The moral of this story: you can’t say they didn’t try. Problem is trying is one thing, completing a deal is another. West completed deals, post-West, they’ve “tried.” Remember Kupchak’s words of wis-dumb, “there is no magical wand you can wave.”

dumbdummer.jpgNY Daily News: Kevin Garnett’s deal with Boston includes a five-year, $105 million extension, according to sources, which means that over his career Garnett has signed three separate contracts worth $100-plus million.

It’s also bad news for both the Knicks and Nets, two Atlantic Division teams that have coveted Garnett for years.

Dallas, Chicago, Cleveland and the Lakers all made last-ditch efforts to acquire Garnett before losing out to Boston. The Knicks were told last month that they didn’t have the assets to land Garnett, which has to be a bitter pill for Thomas to swallow.

It also didn’t hurt the Celtics that Danny Ainge and Kevin McHale have been boys for years. The joke among league GM’s is that McHale only talks to two or three executives and in fact this is the second major deal McHale has orchestrated with his old team.

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  • cyrus

    Lovely Photos. It should stay as permanent mark on the site. Just lovely. Hahahahaha

  • nyla

    Can you add Jim Buss to that picture?

    By the way thanks for the laugh. haha I needed it.

  • Faith

    Which one is which? LOL

    I guess KG is all about the money then. 3 deals with 100 million, ka-ching!

  • rasarx

    I love the dumb and dumber poster. It says it all: the playboy owner who once was lucky enough to have landed a vast pool of talent but squandered away, and the general manager who was the joke of the entire league, who was at the wrong end such a destructive trade it continues to hamper the ability of the team to improve. Don’t anyone let this sucker forget the deal that became the ruin of the Lakers:
    Gave up Shaq for???
    Odom? hasn’t worked out, his long and large contract continues to weigh down the team which is stuck with him and his hefty salary for another 2 years.

    Caron Butler? Gone!

    Brian Grant? Played a few games, didn’t contribute, was injured for a while, had another bloated, destructive contract, was waived after the team swallowed the rest of his contract (what was it, 30 million?)

    Hey, Kupchak, what exactly have you accomplished on this job, other than signing left over, unwanted, no-name players? Oh yeah, Karl Malone and Gary Peyton… But if they ended up here it was because they were looking for a championship, not because you landed them… and we all know how well that turned out.

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  • lakerfan81

    You can not blame Kupchak for not getting Garnett. The lakers simply did not have the pieces to outbid Boston. You can blame him for other things but not for that. The reason they were able to get Allen and Garnett is because they have been a lottery team for a few years and were able to get players like Jefferson, and Green and they had the #5 pcik this year because Pierce was injured half of the season. If kobe had gotten injured and the Lakers only won 30 games and had gotten the # five pick they probably could have gotten Garnett with a package of Brown, Bynum, #5 Sasha filler another 1st round pick or two.