L.A. Times: The Lakers swept the regular-season series from the Houston Rockets, 4-0, and two of the games were won by double-digit margins.

The Lakers defeated the Rockets twice without Andrew Bynum (out because of a knee injury) and once without him and Lamar Odom (suspension). The Lakers are 5-2 against the Rockets in Houston over the last four seasons.

All that would make one think that the Lakers can handle the Rockets and that Houston will be an easy target when the Western Conference semifinal series begins Monday night at Staples Center.

Well, one better think again.

“We cannot approach this series like we know them,” Lakers assistant coach Jim Cleamons said Friday. “When you think this way, you’re really vulnerable.”

Cleamons has the job of scouting the Rockets, a team he has done advance scouting on all season, and he devised the game plan that brought the Lakers so much success against Houston this season.

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  • Anthony

    It’s good that the Lakers know they can’t just come in this series and roll of 4 wins without trying. Hopefully they’ll push themselves to another level in this series. The last one was disappointing.

  • KB24ForLife


  • http://steveodesignedge.wordpress.com/ dEDGE

    This is the perfect opportunity for the bench to reestablish themselves as the best second unit in the league. We need them to get the continuity and cohesiveness working in their favor again. I look to the Bench Mob, led by Lamar Odom, to really dominate in this series, providing the starters with ample time to rest and make sure that they are ready for any 4th quarter pushes to close out the game.

  • WifelovesLuke

    The ball and player movement of the Triangle offense is going to be the key to this series because the Rockets want to slow the tempo like the Jazz did in game 3. My other interest in seeing what Phil does about the small, speedsters Brooks and Wafer. Will we see Farmar get time or does Brown stay the #2? I’m hoping for Brown. Last, Bynum is going to look much better against the bigger slower Yao. If Bynum runs the floor and continually beats Yao down the floor on both ends, he’ll have a bounce back series. Perfect for his 21 year old ego.

  • barry

    i wonder if phil will put an asterisk on this season if the lakers make it to the finals:
    – did not need a non call on fisher to have to beat the spurs due to ginobeli (sp?) being hurt and tim duncan finally getting old;
    – did not have to play any playoff games in portland due to portland being upset by houston;