Chuck Person will be the fourth assistant coach. Thoughts?

L.A. Times: The Lakers made it official on Monday, adding Chuck Person to the coaching staff for next season. It was hardly a surprise, having been previously reported, and represented a logical step considering Person’s big contribution during the season and the playoffs as a special assistant. He also was their Summer League coach in Las Vegas.



  • Junya10

    We were winless in Summer League!!! FML.

  • hjhj

    he is the guy from pacers-pistons brawl right?

  • Trem

    Excellent move. He deserves it.

  • ThEMVP

    Never knew the man, was too young to remember him as a player, but looking at his stats they were very good, he pulled down a ton of rebounds, that’s an additional rebounding mindset that the Lakers are getting- Great get good job Chuck, Lakers

  • rondo

    Chuck was an excellent jump shooter he was called the rifleman. Chuck was a very good player during his time. Nice hire.

  • YO Lakers

    Most likely getting ready for Phil’s retirement and putting the pieces together for Brian Shaw’s staff.

    • gugy

      I like Shaw but his lack of experience coaching creeps me out a bit. I hope he will do well if indeed he becomes Phil’s replacement.

  • Brown Hater

    I gotta agree with Yo Lakers they are probably setting up the new coaching staff for when Phil steps down but still a nice pick up

  • nicholsndimes

    good. i’m totally for this move. provides some continuity for our young players whom he had the chance to coach during summer league. approved.

  • gameplan

    I don’t know if this does effect the team, good thing his just assistant. He can’t even win a single game in summer league and being embarrassed.

  • Get It 2together!

    True that, I have to be honest. I didn’t care if the summer league team win or lose. I wondering if the two rookies were good enough to help the Lakers. If Chuck can help the Lakers shooting or whatever. So be it, he wouldn’t be the one to coach the Lakers next year.

  • rOnIn

    Chuck injured his index finger early in his career and had to learn to shoot the ball with his thumb and the 3 remaining fingers. He earned that “Rifleman” nickname shooting with that style. He was added last season with that skill in mind to work with Kobe and obviously did a great job. We probably owe him this championship. I’m happy he joined the staff

  • Laker s Army

    Chuck THE RIFLE MAN was the one that gave Kobe advice on altering his shots. In the one playoff game theres a clip of him telling him how to handle his freethrow shoting.
    As far as coaching thats Byron Scott job.
    Lakers are just waiting for Phil. Thats why Byron signed a one year option on his job at Clevland.
    Buss family is not ready to give that job to a rookie coach considering where that franchise is at.
    And especiaaly after the tree peat

  • 242LakerFan

    The “Rifleman” moniker came from the fact that he was a shooter who loved to fire it up. “He never saw a shot he wouldn’t take” is a quote I heard a lot about him.
    The reference is to a TV show from the 50’s/60’s called “The Rifleman” starring Chuck Connors (Chuck, get it?) who had actually been an NBA player in the early 50’s for the pre-dynasty Celtics.

  • http://57.amklac laffs atu

    nerd alert!

    • laker warrior

      What we are giving you is facts not fiction, As a laker fan you should know this and want to know these tid bits of info.

    • 242LakerFan

      What, you think I went googling and trawling the internet for this info? No, you whiny little turdnugget, I was there, watching the NBA through the eighties and nineties and right up till now. I watched Chuck’s whole career.
      I’ve been watching the NBA since before you were a little squirt. Too bad the best part of you ended up as a stain on the sheets.
      Here’s laffin atu, kid.

  • Laker s Army

    Yeah tell this twit 242 laker fan laffs atu is a band wagon fan. He cant appricate the fact that you are a knowledgable fan.
    laffs its all good dude people are just trying to educate the dumb sometimes.

  • Laker s Army

    242 is a band of spirit and knowledge. He s always has good insight

  • pio2u

    Congrats to The RIFLEMAN!