of the court.

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  • yash

    We cant even beat Hornets w/out goin to OT when they dont have a center other than hilton armstrong. But hey it was good entertainment

  • Lakers 24 7

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    We murdered them twice in New Orleans…

    but yea..this game was definitely entertaining

  • pdiz

    I wonder what all the D-Fish and Fluke haters are saying now…they got it done when it mattered…thinking Phil left the bench into too long twice (2nd and 4th) to let them get back into the game..all that matters is we got the W

  • west818

    luke didnt do shhhhit stfu it was fisher and kobe takin over. fuk fluke

  • vibe

    I still dont get why this team cant stay on the shooters…SIGH.

  • LakersNo1

    LA Times? Where is TLN version of this game? Fluke still suck. good game.

  • Makaveli3

    Luke my be a bad offensive player, but he can make plays for us. I don’t get why people gotta hate on luke walton because he doesn’t score. Its ridiculous. He isn’t a scorer.

  • portman

    hating on luke and you call yourself laker fans. i smell bandwagoners.

  • DWinsRings

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    funny luke didnt do shit, take his 14 points off and 8 rebounds and 4 assists and we would of lost the game, he has some good plays at the 4th and i know we also won becuase of Kobe nad FIsher(FISHER IS CLUTCH)

  • jason

    Some people only recognize players that score 25 pts a game as good players because they dont understand the game of basketball at all. Thats why u get luke haters. The story of this game was Derek Fisher baby, what a play to take that charge to keep it within 3 then hit the 3 to tie it. Derek is clutch on both ends. He showed here why he is one of my all time favorite players.

    Gasol got his numbers but was kinda quiet, considering who was guarding him he should’ve dominated this game, And our bench, wich is usually very very good, didnt play well either. Had the 2nd unit played like they normally do we would’ve won this game easy. But they had an off night and we still got the job done. All in all another great win and our lakers keep rollin :)

  • lainok

    I’m not going to rip on luke. Nor am I going to be suprised that fisher his another clutch shot. what I am surprised at, was Chris Paul inbounding the ball off of Kobe’s back when Kobe wasn’t looking. that’s something you do to sasha, not kobe.

  • imfasterthanur

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    I wasn’t sure what to make of that – I know it was a maneuver to increase the tempo but it seemed a bit disrespectful.

    Then again, they lost so that’s what they get. haha

  • daboss1848

    still jaded . . .

    we revere the guy who goes 13 of 30 – remove the 12 FTs and we have 27pts on 30 shots (not to mention all the defensive lapses and wide open shots given up on the other end – pick ur poison, Posey’s wide open 3s or Butler’s – seemingly, whoever the MAN was defending was wide open – including the game tying 3 at end of OT)

    We did win, the MAN solid in OT, so we put him on a pedestal and forget his numerous repetitive lapses, and still blame every1 else . . .

    We revere the guy who scores 39 on 30 shots (17 misses), with 5 rebs and 5 assts, but we blast the guy who goes 14 (7 shots, 2 misses), 8, 4 . . . fickle fickle fans – just glad some of u guys have no personnel say whatsoever

    As I said and will continue to say, until we see the MAN that played in SA PO series (solid D, facilitator, selective scorer), our dreams (HIS dreams) will be shattered come May/June, again!

  • pio2u

    It was an exciting game that we almost let slip away. Sasha is cold as ice & needs to improve his shot selection. His defense is suspect at best. All in all another good win.


    Our 2nd unit was TERRIBLE. Somebody needs to wake these guys up. If they dont wanna play they might as well just stay home cause they were useless. They gave up huge leads. Its pathetic. Im not sure whats going on through their heads

  • sketch

    That move just shows that chris paul is a straight up punk! That dude thinks way too highly of himself. He IS a great talent, there’s no argument. But the way he conducts himself on the court, especially how he treats Fisher, is down right disrespectful.

    I understand when players trash talk to get the edge off of an opposing player, but Fisher is as classy of an act as they come. And chris paul is always jawing at Fisher and trying to show him up, and we all know that Fisher is never the instigator.

    Why is it that all these young players think that are God’s gift to this world and that they’re entitled to trash talk whenever they feel like? Even though I think that LeHype is more hype than substance, I still have more respect for him and D-Wade than chris paul. Those 2 just go out and compete and go for theirs, but chris paul always feels like he “needs” to jaw with opposing players…hate that ghetto mentality!

    Conduct yourself with humility, respect others, and let your game speak for itself! I wish that these “athletes” would just realize what they are in this world…”athletes”! They’re not doctors, or judges, or people of any real importance. They get paid because they entertain people for do! They depend on “OUR” patronage, yet they walk around like we owe them something. FCUKERS!!!!!! I wish we can reverse our fortunes, I’d probably do the same thing. LOL!

    Still FCUK chris paul. He’s a little punk and a big D!CK!

  • Eidraq

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    OH MY GOODNESS! YOUVE OPENED MY EYES!! WHERE WOULD I BE WITHOUT UR “LOGICAL” THINKING??? when you explain stats, explain them properly, there’s a reason why getting to the line is included within the player’s stats…ppl have shooting slumps…and as for ppl giving up threes, luke gave up as many threes on the defensive end..however i will not take away what he brought to the game last night which included good decision making down the stretch

  • daboss1848

    My apologies for not bowing at the feet of what could be the greatest player in the history of the NBA. EFFICIENCY – too much to ask for, I guess. . .

    Closing your eyes and refusing to acknowledge his flaws does not make his flaws go away.

    PS PJ is also a KB hater – since he pointed out last night (again) that KB settled way too much for difficult, contested, and long shots instead of getting to the rim – which is what he shouldve recognized when his shot did not fall . . . I’ll take PJ’s hand and we’ll walk over to the GotGarnett website – thanks for your suggestion.

  • Eidraq

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    efficiency doesnt come every single game…not even our most efficient player pau gasol has an efficient night every night…but we dont go about saying that he sucks…and pj will point out kb’s mistakes but at the end of the night he’s not ripping on him like you do..u are right about him not being efficient last night or the last two games before, however, you are indeed wrong about criticizing us for believing he’s the greatest player…3 games do not define a person’s efficiency

  • Dave

    May I suggest that its all too easy to be a Monday-morning quarterback (we need a basketball version of this phrase!) and try not to be so harsh with our best-in-the-NBA Lakers? Its true, they can improve, but so can anyone … and they do have a damn fine record of 45-10.

    If we need something to criticize, lets focus on the following: Paul Pierce is a crybaby and has facial that looks like pubes. Kevin Garnett is a gutless bully who only picks on smaller rookies. Chris Paul is an arrogant loudmouth with no class or respect.


  • daboss1848

    eid, c’mon we have had this discussion – and not in here . . . my evaluation of his performance is not based on 2-3 games and its not based on 100 games, it is based on following his career and his growth in talent, experience, trust, etc.

    He is no longer a 5yr player – it is time for him to recognize when he is on and when he is off on a nightly basis, his spots on the floor, where he is most effective, etc.

    I’m not asking for much. . . mainly I’m just for accountability by the “fickle” fans, who go out of their way to close their eyes to his deficiencies and to the effectiveness of our other role players (mainly, Luke, Farmar, Fisher)

  • trade_Luke4_Jerald_wallace

    Not a good game…WITH OUT There CENTER we ALmost LOST!

  • daboss1848

    (we were w/o our center too)

    (and there is no Jerald Wallace in the NBA)

  • jason

    every win is a good game…period. This is the NBA not a pickup game at the park..i dont care whos out or whos playin, every night u could lose..every win, EVERY WIN is a good game.

  • YellowPurpleFever

    If we have a chance to trade Luke for another IQ SF, I think yes. after the season OF COURSE. Fluke play scare and insecure in BIG games. He does not hit shots when they really count. I will bet that he will be a nonfactor in the play-offs, just hope I am wrong. GO LAKERS!!!

  • Dave

    Reality check : Luke “the Fluke” had the highest +/- of BOTH teams.

    FG: 5 for 7
    3PT: 2 for 3
    14 points
    8 rebounds
    4 assists
    2 turnovers

  • daboss1848

    although i disagree with my hijacker above, i would like to point out that the link (unfortunately) doesnt work . . .

  • Lakergirl

    An ugly win, but win is a win is a win. I just want to say that Jeff Van Gundy should not be commentating on Lakers game. He is a pure Phil hater and lakers hater. He is a joke. I can’t stand him. thats all for now.

  • daboss1848

    hijacker, clever continuation above by use of quotes, i wont argue with that – i appreciate the backup (pun intended) . . .

  • west818

    luke still sucks he can never be a lamar or fish….

  • Eidraq

    [Comment ID #62635 Will Be Quoted Here]

    role players are essential to a team win and if fans dont realize that then they are truly lost, however not giving credit to the lead guy where due credit is deserved is fickle in itself..

    sometimes u need to lose something just to understand its true value

    as far as kb is concerned i will continue to disagree primarily due to the fact that we need him to be aggressive in order for the team to do well considering they feed heavily off of his energy…his shot has been off for the last few games.. even from the spots that he usually thrives upon..getting to the basket is a cake walk when ur 20 but when ur 30 and do indeed have a spot on jumpshot i dont see any reason to get to the paint at a higher pace…i do not think kb is the problem at all

  • jason

    obviously Luke can never be lamar of fish..but guess what u ignorant moron…HE DOESNT HAVE TO BE.

  • Lker Roger

    trade luke the fluke white man can jump.
    he teachers pet. get him the hell out of here
    package him and farmar for g wallace farmar is a ball hog with no outside game runs from guys like daron williams last game phil had to tell him to play defense grow some balls dude.
    fishers is a iron man hits big shots takes charges to bad his age is a factor. trade some dead weight mobenga body guard/slash ball boy c mon
    andrew boy man aka elden campbell weak as a toothpick also. Thank you josh powell for showing these guys what a man has between his legs final lol found his too.


    [Comment ID #62624 Will Be Quoted Here]

    I don’t think anyone said Kobe or Gasol sucks. Perhaps quote people accurately unless you want to fan the flames of a post brawl. I think you have a vain attempt to do the latter.