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Those who adore “The Machine” might be in for a heartbreaker. Yahoo’s Adrian Wojnarowski confirms that the Lakers, Nets, and Rockets have agreed in principle to a trade that will send the long time Lakers guard to New Jersey.

The details still remain a bit gray; salaries don’t completely add up yet — but the reported trade will swap Vujacic for 35-year-old NBA veteran, Joe Smith. Houston is reported to be receiving Nets’ guard, Terrence Williams; New Jersey will receive Vujacic and a (Lakers) first-round draft pick.

The deal can’t be finalized until Wednesday, December 15th; because Joe Smith was a free agent signing.

Sasha Vujacic is owed $5.5 million this season. With his minimized role, the Lakers have been eager to trade him for some time now.

We’ll update you with more information as it comes in.

Do you like the Sasha Vujacic for Joe Smith deal?

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  • Danny

    Sounds Like a Good Trade, Wasent gunna do much here anymore anyyway.

  • Dragon

    Really…? Our team is already ancient in NBA standards, and you trade away a draft pick for a player that will be obsolete in one or two years?

    • kobe4ever

      It was a salary dump man. Come on, it saved us $9 Million this year and our we get low draft picks because we’re so good. And plus, Joe Smith gives us some depth, even though he sucks. He’s better than Caracter and can provide minutes, IF bynum goes down again and Ratliff is out for a longer period of time.

  • gus26

    joe is 35 and averaging .8 ppg and .5rpg…
    but he makes a little over 800,000
    so this is the same thing like trading a player for a “conditional 2nd round pick” pretty much a salary dump…
    but i hate that we gave up a 1st round pick to do it.. on the positive THAT pick along with the one from HOU might end up sending melo to the eastern conference…

    now lets count the “good now trade luke” comments…

    • cliff

      Impossible to trade that contract. Skill to Contract ratio has to be one of the top 5 worst deals right now.

  • David

    Luke goes only when Jackson is gone….

  • kkk

    Sasha can party it up in Jersey with Farmar now!

  • trippleoccho

    Joe Smith? He’s just gonna sit on the bench and do absolutely nothing. And we give up a 1st rounder too? Damn.

    • lfjalf

      we saved 9 mil in cap space so it did us good considering sasha wasn’t in the rotation this year

  • retarded

    Stupid trade we should wait for a better opportunity we pulled the trigger to quick. I’d rather have a first round pick for the Lakers and Sasha’s expiring contract would be attractive for many teams in the future.

    • hey

      Nobody wanted to tinker with that idea at the beginning of the year and no one wants it now.

      • kobe4ever

        Yeah man, nobody wanted Sasha’s crappy contract…unless it was in exchange for another crappy long term contract, which we definitely wouldn’t have wanted. We’re way over the luxury tax.

  • 3StarAndTheSun

    Sasha and 1st Round Draft Pick? That’s gonna be a JOKE!

  • Laker4Life

    As much as I wanted Sasha to be traded, this was the worst trade the lakers have made. Joe Smith has like 1 or 2 years before he will retire. I don’t understand why they were in a hurry.

    • hey

      You’re the worst trade the Lakers have made.

      • ilikebasketball


      • cliff

        LOL. excellent.

    • kobe4ever

      We gave up a number 1 because the Lakers have been trying to trade away Sasha since last year and there were absolutely no takers. This was the only way it would’ve happened, Mitch has tried, he knows what he’s doing bro. Plus, the longer we had Vujacic, the more we’d have to pay him. The faster we trade him, the less we pay him because it’s progressive payments not one lump sum. Come on man, do some research bro.

  • Gugy

    Adios Sasha!
    This trade is salary dump guys. Yeah Joe Smith won’t do much but he is sooooooo much cheaper than freaking Vujacic.

  • Adrian Guergio

    thats cool!

  • team_me

    man i would of love if we got terennce williams but oh well it would of been nice.! but adios vuja wish u luck.!

  • team_me

    n the nets aint gonna get melo he goin 2 the knicks he fits better wit them but jus make the west weaker 4 the lakers n make the east beat themselves up be4 the finals.!

  • Matt

    This is a good trade and just get all this trash out of here and please get rid off Luke Walton.

  • trade luke too


    • trade luke too

      thats lay-ups! self correction

  • maxkobe

    men!!!!!!!! thats stupid i know SASHA is mierda but joe is worse

  • mikeeeeeeeeee

    Stupid trade…. poor timing with bynum coming back, I’d rather see Caracter get the garbage minutes than Joe Smith

    • kobe4ever

      Dude, it was about saving $9 mill! The longer we have vujacic who’s just riding the pine, the more we’d have to pay him. Come on man, Lakers have been trying for months. What’s up with these Laker “fans”? Understand the logistics bro, no wonder why other fans call us “faker” fans.

  • LakersFirst

    You people who say this is a stupid trade fail to realize that the Lakers did this to dump Sasha’s $5M salary + $5M in luxury taxes (total of $10M) for a 6’10 PF in Joe Smith who only makes $1.3M + $1.3M in luxury tax ($2.6M total. This trade saved the Lakers $8M.
    Plus Sasha barely played as the Lakers are stacked at the guard position. The Lakers need another big and get one at a very affordable price.
    In conclusion saves the Lakers $8M dollars plus the Lakers acquired another big.

    • Lakers_The_Truth

      That summarizes all.
      Bye Sasha, you have not done sh-t in the last two years. Pack your bags and go bang Sharapova. You have a good deal there bro.
      Lakers don’t need you.




    I wanna know how “Joe Smith”is going to help us against a team like the Celtics?I think Sasha holds a little more value than”Joe Smith”. a salary dump is cool but if Pau or Drew gets hurt or Lamar for that matter it’s going to rest on Joe Smith?he’s pretty small to be banging with Shaq for a ring.and a draft pick to boot?I hope it’s not true.I hope at-least we have more sense than to do something like that.he’s smaller and more feeble than Theo. whats wrong with Caracter? use him until we find the right big.

    • LakersFirst

      Joe Smith is 6’10. The Lakers needed another big body than Sasha.

      • Showtime4eva

        Yeah if you read my comment it’s obvious I am aware we need a big body an I’ve been in favor of dumping Sasha and his contract. I was just hoping to get someone more true center size. We have plenty 6’10 pf sized guys already.

        • kobe4ever

          We don’t have plenty. When Theo went down all we had was Gasol and Odom with Caracter, Ron, Barnes backing them up. That was not working, we don’t have plenty bro. It just looks better now because we have Bynum, but we technically only had one 6’10 guy (Odom). Now we have Bynum, Gasol, Odom, Smith, and Ratliff when he comes back, but for the past month all we had was Gasol and Odom. Get a clue, three 7 footers and one 6’10 guy, that is not “plenty” of 6’10 guys.

          • SHOWTIME4EVA

            look now! knucklehead!lol ! You get a clue!We have Lamar Odom 6-10,Theo Ratliff 6-10,and Derrick caracter 6-9 who’s been subbing as a big. Bynum 7-0, Gasol where do you get three 7 footers from I don’t know. i’m just saying we have been short handed at the CENTER POSITION. Pau has duties at PF… he is not a center, he’s playing dual positions. Pau has plenty to back up his position as a PF, Bynum has no equal in size to back him up. It would be nice to have someone more of CENTER size to back up Bynum. Smith weighs a mere 225lbs… NOW… before anyone comes to me with a brain-fart, take the time to READ the comments.

  • cool

    LOL @ the idiots in the shout box saying we gave up too much for a one million dollar player!

  • sashasgay

    i wonder if maria sharapova will still marry sasha now?

  • ilikebasketball

    everyone is saying this is bad
    but i liked what i saw of Joe Smith when he was on cleveland….
    and i think Phil and being on the lakers can maybe wake him up, or whats left of him at 35. plus financially it’s great, too.

    and another big man rebounder is never a bad thing. as long as he doesnt foul like a schmuck.

  • poop

    anyone who expects joe smith to make some huge contribution doesn’t know what they’re talking about. he’s an insurance big and nothing more. at least there’s a minimal chance he’ll be needed, because there was ZERO chance sasha could help. that and the salary dump make this a good deal because it’s not like LA would get shyt with a first rounder between ~28-30 or so in one of the weakest drafts in recent memory. it’s practically like dumping an early 2nd rounder

    • kobe4ever

      Finally, someone that understands the logistics of running a basketball team. THANK YOU!

  • Showtime4eva

    Yeah if you read my comment it’s obvious I am aware we need a big body an I’ve been in favor of dumping Sasha and his contract. I was just hoping to get someone more true center size. We have plenty 6’10 pf sized guys already.

  • Chad

    He can be our P. J. Brown

  • jd_bea

    expect the lakers to buy him out if our bigs will be in good health tosave more money.

  • Jack

    For those who are still unclear…
    – Sasha’s contract is in the $5 million range. Since we are over the luxury cap, that’s equivalent of spending around $10-11 million.
    – Smith’s contract is in the $1-ish million range (equivalent to $1-2 million (including tax)
    – Lakers are essentially saving around $9 million
    – Both players have expiring contracts. This gives Lakers flexibility.
    – As far as the first round pick. Lakers will probably end up LATE in the first round if they make it to the NBA finals again. Ebanks and Caracter are promising. I don’t think Lakers want to give out anymore guaranteed 1st round contracts this next off-season.
    – With the new collective bargaining agreement coming up, I highly suspect owners are demanding a stricter cap. and reduction of players salary. Since Lakers already have a number of big contracts, we need as much flexibility as possible. Imagine if they add a heavier luxury tax?

    • Tuna

      You the man!

  • albert

    Good move, saves money, Sasha just sits the bench now Smith will give our bigs more rest 5 to 6 minutes does matter in the long run and we were thin on the front line and we basically gave up a late rd pick that wouldn’t help us win NOW.

  • rhymenoceros

    Also, another part of this is the nearly $5 million trade exception, if the Lakers want to use it.

  • rondo

    Sasha is not a NBA player. He should have been gone 2 years ago. The Nets will get rid of his ass.

  • laker warrior

    Great move finally some sucker will take him,
    You people dont realize that unless the next number one is a magic or jordan lakers are not fooled on some of these dudes coming out.
    Also if your in the top 10 your as good as a number one.
    Sasha was useless,Joe is a safety net for minutes used
    for Pau ,Bynum,Theo. Hes a vetran .
    As for the celtics they have to get bye Atlanta ,Magic,Heat they may not get to the finals.
    This trade is smart from a money point of view.

  • jaydubb415

    People are under-estamatng joe smiths worth he has playoff exsperience he can hit that pick-n-pop jumper he also gives hard fouls n it frees up paper

  • gus26

    i’m laughing at anyone who thinks we’ll actually use joe smith…
    he’ll avg about 2.5 mins a game…
    when ratliff gets back we’ll use him even more…
    this was nothing more than a finanacial salary dump… thats it… we’re not going to use the TPE either… we can’t trade look without taking back some horrible contract…
    lots of people said we couldn’t trade sasha… though and it happened… sooo who knows…
    maybe someone will wante caracter enough that they will take luke… lol… important thing is for bynum to kepp getting healthy and for us to play the way we’re suppose to play…
    go lakers!!

  • xtro

    smith is a veteran and a big body. this trade was done for financial reasons and in anticipation of a finals rematch again with the hated boston celtics. smart trade financially and strategically. ciao macchina.

  • DCLakeshow

    Sorry to see Sasha go. I honestly think I liked him, simply because everyone else hated him. That and for some strange reason I decided to wear his jersey, three years ago at the finals, and he made shots, making me seem like a fortune teller. Sadly…that hasn’t happened since.

    Goodbye Sasha. May you enjoy the married life. Lord knows you won’t enjoy Jersey.

  • gus26

    i’m very satisfied with the trade now… it appears we got a little more than previously reported… we get Joe Smith, Golden State’s second round pick in 2011, Chicago’s second round pick in 2012 and the rights to Ukraine’s Sergei Lishouk.

    • 242LakerFan

      Yep. And if things work out as they should, GS’s 2nd rounder won’t be too far behind our 1st rounder, so that’s not that big a deal. We come out ahead, I’d say.

      • Barracuda

        –Say it ain’t so Joe–

        I believe we also get a 5.6 million trade exception…so if we need to take on a player, as long as they make less than 5.48 million, we can trade the trade exception for them.

        Plus, the Lakers have a great track record with 2nd round picks. And, with all that, Buss saved
        $8/9 million?

        What’s there to complain about?…Nice job, Kudos to Mitch & FO.

        And I don’t think Mitch is done yet!

  • Sasha

    Now that Sasha is gone, when will the Lakers retire his jersey.

    • poop

      it’d be a crime if they didn’t

  • ignard

    Will be Joe Smith’s first legit chance at winning a ring.

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  • Jmann884

    at least joe will be able to play nd he actually kinda better then sasha especially as pg