Trevor apologized for not taking the foul; though most of us can agree we didn’t lose the game on that play…

  • Eidraq

    indeed we didnt lose only bcuz of that..but i am extremely happy we have someone like ariza on the team..not only an amazing role player, but very humbled

  • lakerschamps09

    ok yea we played bad but we did lose the game on that play.. i dont blame ariza… its watthe coachin staff told em… if they said dont foul then he did the rite thing now apparently they told to foul and he didnt but still pj needs to tell em whether or not to foul its phils call

  • Jack

    I don’t remember very clearly but I can’t recall seeing anybody on the bench during the play yelling and screaming at Trevor to take the foul. I think he took the high road by making this completely unecessary apology and covered for his coaches.

    And yes let’s face it, we pretty much did lose on that play. Yes, we had a big lead but we had a chance to stop the play and have them reset their offense with 1-2 seconds left on the play. 6 seconds vs 1-2 seconds is a HUGE difference in this game. So, yes, the way I see it, we lost it on this play.

  • thisbedo

    we all know that following in the last seconds of the game isnt really PJ’s style we’ve seen it time and time again..

  • thisbedo


  • Dracul

    Yes, lets foul so the guy goes into a ‘ruled’ 3 point shooting motion.

    The game was lost when they went from 14 up to 6 down in the span of a few minutes.

  • #1 Laker Fan

    haha funny it says he apologizes but all he says is he was never in that situation and he learned from it. On another note, I thought Kobe shoulda been the one guarding igoudala because he is definitely the best 1on1 defender and the best perimeter defender on the Lakers and possibly in the NBA

  • Jack

    Dracul, yes it sucks that we lost that lead. But when that lead did dwindle, nobody said “Oh well, looks like we lost this game now! Who cares what happens in this final 6 seconds, they’re gonna hit a 3 and beat us”. We had a chance to make it 10x more difficult for them to tie or win and we did not do it. Yes Trevor is a good defender but 99% of the times, coaches tend to call for a foul to be taken in this type of situation.

  • domz

    we gotta get over with this loss and get back that killer instinct. Im glad that we lose in this one, at least, they taste how it’s like to lose when taking teams for granted after building a huge lead.

  • Heron

    if you understand that it wasn’t why we lost the game, then why even post this? This is a non-story, but still makes Ariza look at fault.

  • Markco2

    im glad this happened in the regular season..
    so this is one good lesson for this/our young Lakers team..

    we’re all behind you guys.. all the way to the playoffs and hopefully a return to the finals.. and the c’ship ofcourse..

    get well soon Bynum!

  • imfasterthanur

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    I agree, but we should all know by now that Phil Jackson coaches for the post-season. The reason He puts players like Ariza in clutch situations like that is to simulate what he may have to do in the playoffs. Like Ariza said, “I was never in that situation before, now I can learn from it”.

    Better now than in the playoffs.

  • luke sucks!

    at least he apologised now this is a laker player!!! no hard feelings at all ariza keep doing ya thing while luke warms the bench!

  • Diehardfan

    He doesn’t need to apologize. Although that is very admiring. Ariza is the one that doesn’t need to apologize. It is his defense that has kept us in games. Just look at how much the second unit misses him. It is not that the bench is worst, it is that they no longer have Ariza. Bynum will fix all of this by putting everyone back at their natural position. I love the starting line up but I really enjoy seeing the second unit run with Bynum. We get to see a glimpse of the future.


    I blame Kobe on this loss. He kept on jacking up jump shots when not dropping in. On the courts if the shot isn’t falling for you then start driving in take shorter shots and eventually you will get the shot back. He kept on trying to bring the Lakers back with one shot after another being bricked. The shot that did go in was good but after 2/12 of shooting. I’m not hating just hopefully he reads this and realizes that sometimes and I do mean sometimes one should come to the realization that for a single game one should become the decoy.

  • Ilikebasketball

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    yeah, why wasnt kobe guarding him? perhaps the posistions are different, but at a time like that, i dont think igu is that much bigger that kobe shouldn’t’ve been guarding him, especially since kobe can stop lebron.

  • ilikebasketball

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    ah, good point!
    hell yeah!