If their was only a way we could face the Blazers or the Bobcats every game…

O.C. Register: Kobe Bryant is bored with something.laker_fan

After the Lakers’ seventh consecutive victory by a double-digit margin, Bryant offered this observation late Sunday night.

Maybe they should change it up,” he said. “I’m tired of that.”

Bryant’s suggestion for changing it up?

“Fried chicken,” he said.

Yes, the Lakers have nothing better to worry about than Bryant complaining about the ongoing Jack in the Box promotion giving Staples Center fans free tacos when the Lakers win and hold opponents to fewer than 100 points.

And KFC’s marketing department needs to get to work now.

Even Bryant’s side competition with co-star Pau Gasol over who can make more left-handed shots isn’t doing it for Bryant.

“I’m winning, by the way,” he said. “It’s not even close.”

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  • brilliantn

    wtf.. how is it boring? i enjoy these games. would you rather lakers lose and then complain about it? sheeeeeeeeesh.

  • Muslim mamba

    I remember u guys said this last season and after u said it lakers began to struggle and I was mad at u guys for jynxing the lakers so plzzz don’t do this again this makes the lakers look a lot better

    • WifelovesLuke

      So you actually think that comments here on TLN have an effect on how the Lakers play? Interesting!

      1-2-3 Ring!!!

  • http://LakersNation Marwan

    I would rather have the Lakers have all the boring games because its safer to win the championship. Heard the saying “Better safe than sorry”. This implies to this situation where the Lakers should have the boring games its more safe rather than the close games that are decided in one possession or a game 7 in playoffs.

    Please dont do this, there is no need to get cocky, so early in the season too. Dont get cocky, it doesnt make us look better if we are cocky, just make us look like asses.

    • WifelovesLuke

      I tend to think that challeges throughout the season strengthen the team and prepares them better for the playoffs. It’s great for a fan to watch their team win by double digits each game, however, does it really help the team in their journey to greatness? Just a thought!

      1-2-3 Ring!!

      • Short Dog

        Yes, It helps the Lakers learn how to keep those double digit leads. If you have leads like that the lakers must be following the game plan.

  • lakerman1

    There are going to be closer games Mr Quintanilla’ the Lakers were so suppose ti win those games. I am just waiting for the Lakers to hit a short losing streak or temporarilly lose focus and people start complaining about that. I myself sir am enjoying every minute of it and mostly what spectacular dunk Shannon is going to make next. I know you are just reporting but it still sounds petty.

    • http://facebook.com/jaimeq Jaime Quintanilla

      I didn’t write the article, sir. If you mean the italicize portion; I was being sarcastic.

  • Short Dog

    Boring? Its been good watching the Lakers take first.
    Lets keep that winning streak going.
    Lakers #1

  • Andrew Rafner is back

    Mexican fans can enjoy taco’s black fans can enjoy fried chicken and white fans can enjoy hamburgers lmao!!! Kobe why dont we do that?

    • Short Dog


      • FERN DOG

        His fool andrewrafner is a bitch fuck this fool and his stupid comments fucken bitch.

  • http://www.michaelserna23.com Michael_23

    Lakers just need to start facing some more good quality teams. And start traveling on the road.

    Denver, Boston, Phoenix, Atlanta …

    Oh yeah, Cleveland too I guess ..

  • showtime2k9

    boring, huh? maybe you guys rather we let the starters go to the bench and the bench be the starters? then kobe and company can play the game from behind and the media can have something better to talk about.
    I’m glad to see most comments show true fans aren’t bored. I’m happy to see the starters rest and the bench get on the court. We can address our weaknesses now and get stronger, so that when we face the elite teams, we can bore the media some more.


    I am not bored whatsoever..lets just keep this streak going…but the idea of fried chicken instead of tacos DOES sound good..you cant argue with that lmao!

  • WifelovesLuke

    Fried chicken? Mmmmmm. Anybody else hungry now?

  • pleeoc

    “We want chicken…”
    The visiting teams will think we are crazy!

  • Gino

    i wouldn’t mind if they gave away tacos from “Pink Taco” in century city. i don’t mind the jack-in-the-box tacos, but just to try something different for a change.
    or a complimentary “roscoe’s chicken & waffle” for the fried chicken?

  • T.I.G.
  • Robert

    Friday’s game (Heat) was definitely not boring. Also, whenever the Lakers come to town (in other cities), there are sellout crowds to watch Kobe and our Lakers (yes, they’re our (LA’s) team)). So, all around the US, nobody thinks the Lakers are boring.
    The Lakers still haven’t hit the most challenging part of the season. Too many home games now, and the teams haven’t been the best of the league. If that’s boring, then trust me, it’s about to get real interesting. Just wait until Christmas Day — that may be the most watched sports day in history (several high profile games that day, including Lakers)