Dwight Howard wants out of Orlando; that’s pretty obvious.

He’s probably not conscious of it but quotes from Howard over the last year or so can allow us to safely assume what teams he would allow a trade to.

Howard was asked whether he sees himself playing in a much larger market back in October.

“There’s more you can do in a bigger place,” Howard answered, according to Esquire.

So let’s assume he wants to go to a big market and to a franchise that is in a position to win an NBA championship.

Those two “demands” take a lot of the 30 NBA teams out of the running for Howard’s services.

The top three markets are, of course, New York, Los Angeles and Chicago. So let’s put the Knicks, Lakers, Clippers, Nets, and Bulls in contention.

Chicago is interesting as they could potentially package Carlos Boozer, Taj Gibson and first round draft picks for Howard. In regards to the Clippers, it’s simple. If Howard is coming to LA, it is not to play for the Lakers’ little brother.

You could throw Miami and Boston in. However, those two teams have no trade pieces unless Miami wants to break up James, Wade and Bosh after one season.

Orlando won’t want any of the aging three up in Boston. Rondo could be packaged, but it’s hard for me to believe Howard would want to go to the Celtics when their championship window is closing rapidly.

Dallas, although they won the championship, doesn’t have many pieces to trade either. The Mavs won’t give up Dirk who was surrounded by a bunch of above average veterans last year in Kidd, Terry, Chandler, etc.

The New Jersey/Brooklyn Nets are a viable candidate. Rumors had Brook Lopez and two first round picks being offered for the services of Howard.

However, that rumor was quickly shot down by Nets general manager Billy King, who said he hasn’t talked to the Magic about a trade since February.

Even if the trade went through, can Howard and Deron Williams win a championship together? Does that give Howard the best opportunity to win?

I think not.

In my opinion, this really comes down to two teams.

The New York Knicks and the Los Angeles Lakers

The Lakers and the Knicks are two of the rare teams that have the ability to trade a star or stars for Orlando’s superstar.

The Knicks can offer Amare Stoudamire and fillers to be able to pair up Melo with Howard, a traditional big man that controls the paint rather then a big man that plays the wing.

The Magic got nothing in return for Shaq in 1996 and they know they have to get someone notable in return this time around. A player like Stoudemire would still be a piece to build around and get people in the seats at Amway arena.

Finally, the Lakers.

It seems the best bet for Orlando would be to get a young center they can possibly build around in Andrew Bynum, and a 6th man of the year and all-star caliber player in Lamar Odom.

Also lets not forget what Howard said on All-Star Weekend when he was asked by a reporter who the one player he would like to play with is.

 Number 24, Kobe Bryant,” Howard said without hesitation.

Howard has the personality for Hollywood and can be a main attraction for the Lakers after Kobe decides to hang it up.

There are a couple reasons why this would benefit the Lakers.

1.) Kobe is in the latter part of his career and the Lakers need to start looking at the future. Howard is someone you can build around in the following years and give more offensive control to, as Kobe gets older.

2.) Andrew Bynum is a mess. He has had multiple knee and foot injuries and cannot stay on the floor. If Orlando actually thinks he can turn his career around and help them in the future, then more power to them.

I think you must get something for Bynum now. He is one more injury away from being completely worthless and un-tradable. The 24 year old has missed 47% of his regular season games in the last four years.

The negative?

This would put the Lakers in a very tough financial situation where they would have to pay a lot of luxury tax over the next few years with Gasol, Bryant, and Howard under contract.

But who cares?

The Lakers will be making $150 million per year on their television contract with Time Warner alone. Factor in tickets, jersey sales, and concessions, and the Busses have enough money to pay the steep luxury tax recently put in with the new CBA agreement.

Or they can play it safe and work towards staying under the cap.

But when have the Lakers ever played it safe?

David Brickley is the host of the Voice of the Nation, and a columnist for LakerNation.com – Follow him on Twitter

  • Margarita Mitchell

    Maybe Bynum will be better off away from the Lakers. The Lakers after Kobe will not win anymore championships and might not win any while Kobe is still their. Bynum might be better off on a young team that will win before the Lakers win again. Lamar Odom and Bynum for Howard what a deal for Orlando,  Get a good point guard and the Magic will be rolling. Make the trade Lakers.

    • Retardforjoiningarmy

      the magic have literally a 2% chance to win now with the best big man in the nba, so how the hell wud odom and bynum put the magic over the top? use ur damn brain

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_DX2L4BAEZEK2FDR7AG573N66YY Ronald M

        You answered the question about Dwight the magic has 2% chance with Dwight don’t sound like a player i want with Kobe decline coming real fast. What happens in 2 years when Kobe gets defeated by fathertime it’s around the corner. Dwight is glitter (fools gold) Bynum will go to Orlando and become a better player because he will get a chance he never had with the Lakers. One thing I notice about most Laker fans is their blind hate for Bynum has clouded their minds they talk about Bynum like he has no skills. THEY ARE WRONG!

        • RealDoc

          bynum ya he cool…but hes been injured half his time in la..his skills arent as good as howards if so he wouldnt be trade bait..kobe on the decline is better then all of orlando pg put together

          • agent pau;

            They are both great players the difference is in their mind set, howards has great defensive skills while bynum has great offensive skills. Bynum will flourish in orlando because he will be the primary option in their offense likewise howard will easily compliment the offensive skills of gasol when kobe retires.

          • agent paul

            it will be a win-win situation for both teams, one will fill the gaping hole in their offense while the other will help in their defense, rebounding and blocking shots which Gasol has difficulty doing.

    • Anonymous

      I get the feeling that white powder you were putting in your coffee this morning wasn’t creamer like you thought it was, Margarita. This may not be a trade I like a whole bunch, but either way, to say the Magic will win before the Lakers while they still have Kobe? I’d go get a tox screen.

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_DX2L4BAEZEK2FDR7AG573N66YY Ronald M

        You need to get the hell away from me.I can say anything I want, the hell with you clown!

        • Anonymous

          What? Who are you? I never said anything to you, unless Margarita is your drag name. And what are you saying anyway? You can say whatever you want but I should not say anything about what you said? Since when is freedom of speech your exclusive right?
          From the iPod of
          Graham Thordarson
          PO Box EE-16587
          Nassau, Bahamas

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_BZQEKG5PW2SSHQT2LZXCIHWSBI Cliff Kim

    It’s a solid deal for both teams.  But it’s not a well kept secret that Bynum is injury prone, that’s the problem.  Orlando has 1 shot to get it right, and they’re gonna wait as long as they can to get the absolute best possible deal for their team, not for Dwight Howard’s sake.  But really, it doesn’t get any better than two all-star level front court guys.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_BZQEKG5PW2SSHQT2LZXCIHWSBI Cliff Kim

    It’s a solid deal for both teams.  But it’s not a well kept secret that Bynum is injury prone, that’s the problem.  Orlando has 1 shot to get it right, and they’re gonna wait as long as they can to get the absolute best possible deal for their team, not for Dwight Howard’s sake.  But really, it doesn’t get any better than two all-star level front court guys.

    • Cchaparro42

      the shot is over after this year 

  • Gq_the_one

    Take Howard!

  • Guest

    I don’t like how you excluded so many teams. I’m a diehard Laker fan but I can easily see Dwight going to the Clippers and Nets. Also, I highly doubt the Knicks will trade Amare, even if Dwight is an upgrade. They would rather wait it out and try to land him or CP3 during free agency.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_DX2L4BAEZEK2FDR7AG573N66YY Ronald M

      The Lakers have no players, Other teams have players. Lamar gone, Pau on his way out, Bynum on his way out. Just for SUPERMAN what a high price.

  • Eidraq

    Get Howard!!!

  • RioRondo

    It don’t matter who you bring in.  You have to get rid of Kobe.  He is washed up!!!

    • Westwestup

      He is a washed as your mama after a long night of sex at the beach

      • Hakoparutyunyan23

        kobes washed up that why hes still the best player in the NBA lmfao and with all this rest he got watch him beast

    • mexicanmamba

      dog u bettr shut the hell up!

    • Chino7779

      your just a kobe hater period

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_DX2L4BAEZEK2FDR7AG573N66YY Ronald M

      Howard could not bring Orlando to the Championship he won’t bring Los Angeles one either!


    Yes, New Jersey wants Howard and so do everyone else but the problem is when the time comes to RESIGN him.  Are they going to give up all those pieces that will make a DHoward trade for only one year of service?  This is why the Lakers are pretty much in the driver’s seat when it comes to teams that CAN obtain him.  He wants big market = Lakers, championship caliber team = Lakers, play w/ #24 (he stated in the allstar game) = Lakers. 

    Orlando, go ahead and just make the trade.  You will lose him either way, might as well get a couple of great starters in return.  We will get him sooner or later wait and see.

  • Kevin

    please please Jim Buss make the trade. He will be your future after Kobe retired

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_DX2L4BAEZEK2FDR7AG573N66YY Ronald M

      Yea he will make the Lakers the new Magic!

  • MannyPacquiao

    this trade has to happen as soon as possible. better before the preseason starts that way Howard has a feel for the team and the new coach. if Mitch pulls this one off, this will be his best trade ever made. nuff said.

  • Anonymous

    buss get dwight nuff said

  • superman-for-dwight-howard
  • Anonymous


  • PauLAsol

    Do it Mitch!!!

  • John

    One trade scenario the Lakers can Magic do is this:

    Lakers get:
    – Dwight Howard
    – J.J Redick

    Magic get:
    – Andrew Bynum
    – Luke Walton
    – 1st round draft pick for 2012 NBA Draft

    How it will help the Lakers: This will fulfill some needs of the Lakers such as a defensive presence down in the paint and outside shooting. Howard will make life difficult for teams who like to penetrate, and the Lakers will be the best defensive team in the league. Also, since Brown is leaving, Redick can bring in the outside shooting the Lakers were missing in the playoffs. Sure he’s not a defensive player, but his consistency in shooting is what the Lakers need right now. His defense will just have to develop over time under Mike Brown’s defensive strategies.

    How it will help the Magic: The Magic will be able to build around a young center who will finally bloom under new management. Bynum has been held back for a good three years now because of Kobe Bryant and Pau Gasol’s tandem. As he enters his prime, expect him to be a consistent 20-10 guy. He is no doubt the second best pure center in the league hands down. This new team will allow him to finally reach his full potential, and the organization can build around him. Walton’s contract on the other hand can be waived to help the Magic cut some money off their payroll, and the draft pick is a great investment in the future.

    • Dkmsd

      lol, the Magic would certainly give us Turkoglu because of his contract and we’d have to give up Odom, not luke.

      you people are ridiculous

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_DX2L4BAEZEK2FDR7AG573N66YY Ronald M

      Orlando don’t want the Lakers trash! The Lakers is in love with Howard not the other way around. When you love something like the Lakers and their fans do Lakers need to come up with something better then Luke!

  • danix

    trade gasol,world peace,odom and bynum..get CP3 and SUPERMAN..Type your comment here.

  • Shaw

    “Dwight Howard wants out of Orlando; that’s pretty obvious.”
    no it isn’t.  He hasn’t expressed an interest in leaving yet.

    • Daf

      you stupid fuck.

  • Hahlala

    you already said why Orlando will not get Bynum

  • http://twitter.com/LakersDailyNews LaLakersDailyNews

    We wait for you “Superman” <3

  • NK


  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_DX2L4BAEZEK2FDR7AG573N66YY Ronald M

    You can have Superman if you give Orlando Bynum and Pau!

  • Kobe