Drew and Pau are out tonight, as well.

50366133L.A. Times: Because the healing process has been slow, Lakers center Andrew Bynum and forward Pau Gasol will miss another game.

Neither was able to practice Saturday and neither will play tonight when the Lakers face the struggling New Orleans Hornets at Staples Center.

Bynum will miss his second consecutive game because of a strained right elbow.

Gasol will miss his seventh consecutive game because of a strained right hamstring.

“Hopefully, I can make it back by Thursday,” Bynum said. “It’s just a waiting game, really. I don’t know, man. Just doing some treatment, doing a little bit of things, but it’s basically got to heal up.”

Bynum said that pain in his triceps is the issue, and because of that, he’s unable to use his forearm to hold off an opponent by using the arm to push out.

“I can come in real fast, but just to go out [is a problem],” Bynum said. “But that’s my ‘hold’ position. I’ve got to box out. I’ve got to push people. I’ve got to do all that stuff.”

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  • Eidraq

    it’s better that they both come back fully healthy, no worries for now. as long as they are back by december

  • http://www.ld2k.com Chris Manning

    Yes, and if the Lakers can hold it down tonight, they will have four days until the next games (well three, off, technically).

    I can see one, if not both, coming back Thursday vs. Phx.

  • WifelovesLuke

    Phoenix was my second favorite team in the NBA this past week for giving the Celdicks their first loss. Way to represent the West, Suns.

    Now it’s time to put you in your place Thursday.

    1-2-3 Rings!!!

  • desecrator93

    Great, this is all we need, early signs of things to come. Injuries are already recking our team and we cant have Kobe carrying us like this night and night out since its bad for the long term. This is the 31 year old Kobe, not the 27 year old Kobe. Our bench HAS to step up or Mitch needs to make a trade. THis is why some of you guys should stop being so cocky sayin, “WERE UNSTOPPABLE!!! REPEAT!!!”. God, just stfu and enjoy the season and stop thinking about winning a title every f*ckn year. The chances of winning a title are very low anyway so dont expect us to. ALOT has to go right to win a championship anyway. Just enjoy the regular season please. :)

    • Sean All Ivy

      Terrible post. We are fans, we love this team, we expect championships every year. You should go root for the Clippers.

      • desecrator93

        If you expect a championship every single year or consider the year a bust, then your gonna be dissapointed more often than not. Just enjoy the season at see how far a team can go. We truly are a spoiled bunch of fans.

      • desecrator93

        “Expectations rarely become reality.”

        • Sean All Ivy

          This is exactly why you should be a Clipper fan.

          • desecrator93

            just layin down the facts. If you expect a title every during every season then you’ve lost touch with reality. PEACE!!

  • http://twitter.com/nugge7 Jaime Quintanilla

    Would have been nice to have them back today, but it’s really early in the season. No worries here.

  • kb24mamba4ever

    i completely agree that it’s better if they take their time so both Pau and Drew come back healthy…..

    but i’m actually going to the game tonight at Staples, and i was kinda hoping i’d at least get to see Pau. :)

    oh well. it’ll be fun to see if my Lakers can pull off the victory against Chris Paul (and his supporting cast of zombies on the Hornets)

    hopefully Kobe goes off for 50 :D

  • JV

    Drew is really becoming a hassle for the Lakers, how many games has be missed compared to played in? Is he really worth all the trouble, he is so young and has already been injury prone.

    • Sean All Ivy

      Sounds like you haven’t played sports before. All of his injuries have been caused by other players, unlike Yao or Oden who have gotten hurt just doing basic athletic movements. You cannot control somebody falling into your knees, like Lamar and Kobe have done to Andrew the last 2 years. And you can’t control how an opponent torques your elbow, like Hayes did to Andrew last week.

      • JV

        oh please come on I played football, basketball and baseball in High school and Basketball in college so don’t come at me with that! Just because you have you picture with Kobe doesn’t make you a basketball genius, you expect a championship every year! HAHA obviously you haven’t ever heard of rebuilding years. What I meant was are they wasting their time putting all this effort for Drew being that he has been injured so much down the road he has a better chance to injure the same parts of his body.

        • mikeisabeast

          wow im really starting to get pissed off at people blaming bynum for injuries that he doesnt even cause, he was freakin assualted the rocket game and all he got were 2 free throws. some people who call themeselves fans seem more like haters, o well bynum will become an all star this year.

  • lainok

    bynum getting hurt all the time is irritating, but that’s what happens to the big centers. The only exception is Dwight Howard, because he is a physical freak of nature. But bynum is the only guy in the league that even comes close to playing as well as Howard. So yes, he is worth the hassle.

  • shannon4mvp

    I think bynums a lil lazy too he hardly tries to dunk the ball he needs to more like dwight howard and learn how to take sum hits too. but honestly when i saw hayes hit em like that it pissed me off, that was unnecessary how he swung like that, but the real question now is that everytime sumone wins a championship injuries always follow the next year like the celdicks last year, is it possible that its happening to us now?

    • WifelovesLuke

      Shannon, Drew is beating his competition down the court every game he’s played this year. That’s not being lazy. BTW, I don’t believe he’ll ever be the kind of freak of nature Howard is. Not after having a serious injury to each knee. Hell, I would argue that Drew is going to have a better career than Howard because of all the low post, elbow and outside shots that he makes as opposed to a thunderous dunk by Howard. Sure…..Howard looks more impressive, but I’ll take Drew’s 20 and 10 any day of the week over a thuderous dunk.

      1-2-3 Ring!!!

      • desecrator93

        great points man. Id rather have a true, low post center who you can drop the ball down to for a bucket late in the game, than a guy who can only score by dunking mostly.

        • p a

          Lakers use to have a center whose only move was a dunk. LA won 3 rings with him.

      • Sean All Ivy

        Def a good point. His offensive repertoire is much better than Dwights.

  • shannon4mvp

    Ya i have to agree with u guys cause i wuld take 20 and 10 anyday too, but im just sayin that its hard to see the guy get hurt everytime so thats y im sayin that, are the injuries gonan stop us tryin to win anopthr ring this year, cause i dont want wat happenend to celticks happen to us. I might be goin overboard but now i just cant wait to get the guys back in lineup to play phoenix they are 6-1, we gotta beat them. Go lakers!!!!!!!!

  • Lakerfan123

    Why is everyone so worried about bynum when we have a guy like Pau thats hurt. Hamsting injuries are bad and they take a long time to heal. Andrew will be back by Thursday. Pau on the other hand i think is out for another week or so.
    As long as we have one of them, considering the schedule we have for November we will be fine. One game at the time guys its nice to think about repeating and i think we have a great chance but thats 6 or 7 months away and how can u really predict whats gonna happen then. As far as Bynum i think if he stays healthy he is a all star this year. But i think he needs 1 more year of playing to really become the center we all imagine he would be. he still looks a little lost at times on defense and offense.(more on defense thou). and hes not jumping well or high enough in my opinion.
    Go Lakers