Found this piece from an AZ article this morning. Suns may be on the “brink,” hmm…

AZ Central: The Lakers always seem to find a way of landing a great big man just when the Suns are on the brink.

The Suns are on the brink. They can’t risk Garnett falling into the clutches of their nemesis.

  • lakerfan81

    There is no way that minny is trading KG to the suns unless they get Amare in return. Thats a big risk to take especially for a new GM. If he makes the trade and it doesn’t work out he basically loses his job in the first year. That is why KG is not going to the suns.

  • hahahaha

    garnett betta not go to the suns or u can say bye bye to the lakers and kobe….sad but true

  • gcdeen

    Phoenix won’t give up Amare, Minn doesn’t want the Matrix. No trade w/ Phoenix going down.

    By the way, as for the Lakers always landing the big player, that was in the Jerry West days, not under Mitch.

  • DeepFrost

    I smell trouble for Stevie & Co… tha Wolf’s in da Laker building))…

  • Rpoc

    The Suns are always in the way.

  • RoeBoat

    Lakers are fine its all going to workout.Kobe didn’t do all this screaming for nothing he did it to get players that can win.Getting Kg now can be a good thing but with the Kapono talks Head and Maybe Wells and the Jo trade will get done.Steve Blake and the MLE.We are fine.Besides Kg next year is better than Kg now only because we have more options now and next year.Kg, Elton Brand, Arenas all free agency.And if Kobe does get traded we still be fine because the bulls have the best young squad. I love what were about to do so just watch the magic in these years to come.With or with out kobe we are in good shape.I would love for Kobe to stay I look at a you tube highlight and fill so bad that he wants the trade but it is for a reason.Regardless Lakers for life.

  • lakersforlife77

    If kerr trades amare for garnett he is an idiot.

  • http://thrrhtrh joge

    if kerr trades amare for garnett the suns wont be as good they wont be as much as a run and gun.Trade garnett to lakers for odom brown bynum and 1st round pick and we would get garnett and a good Pg at hudson. LAKERS4life

  • lakercali

    The Lake show Should just trade Kobe to the bulls For Deng and Gordon.Then they will have young talent to build around Bynum Who will be a star center in the near future.

  • BoladePendejos

    Attn Phx: You are officially on notice.
    As for you S.A. Spurs:

    Your “4 wins in 9 years crap” is about to be over.

  • Fred A.

    The Lakers are real idiots to trade Kobe.
    Kobe is Laker and Kobe is NBA.
    So make Kobe happy in a terse way!!!!!!!