Believe it or not, the Knickerbockers top the list for third straight year. Los Angeles Lakers are at #2…

ESPN: The Knicks were valued at $604 million, up 3 percent from the previous year despite a spate of losing, an embarrassing defeat in a sexual harassment lawsuit, and continuing questions about the future of coach Isiah Thomas.

The Los Angeles Lakers decreased in value 2 percent, down to $560 from $568 million, but remained second on the list. The Chicago Bulls were third with a value of $500 million and a league-best $59.3 million in operating income. Detroit and Houston rounded out the top five.


    That means LA NEEDS TO WIN CHAMPIONSHIPS,NOWWWWW(Boston must be 1st).

  • Michael_23

    Yep, we aren’t going anywhere unlike Seattle …

  • ab4sure

    I think it is NY…It has always been NY because ….well it is NY.


    Too bad they have all that marketing and won’t win anything until Isaiah leaves or….the world ends.

  • LAKing

    Why in the hell are the Knicks the most valuable franchise? The Lakers should be by far the most valuable franchise in the NBA because first, It’s Los Angeles, second we’ve won a hell of alot of championships. The Knicks being the most valuable franchise doesn’t make any sense to me.

  • keep24

    Location … location … location!

  • dave p

    Since we are doing so well financially, we should open up the wallet and get some better players. A little more luxury tax isn’t going to break the bank.

  • ab4sure

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    Do you know how much teams are restricted in signing FA??? The lakers cannot go out and sign a FA for 10-15 million dollars. It is not about money…it is called a Salary Cap.

  • MILO

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    if we get rid of Lame and Kwame it’s easly 15-20mill off

  • Betto

    Lol NY first place and Lakers second? Wow, what was the last time NY won a chanpionship? Lakers have gotten 5 of the last decade and they put NY as #1, I say this is BS.. They only put NY at #1 cause the NBA main office is located in guess what, NY. It’s obvious.. >.>

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