L.A. Times: The Lakers and their 2007 second-round draft pick Sun Yue agreed to terms on a contract, the team announced.

Lakers spokesman John Black said today that the deal could be formally signed within the next few days.

Last season, Yue played with Aoshen, a Beijing club team, and with the Chinese national team.

On Sunday, Yue will play alongside Houston Rockets center Yao Ming for the Chinese team against the United States and Kobe Bryant in the Olympic opener in Beijing.

The 6-foot-9 Yue has traditionally played point guard, but Black said the Lakers would primarily use him as a shooting guard.

“For us, he probably would play more at the two-guard simply because that’s a less crowded spot for us,” Black said. “The only two-guards we have are Kobe Bryant and Sasha Vujacic. Even though his most natural position is point guard, we’re a little crowded there.”
Black said Yue’s height could allow him to play small forward, but Yue would be facing a crowded position there as well.

The Lakers have yet to sign their lone selection from this year’s draft, Kentucky guard Joe Crawford, a second-round pick. Black said the team planned to sign Crawford before training camp.

Black said the Lakers had not decided whether they would pick up a team option on guard Coby Karl for the 2008-09 season.

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  • VoiceofReason

    cant wait

  • Mitch4Pres

    im excited. anyone know how old he is?




  • goodfella

    have you seen this kid’s highlights, the kid can play? all the lakers needed on their roster was a side order of chinese, our United Nations team is complete. Go Lakers!!

  • varsityoptimism

    another laker olympian!

    hell yes!

  • sammie

    this guy is going to be OUR very own yao ming! hahaha!

  • ab4sure

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    Let me speak for many in lakernation and say THANK YOU. I wish many others here on this site be so bold.

  • The Someoneator

    Hell yeah! I hope our future will be Pg Farmar Sg Sasha Sf Yue Pf ? C Bynum. This was good becaz we really needed a guy that can play like 4 positions or even 5! This is one of our best off season things to do. Get a guy that the lakers know that developed!

  • ricky

    the lakers have really been making some solid off-season moves for the past 2-3 seasons and also the patience has been paying off. no one expected us to get as far as the finals this past season, so now its up to us to keep our promise and get there again this season. the only unfortunate thing i can really point out is that we couldn’t match the offer for turiaf. as much as i loved his energy, defense, and his overall personality, mitch cleary made the right move to let him leave due to our financial problem and the fact that ronny would have only played 10-15 mins a night off the bench and the money he was offered did not justify it.

    now our roster is little by little shaping up to be a solid one, but we still need a backup F/C to offset the loss of ronny’s presence. i really do hope mitch looks into signing ex-clipper josh powell because he had similar numbers to ronny last season and they are about the same type of player. or we can look to sign one of our nbld players, elton brown, who seems like a big, solid body at 6’9 250 who can surely rebound the ball well.

    the lakers are becoming one of the more culturally diverse teams in the nba. we have an international team right here in LA.

  • maccassedy

    crawford or coby? should we trade coby 4 cash 2 DEN? huh?

  • maccassedy

    wish we cud trade luke or vlad

  • jamaicans-for-KOBE

    welcome welcome welcome..
    Starter? who comes off the bench??
    October pls come…

  • maccassedy

    we need another big haslem? they r lookin 2 trade him..or should we juss sign elton brown or mata they r cheaper..we need a PF replace turiaf hopefully Chris can b da old Chris n stay injured free..knock down open 15 footers n dunk on ppl n dat hook shot

  • yellowpurplefever

    Great news, he’s one year ahead of schedule. Good work Mitch, now lets work on trading V-lady and Fluke for Rebounder or Defensive players. I know you can do it, one more hat trick pls.

  • LakersFirst

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    Can I request that you stop requesting such ridiculous players like Mikael Pietrus, Gerald Green, Sebastian Telfair, Keyon Dooling, etc, etc, as well?

  • Make a Move, Mitch

    [Comment ID #48351 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Wait, I thought Laker fans also wanna trade Luke.

  • daboss1849

    Great we got another non-black to ride the bench with walton mimh and vlad bring back coby karl and the bench will be complete…

  • ak24

    [Comment ID #48379 Will Be Quoted Here]

    RACIST status?

  • David

    I’m confused. Mitch said earlier that he won’t play on the team till 2009, does this mean he will be on the active roster this year?

  • Lakerfan101


  • 123KID

    dude im excited. hez already versatile with his height and the fact that he has point guard skills. hopefully he adds on to the list of becoming the lakers future success. i cant wait to get a taste of how he plays on sunday.

  • http://www.jamieinsider.com Jamie Spears Insider

    Wow. I get a feeling Coby Karl won’t make it. If he does make it, someone else will be cut before season starts.

  • lakerferlife7

    Aug 8th, 2008 at 9:23 pm
    Great we got another non-black to ride the bench with walton mimh and vlad bring back coby karl and the bench will be complete…

    wtf so are u sayin that all players tath arnt black suck???????????

  • west213

    [Comment ID #48382 Will Be Quoted Here]

    ur dad punk!




    Lakerfirst,I said I WILL NEVER MAKE TRADES DEMANDS AGAIN…unless it’s for VLAD,meaning that I STILL WILL MAKE TRADE DEMAND such as LO for…Kobe for…Bynum for…get my drift..no,well here’s an example,all the players you named that I suggested…GOT TRADED or TAKIN’ BY OTHER TEAMS..all of them,so I made GOOD SUGGESTIONS,it’s just we got beat to the punch…still don’t get it,check it…..

    TRADINGVLAD.com,for this guy….


    R.I.P. BERNIE MAC!!!

  • pio2u


  • domidomdomz

    wow..i just searched sun yue’s videos in youtube.com, and all i can say is whoooooooooooooooooo!

    the guy can block, shoot the 3 and even at the half court, steals well, passes well, dribbles well, blocked melo anthony, dunks and harder than pau..

    He’s only 23 years old..

    have a look lakers nation fans! Welcome Sun Yue!

  • berks24

    7’0″,7’0″,6’10″6’6″6’9″ gess who was the smallest?the greatest of the world(ask beijing)!actually i want an up-grade for the 3 position,either josh smith,or marion but if mitch can’t do it time to move on,and support!this our team,our pride and passion……..lakers will rule……….

  • kb4sure

    sun will be good at sg but better try sometimes to the point,imagine the tallest front court in the nba.im afraid sun can’t play at the pf he can be good in the sg,and pg positon enough to bother ray and rondo on his length.o’pe this will work!

  • lakerfan81

    Sun will get little playing time. Most of the time he will be in the D-league. They are bringing him over for $$$$. Huge marketing with China by having a Chinese player on the team with Kobe who already is hugely popular over there anyways. We will see if he has what it takes to play in the NBA. Most likely he will not be anything more than a decent back up, and it will probably take him year or two to develop into that.

  • LakersFirst

    [Comment ID #48402 Will Be Quoted Here]

    All the players you mentioned, were free agents (i.e. their existing teams didn’t want them).

    Also, when you suggest a trade, it has to make sense for all parties involved, this is called negotiating. For example, why would Milwaukee want Radman who has 3 years and about $19M left on his contract?? This is not in their benefit when the Bucks are a team who has a total player payroll of about $69M, just short of the luxury tax. Taking on Radman $6M per year in exchange for Villanueva’s $3.4M would push them into luxury tax territory. Why would Milwaukee want this?

    Also, its apparent you don’t know the full NBA rules of a trade. When a player gets traded, the team must be getting back at least 75% of the salary being traded. For example, Radman makes $6M next year so the Lakers need to be getting back in trade 75% of that salary. 75% of $6m is $4.5M, so a trade for Radman for Villaneuva straight up wouldn’t work as Villaneuva only makes $3.4M next year. The Lakers would need to take back another $1M. Please learn the rules before you suggest a trade.

  • kobe124

    First Chinese Player in Lakers History. :D
    Here comes the resurrection of the Magic.=D
    ITs time to learn Chinese.

  • http://andrewbynum.com andy bynum


    SG MVP




    miami is the worst scoring team in the league and luke helps the players around him score, so trade him to miami for cash, and first round picks in 2009 and 2011

  • lskerfan567

    finally, hes gonna be a sleeper pick hopefully he have the same kind of impact like manu

  • lskerfan567

    [Comment ID #48371 Will Be Quoted Here]

    i think lakerfirst got his credentials on hating, cause thats all he does, if DCLAKER wont be demanding trades i will, I DEMAND A TRADE FOR CANDACE PARKER

  • zgum

    Sun Yue was impressive vs Team USA….

    To Phil and Magic… Developed this kid ASAP…

  • http://getgarnett Louis

    That’s a great idea. Very Good, Very nice. We needed a power foward for bench.I wouldn’t do any trade demands, but
    I would love to get rid of all the players that we don’t need like luke and vlad.

  • http://TheVerveNerve.com Billy Kupchak

    [Comment ID #48348 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Thanks Jim! :D


    Ickerfan I need you to carry the banner of MAKING EXCELLENT TRADE DEMANDS like we ALWAYS DO!

    You said Josh Childress and where did he go? OVERSEAS! I said Mickael Pietrus and the other names LakerFirst said were ridiculous but ALL OUR PICKS GOT PICKED UP…ALL OF’EM!! So we can’t be that or we’re 2 steps ahead of everyone else when it comes to players that can help us get a ‘CHIP.

    I think some of the guys on this site do HATE the fact that others like Billy Kupchak,Ricky Ickerfan and myself come up with trade demands or just good pick-ups through FREE AGENCY ’cause they can’t muster enough brain cells to figure out that WE NEED HELP,yes Bynum is coming back but my problem is OUR BENCH…it needs improvement,even naysayers have to admit to that.

  • LakersFirst

    [Comment ID #48542 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Quiet little boys. You need to learn how NBA trades are made, instead of suggesting trades that can’t even be made. Make trade requests that are logical (i.e. Realistic).

    DCLaker, with regards to all four of the players that you mentioned, notice how their orginal teams did NOT want them. Pietrus – GSW did not want him, Keyon Dooling – you suggested getting him and getting rid of Farmar, but I showed you Farmar has better numbers, Gerald Green – Dallas only gave him a 1 year deal as his work eithic is questionable. Again, none of their original teams wanted the players you mention, what does that tell you about those players.


    Here we go again…the saga continues…more drama for your mama and so on.

    I told you you can’t help but call ALL my comments interesting or else you wouldn’t reply the way you do.Like I said before ALL MY PICKS went to other teams,really doesn’t matter if those teams didn’t want those players or not…THEY GOT PICKED BY SOMEONE ELSE…THEY HAVE A JOB…and they’re getting P-A-I-D!!! So somebody thought they could add another dimension to their franchise,remember ALL MY PICKS are on respected ball clubs.

    How much are you or I getting paid for our comments…that’s right,NUTHIN’!