Everyone must give this a read – “Enduring chemotherapy and all that comes with breast cancer gets a little easier for Catherine Royer, a 66-year-old social worker, because the Lakers are her passion and distraction.”

L.A. Times: She is a cancer survivor. The Lakers helped Royer in a way Western medicine could not, she said. They made her happy. Without speaking, they talked to her. Without touching her, they lifted her to a higher plane of existence.

Throughout her frightening, painful and exhausting ordeal of chemotherapy, mastectomy surgery and radiation treatments, she turned to them.

Royer, a 66-year-old social worker, was diagnosed with breast cancer in December 2005. She started intensive chemotherapy twice a month. Weakened by the treatments, and despondent over losing her hair, she felt nauseated, was suffering from numbness in her arms and legs and had lost 15 pounds.

Royer was not an avid sports fan. But her husband, Bill Royer, thought she needed a distraction, so he had cable TV installed in the bedroom of their Brentwood home.

“Initially, I started watching Laker games because it was convenient. I wasn’t interested in sitcoms,” she said. What began as tepid interest transformed into a full-blown addiction. The Lakers’ problems and successes became a key part of her world, and the team became a vicarious, second family.

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  • Michael_23

    Laker wins brighten up my day too. As long as the effort is there and Kobe has a will to win, it inspires me in life to move forward and achieve your dreams.


    Good read. Inspirational and enlightening to the point I WANNA PLAY FOR THE LAKERS RIGHT NOW!!!