Its worth noting that with Mondays victory over the Supersonics; the Los Angeles Lakers have moved up to the #1 seed in the West. Lakers have an identical record with the Pheoniex Suns but carry the tie-breaker with a 2 game edge over the Suns this season.

Lets just hope that this can last.

The Lakers host the Suns this Thursday, the #1 seed should be on the line.

Share your thoughts on our surprising season thus far!

UPDATE: Pheonix lost to the Clippers; Lakers are sole owners of the #1 seed!

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  • http://getgarnett Che

    yes it great,probably we r getting a solid big man to help us, and wen bynum comes back that pick up will probably help us on the playoffs.I am happy that the injury was not worse, atleast bynum will be back for the playoofs

  • DoDoBallz

    Yeah A move will happen just because we have to stay
    in the race.What move I don’t know but one will be made
    based on the fact that the west is so tight that a couple
    of gamed lost and were are in last place.Its tight over here.

  • Michael_23

    Any C Webb news on the rise?

  • Lakerboi

    I think we will be okay. Will we win 11 out of 12 without Bynum? Maybe not, but we can win 7 out of 10. This is Kawame’s turn to shine. He has a contract year and this is his time to show he needs big dollars. We won’t give it to him, but he can show other teams! When bynum comes back, we roll with two big centers in the middle.

    Bynum was not a the big piece last year and we still went 26-13. Farmar is better, We are stronger at the point. We have Ariza, and Mihm will be back in 2 weeks to help out, so Turif can go back to PF. LAMAR will be the “key”, he needs to step up 18/12 nightly!

  • LakerSon24

    If we are among the top 4 while Bynum is out it’s success…Kawme wasn’t that bad last night he did a DD 10-10, Odom on the other hand need to score more!

  • hZm

    The seperation from the 1st seed to the 8th is only a few games.

    If we don’t keep up a solid level of play we have drop to 8 really soon.

  • LakesFan

    Rest of the league take us seriously now?

  • Remy

    indeed odom needs to stop hesitating on his shots, but can we blame the guy. i know we all have high expectations for him, but like stu lanz said, he enjoys the third option shooting and his mentality lies on getting his teammates more involve, so we got to respect that

  • e

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    i dont mean to be disdainful to your comment..but even though it is kwame’s contract year, the way he’s been playing is not too pleasant…he’s not really meant to be a center and he’s not really meant to be a powerforward either..the best thing that you can do is trade for him or simply just get rid of him

  • e

    my mistake..not trade for him…but trade him for someone else

  • LakerSon24

    I really hope we can get O’neal by the trade deadline for odom+Kwame(maybe a pick)or wait this summer for Brand to switch to the Dark Side of the force!


    We need Webber or JO to stay like this throughout.Even Kobe said with AB(BYNUM)they are a Championship caliber team,then what are we with Kwame as starter?Let’s just say you seen the game,here he comes to save the day with the K on his chest(rather no.#24).Damn!When can the Lakers trade Kwame or who can we get for him.I know I keep saying JO but I feel with him alongside AB/LO that would mean you can basically hand that trophy over,that’s the difference between caliber and contender.JO would make us Contenders but adding him and Webber the Laker would RULE THE NBA!

  • RoWyN

    Why is a lot of Laker fans so high on Jermaine? He’s too small to be a center and too slow to be a power forward. That’s why Bynum, and yes even Kwame, drags his a$$ around like a ragdoll everytime they play him. We don’t want JO here in LA.

    Having said that, I think CWebb will be of some help to us. His veteran leadership can help our bigs position better on Defense. He also still has his set-shot going right?

  • MILO

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    JO will come here next season the Lakers just need to make room for him cap-wize we can spare Vlady Mihm and Sasha and Kwame wont be back next season anyway so im confident he’ll be here…

  • MILO

    Bynum is scheduled to come back around March 9 against Sac.The Lakers have a tough schedule and will be w-out him for about 25 games if the Lakers can manage to take 15 of those we should be in great shape.I think that the next 5 games will show who the Lakers really are being that they face nothing but good teams, well if you can say that about the Cav’s.The 9 game road trip will be important as well and all of this w-out Bynum will be tough, but it can be done so this whole time w-out Bynum will give us a better look at how far the team can really go.Hopefully Bynum can come back sooner than the 8 weeks!!!

  • HiYo2o

    We are #1 on the NBA Power Rankings! Hell yeah.

  • LakerSon24

    [Comment ID #22342 Will Be Quoted Here]

    If we are to trade this summer i’ll rather go for Brand 1st then Jo if they willing to take 15-16m for 3 years…

  • lakerschamps08

    yea we need help… caz if we dont get better in c anf pf position kobe gonna have to score so much its gonna keep some chemistry kobe has in trusting his people.. wat happens if we 3 or 4 in a row kobes going back bit**ing…

  • RDLAKB24

    long way to go

  • jermaine mciver

    Not for long if Kobe keeps jackin up shot they gotta keep the team asspect. He already had over 20 attempts in the first half. Odom’s gotta step up until Bynum gets back!



  • PhxLkrFan

    I can’t believe you allowed yourself to make that post with the word Phoenix spelled that way.

  • Reggie

    I think the Lakers will be O.K. The Lakers record is 26-11 right now with 45 games remaining. If the Lakers went only 23-22(51%) over the next 45 games(which I think that would be a worst case scenario unless another major player gets hurt),they would end up with a record of 49-33. Between 49-55 wins usually gets a team the 4-5 seed in the playoffs. The way the league works out 10 teams in the West can’t win 50 games(According to the ESPN playoff predictor 10 teams have a shot at winning 50 games). But I think over the next 45 the Lakers will do a little better than 51%. If the Lakers can win 57% of their games in the 05-06 season with a inferior team then they should be able to win that with this squad.

  • Dissolved

    If the Lakers avg .500 while drew is out then they will have a chance. If they pickup Webber then they should be able to keep pace with PHX and SA on top of the standings. The game against PHX this week is probably the biggest test while drew is out. If they beat PHX they will have the tie breaker which at this point seems like it will matter.

  • MambaKB24

    i think we should cool it a little
    yea, its a great season, but its only a start
    next year, its going to be one of the biggest free agent years ever
    dirk, gilbert, brand, and much more
    let bynum rest and recover fully
    if they say 8 weeks, let him be out 10
    who knows, god forbid he pulls a Amare
    lets wait, make some cap space (aka let kwame go after the offseason and trade away vlad-rad to a bad team with cap space like charlotte)
    and lets make a big offsason SIGNING
    the missing link is a power forward, and chris webber and pj brown are not the answer
    if we can get eb next summer, there will be rings galore for the next 3 years
    we made strides this year, but as fans we loose sight that we hope more than we think


    [Comment ID #22342 Will Be Quoted Here]

    They are over the luxury tax now. The only way JO comes is if he opts out next year and signs for less.

  • MambaKB24

    oh, nd gilbert is an LA native and already indicated hes leaving washington
    and that he loves to play with kobe, so we can always have a
    lineup, thats got championship written all over it as well

  • bryan

    It is time for the Lakers to show that they’re a true contending team with the depth to back it up. All season long we have been bragging about our bench.. calling ourselves one of the deepest teams in the NBA. Injuries occur all the time, but it is the great teams that can adapt and overcome. They couldn’t do it last year but everyone agrees that this is a completely different team. They didn’t show any depth against Memphis or Seattle with Kobe having to shoulder the load. I hope that not being able to practice with a line-up excluding Bynum had something to do with it. Hopefully they figure it out my Thursday. Instead of being down and depressed over Bynum’s injury, lets be excited to see how our team does. Kobe said with the big fella in the line-up we are a championship caliber team. Who knows.. maybe we could win it all this year. Lakers vs. Celtics in the Finals! How sweet would that be?!

    Now it is time for me to be harsh on one of my favorite players… Lamar Odom. I have defended him all season long and it is getting harder and harder for me after every game. I still love the way he plays but he needs to be more assertive. I want to see the Lamar that I saw in game 5 of last year’s playoffs and that was WITH injuries.

    It is time for Lamar…. for the team to prove themselves.

    I am hopeful that they won’t disappoint.

    Let’s go Lakers!!!

  • kobefanatic

    it’s not hard to believed that LA lakers is the number 1 team in the west, they deserved to be at the top because everyone is steppin’ up.. playing without the most improved player in the laker rooster would be a hard game for the kobe team..we will just pray that bynum can play sooner than 8 weeks..go lakers, let us win games

  • 187 ON BOSTON

    bryan, i am glad to see that you fianlly took lame-ars balls out of your mouth.

  • Dragon

    Clippers beat the Sun’s last night so the Laker’s has a temporary secure number 1 seed for now.

  • http://getgarnett Che

    thanks for the info, we already no buddy

  • bryan

    [Comment ID #22431 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Okay kiddo.


    Thanx Milo.We and few others are the only ones hoping JO comes to LA wanting(NJ going nowhere except Brooklyn)to win a CHAMPIONSHIP.He will be Laker. I as a long time Laker fan(Since 11,27years as a fan)I’ve seen players that have changed the face of the team when people thought getting Glenn Rice was dumb(and there were a lot of critics)but look what happen,CHAMPIONSHIP.It’s about being at the right place in the NBA and JO needs LA for his career’s sake.I call him the “Forgotten All-Star” ’cause WE as NBA fans see players now like rapppers,who ever is HOT AT THE TIME,THAT’S WHO I FAVOR,THAT’S WHO’S THE BEST,HE MAKES THE MOST MONEY,ETC.For this reason people forget you and say your a BUM because the team your with is no longer a contender.JO is on a team that’s only getting worse,they(Indiana)do play hard but they have no identity and that can be frustrating for JO’s character and he deserves better.Larry is a snake for not letting him go to a team where he can FINALLY WIN,LARRY YOU KNOW WHAT THAT FEELS,DON’T YOU?Then let JO come to LA so he can fulfill his IN THE FULL EFFECT!!!

  • fred0s

    The West is probably as difficult as it has been in a long time (maybe ever). Five teams are within 1/2 a game from being the top seed in the west (L.A. Lakers, San Antonio, New Orleans, Dallas, Phoenix), and a lost could almost automatically drop you from say #1 to #6. So even if the Lakers do end up being a 5th or 6th seed, it is way more respectable than it has been in many many years past. (Still we hope they stay at #1)


    I think we need to give up on getting JO at least for now. He left the game with another knee injury last night.


    NEVER!Bynum went down too with a knee injury.LO went down with a knee injury.Kobe went down with a ankle injury.INJURIES HAPPEN but I see what your saying if he comes(and he will be in a Laker uniform,put’cha money up on that)to LA and ‘OOPS,INJURY’y’all can fix your lips and say I told you.I say this about him Pacers aren’t Contenders(18-22)but that’s because JO is the ONLY STAR on the team,that’s too much work for one man,ASK KOBE BEFORE DF CAME BACK.We can come up with a billion names(FREE AGENTS)on who deserves to be a Laker,I JO,you might say OJ Mayo but some-bodies are coming to LA,whether now or later,and THE WILL HAVE ANOTHER BANNER TO RAISE.

  • 187 ON BOSTON


  • MILO

    Take this off it’s a curse!!!