Ron will play tonight against the Wiz!

Ron1 L.A. Times: Lakers forward Ron Artest took part in a Tuesday afternoon shoot-around and will play tonight against the Washington Wizards.

Artest missed the team’s White House visit Monday because of intestinal flu-like symptoms.

The Lakers (33-11) are 1-2 on an eight-game road trip, though tonight’s opponent has one of the worst home records in the NBA. The Wizards are 14-29 overall, 8-14 at home.

Artest has been slowed by painful swelling in his feet and scored only five points in the Lakers’ 106-105 loss Sunday to the Toronto Raptors.

  • p mac

    do you think its Ron’s shoes that are causing the foot issues? hes wearing like Pony’s or some shit right? My son wore some of those and wore through the soles in like three weeks. they’re trash.
    Lakeshow needs to get and stay healthy! Lakers World Order Stand UP!

    • daboss1848

      Hes wearing a chinese shoe – PJ says its the shoe:

      • Kid Kaos 310

        Cheap a$$ shoes. That’s what you get for doing business with Yao Ming’s friends. Go Korean, or just wear a pair of Kobe’s

  • lakerman1

    Ron needs to rest and heal for the Playoffs and the same goes for Kobe. Neither will do the team any good if they really injure themselves. Let the other guys step up for a change they depend to much on Kobe and lose defensive presence when Ron’s out. Luke Sasha Morrison all making big bucks and for what 1 good year or plays well with the D League. I honestly feel the same would have happened even if the Lakers would have signed Ariza to a large contract it would have been a total diasappearing act.

  • lakerman1

    Just read some of the comments on the Washington Post and they actually preview posts before they are submitted none of the mindless bickering or profanity that is allowed on this site just goes to show you in LA its all about quantity not about quality. This blog could definitely learn from that site. Its alright to differ but it goes way over the top here.

    • Green Flannel

      i have to apologize for my recent outbursts of profanity. its just, you see, we have certain expectations, expectations the dream team could not even fulfill. we want a 16th one, best record , sweep the cavs and celtics, and have the best road and home record, and have everyone healthy(when clearly, that will not happen this year). it just makes me mad to see people criticizing this team for being hurt and uncontrollable things. i can understand opinions but we need to be proud of the best team in the west and cheer for a repeat!

  • Marwan

    Maybe it is the shoe, but he doesn’t want to switch because he could risk losing his relationship he has with the company.
    Jason Kidd and Sasha also wear them. They don’t look good. I say wear some Kobe’s.

  • http://57.amklac missesalot

    why leave one piece of crap for an over-rated ,over-priced piece of crap….get some clyde`s baby…