The rich history of the Lakers is too hard to ignore.

L.A. Times: The Lakers rank 49th on Forbes’ list of the world’s most valuable teams, according to figures released Wednesday. That same lists ranks Kobe Bryant as the third highest-paid athlete in the world at $48 million, which covers his salary and endorsement deals. And partly thanks to the Lakers’ second consecutive championship, Forbes also says Staples Center remained the most profitable sports venue in the U.S.


    top 50….what the hell!..should be top 2 at least

    • Junya10

      Hell no. Not with teams like Manchester United!

    • richard

      lakers is big in nba, but basketball is still drop in the bucket consider some of the top soccer team, which spend close or over 200 million team salary.

  • hehatemealot

    Kobe ranked third? Who the fck gets paid more than him? Lakers 49th. U are telling me theres 48 more valuable teams? I doubt that. Lakers are the No.1 NBA team. Lakers are the NBA.

    • richard

      is out of all sport team not just nba, nfl, mlb and soccer had more revenue team since they play more games and has higher salary player, example lakers only had 1 guy paid moer than 20mil (kobe) yankee is like 3.

      • hehatemealot

        I don’t need to be corrected moron. What I’m trying to say is that it’s hard to believe because the Laker brand is known all over the world.

  • Mike

    Kobe is doing well to even be ahead of Phil Mickelson. Tiger by far is making the most money and will probably continue to do so. Kobe’s shoes and jerseys don’t even touch all the money Tiger makes for Nike (he IS the Nike golf brand).

    The Lakers are nowhere near the top of the football teams (American AND European) in terms of revenue and fan base. The NFL remains #1 by far. The Lakers are clearly tops in the NBA, which isn’t saying much compared to NFL teams that make more money on TV, ticket sales, and merchandise, some with payrolls less than that of the Lakers (actually most of them when taking into account the 30 million paid by the Lakers in luxury tax).

  • jayo

    remember that the nba (lakers) makes chump change compared to all 32 NFL teams. thats 32 give or take another 5-7 in the mlb (Yankees, Biotch sox, Dodgers) to name a few and then another 5-7 FC in Europe so yea the Lakers being 49 is just about right. The biggest factor is that those leagues have staidiums that regularly fit 40,000 plus and thats being less than generous. For the a team that can only house about 18,000 fans into their arena the Lakers look great right now.