A fan on Twitter asked Chris Broussard who Carmelo’s preferences are besides the ones already released and surprisingly, the Lakers came up. Here’s how the talks went.

Chris Broussard: Sources tell me Melo’s first choice still New York Knicks.

Fan: any other teams?

Chris Broussard (replies): Nets, Lakers, Rockets, maybe Bulls. But Knicks definite No. 1 choice.

If a trade was to be worked out, it would include one of the 3 Laker bigs – Lamar, Andrew and Pau. However, the more realistic picture would be the Nuggets going for ‘Drew or Pau since they would decrease the Lakers’ size and add to their own because we all know (as well as the Nuggets do) that they have trouble against the Lakers because of the Lakers’ size advantage.

Although the Knicks are Melo’s No. 1 choice, it’s still fun to see the Lakers come up in the list. We all know it’s a long shot, but it’s still fun to imagine a lineup with Kobe, Melo and Pau.

So guys, would you trade for Melo?

  • Paul Lee

    Yes I would. Kobe Pau and Melo would be a killer lineup. Also would give us another scorer. The deal would have to probably include Artest and sasha expiring contract with Bynum. But if it doesnt happen then its fine. I mean were the 2 time defending champs. If it isnt broke dont fix it

    • keeponkeepinon18

      NO! Lakers would be giving up the one true advantage they have over EVERY team in the league: having a quality front-court made up of two legit (emphasis on “legit”) 7-footers. I agree with you though; until the Lakers obviously/bluntly see a problem with their roster that completely nulls their chances for a 3-peat, this is a blockbuster trade that is not needed.

      • http://lakersground.net lakers4life372417

        “if it aint broke then don’t there’s no need to fix it”

        • http://11/12/1992 VICTOR


          • http://11/12/1992 VICTOR


        • Barry Tyrie

          There’s nothing to break. Bynum hasn’t played. Do the trade!!

  • http://twitter.com/_MIGOS DOMIN8

    Cool 2 imagine the offense on that team frontcourt of anthony, gasol & bynum I knw sharing & enough shots 2 go around but man if it went down & the mamba & melo both came 2 an workable understanding then man o man wooooooow the size up front the versatility who do u limit REALLY WUT DO U DO KOBE CARMELO OR GASOL OR BYNUM

    • http://www.twitter.com/TLN24 Marwan Marzina

      As I said in the article, Bynum or Gasol (or maybe Lamar) would be the main players the Nuggets would go for. They want size to match with us.

      • Kristian

        “However, the more realistic picture would be the Nuggets going for ‘Drew or Pau since they would decrease the Lakers’ size and add to their own because we all know (as well as the Nuggets do) that they have trouble against the Lakers because of the Lakers’ size advantage.”

        Irrelevant. If and when the Nuggets are trading Melo, no matter who they get, they won’t be competing this season of for the next 3 seasons for that matter. I doubt that’s any major concern for the Nuggets.

        • Kristian

          *competing this season OR for the next 3 seasons for that matter. I doubt that’s any major concern for the Nuggets.

  • 242LakerFan

    I don’t give up the size advantage. It’s not as if we’re starving for offense on this team as it is. There’s also a familiarity factor. This is a team with two and a half years together, having just incorporated Ron Artest into the group. Do we need to take the chance on switching out a major part to work in another AND losing a major size advantage? Plus, what does that do to the “toughness” that we will admittedly need to compete with Houston, Portland, Utah, Boston and many of the teams from the eastern Conference?

    • Kristian

      exactly! and it’s the one very clear advantage the Lakers have over the Heat and Thunder.

      • Ms. L

        I agree… Leave the team alone…

        • http://www.richardsonshops.com RockitD

          Amen!!! We don’t need to be Voltron like Miami…we have a great team intact!

          • ricky

            As much as I like Voltron, we don’t need that here in LA. We’re like the Power Rangers, a group of skilled warriors ready to kick butt, who always win in the end, and watch each others backs.

  • Kristian

    No question that Carmelo is a top 10 player in the league, but the Lakers definitely shouldn’t give up size to get him. The Nets (Favors, Murphy, expirings + picks), Clippers (Kaman + picks) and Magic (Carter’s contract {2nd year team option}, Pietrus, Bass, picks + 3mil cash for Melo AND Martin) can offer the Nuggets much better deals anyway. The Lakers aren’t about to trade Pau or Bynum, unless they somehow also got Nene in return, but that’s not happening.

    • Kristian

      *Clippers (Kaman, Gordon + picks)

      • http://www.vidaguerrasbutt.com/vida-guerra-playboy-picture-a_17.html#pic daboss1849

        Your forgetting that Melo is not going to sign an extention unless it’s to a team that he wants to go to. So the clipps and nets are out of the running bc no team is going to give up talent to rent a star for 1 year when he can bolt at the end of the season. If we can get Nene back in return I say bye bye Bynum and artest and get er dun.

  • The artist formally known as Brown Hater

    Yeah it may be fun to think about it but just like the Chris Bosh rumors & the Chris Paul talk it will never happen . We already a have a championship team I say let just run with what we have, we finally a team just as good at the defensive end as they are at the offensive end why mess with it.

  • 242LakerFan

    Off topic, but I just saw an NBA rookie survey and when asked who their fave NBA player was, Kobe won almost 4-1 over LeBonBon.

    • keeponkeepinon18

      Awesome, smart rookie class right there!

  • http://twitter.com/AceFreshh Freshh

    Melo deal is intriguing, although I’m not sure how much interest Denver has.

    The only reason I’ve drifted from Bynum being “untouchable” is because of injuries.
    That causes him to not have that consistent dominance we want, and our hope of being the elite player that he has shown to be has just been riddled with injuries that’s prevented Drew to progressing to that next level.

    Regarding the deal: if you can grab an elite player, a borderline superstar or a superstar for him, you should do it – Still love Drew and he’s one of my favorites on the team. Injuries are holding this guy back big time. But he was instrumental in us winning the last 2.

    All in all I’m an advocate of the trade happening, although idk how much of a possibility it is.

    • LC09

      u and boss both wana trade bynum… while me n 88 wana keep him lol…og members aint on da same page hahaha

      • http://twitter.com/AceFreshh Freshh

        Lol, in the end all the OG’s are together.
        But, if Nuggets actually had interest in doing this, I’d pull the trigger.. but if they didnt, then id b 100% ok w/ the team we have.. we did improve after winning back2back. Like I said, injuries tha only reason that make me reluctant to keep big Drew homie.

        • http://VerveVerveVerve.info Billy Kupchak

          Freshh is soOo Freshh! :cool:

  • Steve

    No way if the deal includes Pau or Bynum. I’d be more open to Lamar, but I agree with prevailing sentiment that decreasing our size advantage would be a negative. Plus, if we trade Melo for Lamar, where exactly would he play? Neither he nor Ron would want to come off the bench. Not only that, but I’d just not sure that he’d be a great fit in the triangle. Maybe I’m wrong, but he’s always struck me as a “me first” type of player, and one with a pretty low basketball IQ for someone of his talent level. So, in conclusion, I wouldn’t do it. We won back to back titles with the guys we have (Trevor for Ron switch aside), so my vote would be to roll with who we have.

  • Melobars

    Trade Carmelo for Kobe straight up. Kobe is washed up, while Carmelo is in his prime. Who’s with me???

    • LakerNationCitizen

      Move to Denver or wherever Melo ends up. LA is Kobe’s house!!! And he ain’t goin’ nowhere!!

    • 242LakerFan


    • Paul Lee

      gotta be playing

      • Fernando Torres

        you insane?!

  • F__K That!

    Send Bynum, Sasha and Luke to Denver PLEASE!!!!!

    • Tony


      • kobe-bok

        i agree

    • Laker fan since 1970

      In order to be a truly great team, you need players who know and execute their role(s). Melo is a #1 perimeter player who takes volume shots. He’s great, but the Lakers already have greater.

      Artest is certainly not Melo, but Melo can”t guard the other team’s primary perimeter threat the way Artest can.

      Bynum has a lot still to prove. But trading him for a redundant piece takes away from the advantage of having one of the best, true young centers in the game.

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  • Flow

    No. One ball. Somebody has to defend. That’s how you win champiuonships. That’s why we’ll beat Miami.

  • rondo

    Greed like speed kills! The Lakers don’t need Carmelo. This team is the champs why are you trying to dismantle it? If it’s not broke don’t fix. Pass on this one.

  • cliff

    If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

  • DCLakeshow

    Even though he’s had his injury problems, I’m a fan of Bynum, and I really like having a TRUE center anchoring this team. However, if it were a matter of Bynum, Lamar and Sasha, I don’t even think twice about this. We’ve all heard about Kobe’s love and respect for Melo and I honestly think that would transcend onto the court. WITH THAT BEING SAID…I don’t see any reason for us to “actively” pursue Melo, because I really think this team we have now, will be 10x more dangerous than last year, with a healthier Kobe, an Artest with a better understanding of the team concept, and a deeper bench…I’m sorry… A much deeper bench. AND under no circumstance do we get rid of the Spaniard (short of Laffatu being permanently banned from this site…in which case, I at least entertain the idea).

  • LaKeR bOy

    I say trade drew, odom & even throw in sasha for Melo…

  • Leo

    This has about as much of a possibility and the Chris Paul rumors. I’m not sure I would trade, as I love having a defensive HOF starting for us at the 3, and I’m not sure how great Melo’s defense is.

  • http://www.vidaguerrasbutt.com/vida-guerra-playboy-picture-a_17.html#pic daboss1849

    Melo and nene for Bynum,artest and sasha expiring contract should get it done.

    • http://VerveVerveVerve.info Billy Kupchak

      GOOD TRADE! :cool:

  • Hecks nah

    Hecks nah, all he does is score

  • Nabil

    Lamar, Sasha, Ebanks for Melo

  • LkrFn4Lf

    Sounds intriguing, but I picture it and it just doesn’t seem right. No way on earth Pau goes in this deal. NO WAY.

  • http://Yahoo Gmony

    Trade odom, sasha & character and a 1st round Pik 2010,2012. We need YoungBloods 4 tha Furture..

    • Jake Gasol

      this i would do… its basically replacing odom with anthony… that’s a coup… but it won’t happen, this is just a worthless rumor.

      and by the way, i disagree that the clippers aren’t in the running for anthony. i think anthony, if given assurance by clipperd management that they’ll use their additional cap space to sign anoth big star (i.e. chris paul), then he’d go for it

      • Sir

        lol their owner is donald sterling. Pretty funny joke though

  • Nabil

    I like daboss1849’s even better! Don’t loose any size. New big dudes are Lamar, Pau, Nene. Replace Artest (sad to see go) with Melo. Nice trade.

  • bostonSUCKS88

    sigh, here we go with another bogus rumor. look at all these gm’s here. Melo wants to be a laker, big surprise who wouldnt? lakers dont need him, im sure they dont want him. just enjoy this coming season, we have a great team.

  • AngeloV

    All talk. This is all it is.

  • LA
    • Sir

      Wow, we really got fu!@ed in the luke walton signing, didn’t we?

      • LA



    no way we trading Pau..

  • Roscoe

    The answer is no. I would not trade any players on this team to any other. We have been to 3 straight finals, won the last 2. I like our squad and maybe getting melo for something like drew straight up or lamar / artest would make us better but I think it’s cooler to win with your own guys.

  • MeloMamba

    Kobe n Carmelo are very good friends, especially after the 08 games, i would trade bynum & mr kardashian, one is accident prone, n the other iz to much into his reality star life, maybe if he can swim we should keep him

  • xtro

    hell no.

  • JD

    nah, Ron ron arest is better than melo. He’s fitted right the place for lakers. Melo was officially supposed be be perfect fit for Knicks.

  • lakers0828

    lol yeah right keep dreaming

  • Jake

    If it’s not a heist as fashionable as the way we got Gasol, I see no point in doing it. If they want a bunch of bench players and future draft picks — which I highly doubt — then I would say Go for it…but I doubt they want to beef up a “competitor” in their own conference that much more. I could see him landing in NY…and him and Amare not doing anything overly fantastic.

  • #1laker

    i think LA should trade for Melo. I think they should let Drew go bc he is an injury prone player and hes on the decline. He has yet to give LA a good year. I think Melo would help Kobe and Pau with the scoring load and allow Kobe to get some rest during the season. I also think it would be a smart move to get Melo because there is noone else in the league i rather see take over the Laker franchise then him. Finally, he would make the run for the ring easier.

    • 242LakerFan

      Remember the phrase Kobe has used over and over again.
      DEFENSE wins championships.

      • #1laker

        melo is a good defender and u have an even better one backing him up

  • Chris

    Absolutely not! Melo is great, but to trade our bigs for him? No way. Our bench is even better than it was last season and I believe could arguably be it’s own starting team. Why would we want to move any combination of our guys for Melo? We’re fine.

    • 242LakerFan


      • 242LakerFan

        OOPS. This was meant for Lakers=beast below

        • 242LakerFan
          • Lakers=beast


          • 242LakerFan

            Methodist, actually. Raised Catholic, but repented.

  • Lakers=beast

    hmm, Pau HAS to be out of the question but Drew and Walton for Melo? anyone?

  • gus26

    i don’t think we can make this trade… look maybe if drew was out for the playoffs like in 08 and we win… then yeah pull the trigger or if we would have lost to boston in game 7 then yeah we would have to do it… but right now we just can’t… i think we made all the moves we needed to make and now we just have to go forward with what we got… next year if we don’t win then we can look to make bigger tweaks… comming off a championship we made all the moves we needed to make… besides there will always be players wanting to play for the lakers and we’ll always be in a position to make trades because players want to come here…

  • Tim

    I would say consider this just purely for long term planning. Kobe and Phil could very well call it quits if we 3peat this season (with a strike looming for next season).

    Bynum is a big risk as the face of the Lakers franchise post-kobe. Trading Bynum (even adding in Lamar or Sasha or Luke) would give us a good shot at this year’s championship while ensuring competitiveness in the post-Kobe era.

    A Kobe-Melo-Pau present is deadly, while transitioning into a Melo-Pau core in the future would allow Lakers to be a threat for the championship for years regardless of how the east teams shape up.

    This is not something we should actively pursue but is definitely an idea the Lakers should entertain so we don’t have another Vlade-Eddie-Nick drop-off era (not that it wasn’t fun).

  • DRE84

    If you want this trade you aint a real laker fan

    • daboss1848

      i agree!! Similarly, anyone who wanted a vlade divac trade for kobe bryant was not a real fan!!!!
      (and no, im not saying melo = kb)

      • Sir

        Hey boss, don’t forget anyone who supports the Pau Gasol trade ain’t a real fan!

        • keeponkeepinon18

          Let’s not forget the Grizzlies got exactly what they wanted… free cap space, drafted Donte Greene, drafted Grievis Vasquez, have Marc Gasol (legit starting center with potential), and multiple other things.
          The Grizzlies couldn’t afford to keep paying Pau and, with him as the centerpiece, certainly not getting anywhere for the future. In other words, players like Marc Gasol, OJ Mayo, and Rudy Gay wouldn’t have been able to develop in a Grizzlies uniform.

  • keeponkeepinon18

    YES, this means that the Lakers won’t get Carmelo Anthony! Has anyone noticed that when there is a report that the Lakers are one among many on a potential trade list, it doesn’t usually, if not ever, works out?
    Personally, I’d be ecstatic if this (potential) trade wasn’t made. Not worth the time to fit chemistry, not worth the time for fans to languish over losing crazy-but-fun Ron-Ron (who made huge shots in the Playoffs and will need to guard opposing offensive players) and Drew (only real young future for Lakers team), and definitely not worth getting Melo for haters to say Kobe couldn’t win (regardless of the outcome, if you get my point).

  • VICTOR((:

    HELL NO supidest trade i ever heard Losing Pau would mean everything there wouldnt be no more Lakers championship…Not a great idea

  • Nick

    Fear Boston… your size is obsolete now that we have the O’Neal boys on board to go with Baby, K.G, and Perk…Your point guards suck and rondo is getting better. o yeah whos your bench? we have Delonte also in the mix. GREEN 18!

    • 242LakerFan

      cricket – cricket – cricket

      • http://57.amklac/ laffs atu

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        • 242LakerFan

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          • http://57.amklac/ laffs atu

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          • 242LakerFan

            That’s why I invented PPS: Penile Positioning Satellite. So my wife knows just where to look. (Note, I said “penile” this time not “penal”. That means I’m talking about penis, not prison. As I recall you tend to get the two confused.)

    • MichaelAKERS

      O’NEAL boys? Oh boy, this season will be a blast. Not only do you have a self-centered bitch in Shaq, but you have a problematic Delonte West. If I were the C’s, I’d be smart not to introduce their girls to him. You have an old piece of garbage in Shaq, a decent center in Jermaine and a crazy, inconsistent defender and shooter in Delonte and you expect for us Lakers fans to fear you guys? Just stop the humor. ;)

    • cjm

      fear boston?! why, they won’t even get past the second round in the east. the only time i would fear shaq, is if i was behind him at an all-you-can-eat buffet.

  • BGprplngold

    luke for melo. Thats it hahahaha

  • NBAmazingKB24

    Off the topic
    Kevin Durant > Melo (my opinion)
    Not that it will happen… just crossed my mind seeing this artical of Melo
    if we were to bring one of these super stars
    maybe AFTER Mamba retires… hmm
    They are both great players

  • http://57.amklac laffs atu

    carmelo needs to go east, where the winners are………

    • Wilt

      Thats funny because hasnt the west won the last 2 championships? Not only that but by the team u say is horrible ?

      • 242LakerFan

        It was a typo. She meant “wieners”.

      • 242LakerFan

        She’s obsessed with mine now, apparently.

        • Wilt

          Oh i get what your saying. so sorry she has a thing for u.

    • laffs atu sissy girl

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  • Robert.

    I think Melo’s defense is non-existent. As 242 reiterates, D Wins Championships (from Kobe’s quote).
    Quite simply, Drew’s presence in the post helped the Lakers beat the Celtics. No way can Drew be traded for someone with no D. (and, Pau’s D ain’t bad either).The only ‘remotest’ possibility is to trade Lamar Odom, whose stock went up because of FIBA. But then, we would be giving up a swingman for a ‘principal scorer’.
    If Melo came in place of Lamar, what would the Lakers do? Kobe is the principal scorer of this team, and so who in the starting lineup would ‘not’ play? We have Kobe, Pau, Drew, DFish, Ron-Ron. Would Ron-Ron go to the 2nd team, and then Melo would start in his place?
    We would have ‘3’ scorers – Kobe, Melo, Pau – someone would have to give up their ‘points’ – same problem as Miami – someone has to score ‘less’ than the others.
    For the 2nd team, Ron-Ron can actually be the ‘principal facilitator’ on the bench team – he was principal facilitator on the Rockets ‘first’ team, and did pretty well against the Lakers in 2009. And, so the bench team would be quite good, still (including our ‘new’ additions).
    What would be missing is the capability to have a ‘backup center’ and swingman, if Lamar were traded.
    LO’s value as a versatile player is considerable, and we would be giving that up. Then again, Melo could play more minutes, and stay ‘part’ of the 2nd team.
    Personally, I see these players (LeBron, Melo, KD) as players who could come to the Lakers ‘after’ Kobe retires. That’s a good 4-5 years from now, and that’s just about the time their contracts would expire. The Buss family might want a franchise player like that after Kobe. So, we still may get Melo, but I see it more in the ‘future’ than the present.

  • http://57.amklac laffs atu

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    • 242LakerFan

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      BTW, you’re on this website, too, unless you forgot.

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      • http://thelakernation.com the one

        leave the team alone we will have three again


    this is what ive been thinking of lately im tired of always seeing bynum injured yes i know what ur thinking hes only 22 n has a lot of potential but when r we gonna see that …so we should first of all sign dampier for the vet min. trade bynum, sasha(exp. contract), one of our rookies ebanks or caracter they both look like if they have talent and a first round pick and the lakers get melo (+extension), afflalo (defense + deadle from 3’s) salaries match n also since the nuggets want to lose jr smith will include him n trade ron artest thats if they want and both salaries match too …i know jr smith is a kobe hater but so was barnes n ron plus with the defense we got on the bench jr smith would be that explosiveness scoring we need..this trade makes sense for both teams n i think is fair cuz they both get equal talent for there players…we know kobe 1 or 2 great years left in the tank so where gonna need someone eventually and i say its melo cuz u know he doesnt want to go to the nets there weak they only have brooke lopez and melo will only sign with the knicks bulls or lakers…plz leave feedback i wanna know what u guys think!!!
    c-dampier, pf-gasol, sf-melo, sg-black mamba, pg-d-fish
    the real bench mob
    c-ratliff, pf- L.O., sf- barnes, sf- artert or jr smith, sg-afflalo, sg-brown, pg-blake
    13th man – luke walton

    • andy

      smith has said that he respects kobe. he just likes to stick his head up his ass during games

  • Winston

    Melo could be the solution to alot of problems the Lakers have…Bynum is almost a non-factor! Odom’s D is suspect and he takes too many plays off. Melo domnates on both ends of the floor and could create more match up problems! Which leaves Kobe open! HMMMM!

    Sounds like a no brainer to me!