Pro Basketball Talk: It’s very trendy to be down on the Lakers right now. They’ve given everyone plenty of reasons the last month — spotty execution, horrible outside shooting, questionable defensive rotations and a general malaise.

See, there I go doing it — we act as if these Lakers are that other team in LA. The Lakers won 57 games and won the West going away, despite a number of injuries. (Kobe had a number of injuries all by himself, it just doesn’t keep him out of games). It’s trendy to think the Lakers will fall short, and plenty of people are rooting for the Lakers to self destruct in a spectacular, Lindsay Lohan fashion.

But the reality is, these Lakers can win it all. They did it last year with almost this exact same roster. They know what it takes to climb the mountain. They can flip the switch from how they have played recently. The question is will they.

The reasons they can win are well known.

They have the best starting five in basketball, when healthy. Kobe Bryant is… well, Kobe Bryant. Injured or not, he is Kobe Bean Bryant. He’s a step slower but he gets to his spots on the floor still, and he hits shots nobody else wants to take.

For the last couple weeks, Pau Gasol has been best Laker going. He is scoring 26 a game and shooting 65 percent in the five previous games leading up to Wednesday. He is boarding. He is defending. He is draining the midrange jumper. He is finding space in the offense. He is looking like one of the best fours on the planet.

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  • Varick Hudson

    I could not have said it any better. This article expresses my sentiments exactly. Now, is the time for our guys to turn it up and FLIP THAT SWITCH!

  • BeYoung

    I can believe people are saying upset. I was watching playoff preview on, and Chris webber and 3-d where saying upset. And how Ron artest cant guard Durant (which may be true). Lakers final 4-1.

  • thanhttrinh

    Orlando in 5 over Cleveclowns AGAIN !

  • Drive4Another1

    Isn’t it funny how one of you Cleveland (or Boston for that matter) assclowns, especially you, come to this site and post your trash??? None of us Laker fans for sure don’t waste our time visiting the ‘Cleveclowns’ site…yes ‘Cleveclowns’ site…and btw change your name to ‘Bozo’…GOOD LUCK

  • Laker4 Life

    If Kobe gets his shooting touch back, artest plays d, and gasol and bynum dominate in the paint the Lakers will for sure repeat, but it is going to be a tough road to the finals.