Very interesting stat. Maybe this is some the Lakers should control during the playoffs, right? Sound-off! The Lakers are a more consistent offensive team. When you’ve got the weapons they have, you’re not going to have too many off nights. Only twice have they really laid an egg offensively: in Miami on Dec. 19 and in Denver on Feb. 27. But defensively, the Lakers have had some struggles, most recently in Portland on March 9.

Fouls tend to be an issue for L.A. In the Lakers’ 56 wins, their opponents have attempted just 23.4 free throws per 100 possessions. And in their 14 losses, their opponents have attempted 32.1. Further, the Lakers are 12-12 when they commit 23 fouls or more and they’re 44-2 when they commit 22 fouls or less.

  • Imadogg

    Tell me you posted this cuz I pointed it out

  • LakerPoetBR

    Guys, this is basketball 101… If you don’t get the
    other team on the line, they don’t get the easy hoop.
    If you don’t fall other guys you open space for more
    perimiter D.

  • kb24bestever

    i was bout to say this yesterday in a comment but then i was like forget they’ll probably have it by tommorow.

  • lafanfromindiana

    I just heard that if we score more points than the other team, we are 100% likely to win the game. That is interesting.

  • sketch

    totally obscure factoid! and the Lakers are also UNDEFEATED when they outscore their opponents!