As you probably know, the Lakers 2010 Championship DVD is available today! Now half of you reading are probably rushing to your local stores, or iTunes to pick it up… yeah, we understand. Fortunately, we have our hands on a few copies of the DVD’s and since this website can’t function without you all, we’re sharing.

How do you enter? It’s always pretty simple with us — all you need to do is comment below with your favorite moment of the 2009-2010 Lakers season to enter. We’re not judging by best answer.

Deadline to enter is by 8PM tomorrow (7/28/10).

If you absolutely must get this DVD today (we don’t judge), you can purchase the DVD at the NBA Store or Amazon.

So get ready to sit back with a bag of popcorn — maybe Sour Patch Kids, pop that DVD in, and watch the Lakers beat the Celtics in 7 Games. Over… and over… and over… and over again…

More about the Lakers 2010 Championship DVD + more bonus footage after the jump!

In the most-watched edition of The Finals in nine seasons, the Los Angeles Lakers outlasted the Boston Celtics in a thrilling seven-game series to win their 16th NBA title and second in a row. Now Bombo Sports & Entertainment and NBA Entertainment team up to bring fans the Lakers’ complete playoff run with the release of the 2010 NBA Champions DVD on July 27, 2010. The 2010 NBA Champions DVD was produced by the award-winning NBA Entertainment which, once again, secured an all-access, behind-the-scenes pass for fans to follow some of the world’s greatest athletes as they battled for their second consecutive title.  The 2010 NBA Champions DVD marks Bombo’s first project as part of its new relationship with the NBA.

Features on the 2010 NBA Champions DVD include “Sounds of the Playoffs,” “Top Plays of the Year,” and exclusive interviews with Head Coach Phil Jackson, General Manager Mitch Kupchak, and players Kobe Bryant, Pau Gasol, Derek Fisher, Ron Artest, and Lamar Odom, among others.  Additional bonus features highlight the emotional “Journey” by the Lakers as they earn their fifth championship in the last 10 seasons.  With unparalleled team “Unity,” a “Belief” in their ability after everyone doubted them, and a “Dream” to set a new standard of success, this celebrated franchise further cemented its legacy as one of the greatest organizations in all of sports.

“We are thrilled to tip off our NBA relationship with a film climaxing in such an exciting and historic edition of The Finals, with the 2010 NBA Champion Lakers defeating the Celtics,” said Bombo Executive Producer Paul Doyle, Jr.  “The Finals television ratings were remarkable and this film captures all the emotion and drama that made the regular season, the playoffs, and The Finals so noteworthy.”

From the start of the season, the Lakers focused on repeating as champions.  With Bryant’s string of game-winning shots, the emergence of All-Star big man Gasol, the steady hand of Fisher, and a strong supporting cast, the Lakers finished with the best record in the West.

In the playoffs, L.A. survived a challenge from the up-and-coming Oklahoma City Thunder, swept past theUtah Jazz, and held off the Phoenix Suns to set up a rematch with the Boston Celtics, the team that defeated them in The Finals in 2008.  In the latest chapter of the league’s greatest rivalry, Artest took a star turn as the Lakers earned redemption in a thrilling seven-game series against Boston.  Fisher and Bryant each won their fifth championship rings, while Phil Jackson earned his record 11th as head coach.

Fans can relive the Lakers’ stirring run to repeat glory on this action-packed DVD.  Get the inside story of the NBA champions with exclusive behind-the-scenes footage and interviews, along with fantastic highlights of their championship season and exciting bonus features.

  • kobebyrantfinalmvp

    best moment game 7 nba final ron ron shot and dfish tie shot

    • MECKA

      Best moment was end of the 4th quarter beating the Celtics in Game 7… doubt earning another Larry O’Brian

      • I know it

        BEST MOMENT EVER is when TLN shows how Un-Original There are ONCE AGAIN by biting the DVD Contest from another blog. ……pathetic . . . hope you guys can find some to copy and paste to respond to this! hahahah

        • MECKA

          best moment is when know one gives a sh*t about what you gotta say….

          • B Holland

            Best moment is when someone can’t spell no.

        • lakers2000

          What a tool! Get a life and an education retard.

    • Jon Genish

      Best Moment in 2009-2010 was the moment just before game 7 began. For any true Lakers fan, there’s never been more nerves, anticipation or excitement. That one moment was the culmination and apex of every game, play and minute I’ve ever watched as a Lakers fan since I was a kid. Best Play – Kobe’s shot then patting Alvin Gentry on the back.

    • susan giibbs

      When Kobe took over the game against the Suns and made a shot only Kobe can make and the Suns coach knew it was over and just shook his head and then had the class to say he was rooting for the Lakers in the finals.

    • Brian Bolusan

      Best moment of the 2010 NBA Finals was not during any of the games 1-7. It was when Ron Artest did his post game interview. “Kobe passed me the ball!, Kobe passed me the ball!” Everything that he did and contributed in the playoffs, especially in game 7 in the Finals was everything we hoped for in signing him in the 2009-2010 season. Like we all said in the beginning of the season with much love and embrace, “Welcome to L.A.!”

    • Glock Fotay

      My favorite moment was Ron Artests’ three pointer during the 2010 WCF against the Suns.

      Please enter me for the DVD!!!!

  • cliff

    When Ron Artest hit his game winner against the Suns! It was beautiful seeing him have his shining moment!

  • KobeOneCanobe

    Best moment: Game 5 versus OK City. LA circled th wagon and got serious. It was all guts and glory the rest of the way homee!

  • Brian J Bustos

    My favorite moment: Kobe’s game-winning shot against the Celtics.

  • Dennis

    My favorite moment had to be Ron Artest’s Game 5 boneheaded missed 3 point attempts culminating in the rebound of Kobe’s missed shot to a game winning layup to eliminate the Suns in Game 5 of the Western Conference Finals.

    I love the juxtaposition of Goat to Hero Artest and the Hero to Goat of Jason Richardson.

  • Ruy24

    Kobe’s 3 over D.Wade!

    • thagamezman

      Opening night of the season with the clippers and the ring ceremony. with all the players wearing the 4 rings zoom Kobe IV’s!!!!

  • daboss1848

    Ron Artest post game conference after Finals Game 7 . . . a microcosm of the season all in a span of 10 minutes – confusion, insanity, disbelief, and exhiliration

    • kobe-wan kenobi


      my top 3 in no order

      artest games 7 conference
      kobe game 6 vs suns
      kobe not flinching on barnes

  • Jonathan Hernandez

    I’m going to go unconventional here and say one of the best moment(s) was when the Lakers bench made up that silly “made-basket stomp-then-cross-legs” routine that really showed how funny and unified our bench mob was.

    We’ll always have much better benches in the future – but not one quite as funny and unique as the Ammo-Mbenga version.

  • Kent

    Favorite moment: When Derek Fisher three in the fourth quarter of Game 7 to tie game up at 64 that sparked the Lakers rally

  • Freshh

    Just a little over 1:30 left, game 7, NBA finals – Gasol posts Rasheed on the left-hand side, the Spaniard spins into his move, to find KG and Pierce helping out Sheed. But despite 3 Celtics trying to stop Pau, he was able to make his move and made a crucial play to give L.A. a 6. pt lead with 90 seconds left.

    Not only was it the most memorable given the circumstances, also note that not one, not two, but THREE Celtics were trying to deny him, but to me it portrays how Pau has evolved since 08, how our team has evolved, and why we’ve got two titles since acquiring him and comin’ for the 3-peat next year.

    Remarkable Season.

  • lakeshow 323

    My favorite moment from the 09-10 season was, Lakers Vs Boston game after the all star break. Ron Artest trucking over KG and the lakers winning the game. Awesome. Finals Preview.

  • Lo3

    Fish saving our butts in game 3

  • canoc

    Hands Down Best Moment… RON ARTEST’s Game 7 press conference!

    “Late in the second half he started to move the ball and attack and pass and still was Kobe Bryant, and he trusted us and made us feel so good and he passed me the ball. He never passes me the ball, and he passed me the ball. Kobe passed me the ball, and I shot a three. He’s a Zen master, so he can speak to you, and he doesn’t need a microphone, you can hear him in your head, “Ron, don’t shoot, don’t shoot,” whatever, pow, three.”

  • Ariel

    kobes 3 against miami

  • domidomdomz

    Two clinching free throws by Sasha with Kobe having sigh relief after those freebies.

  • Aina

    Ron Ron being the unsuspecting hero in Game 7 of the Finals!

  • Andrew Pounders

    My favorite moment from this season is from when I went to see the Lakers vs Hornets in New Orleans with my girlfriend on her birthday. That was her first pro basketball game she saw live and even though we lost, it made her a Laker fan.

  • Lobes

    Favorite moment: Finals Game 3, Derek Fisher hits an and 1 layup while being fouled by not one, not two, but THREE Celtics. Scored 11 of his 16 points in that quarter to help put the Lakers up 2-1. Winning Game 3 at Boston was CRUCIAL after losing Game 2 at home. Just another reason the Fisher haters should go away…this guy is as clutch as it gets (after #24, of course!).

    • Willie Yohanna

      I agree with you. And it would have been my favorite moment too but I kinda hated the fact that we didn’t celebrate more! Maybe it was cause of fear for technicals. But Fish should have screamed loudly and pounded his chest just like KG. But I guess he’s classier than that!!!!!!

  • Layal

    my favorite moment of the 2009-2010 Lakers season was the Kobe 3point buzzer beater against the Heats (:

  • James_LA

    my favorite moment was when D. Fish hit that dagger 3 in game 3 IN Utah. Especially with all that hating over there and those girls wearing the “fisher lied” shirts…IN YOUR FACE!!!

  • KobeMoo24

    my fav moment(s): all of kobe’s game winners, game 7 win over the celtics, and ron artest’s post game interview after game 7!!

  • Ari

    Game 7 NBA Finals-Lamar Odom passes it down court to Kobe with 3 seconds remaining in NBA Finals, Kobe gets the ball and celebrates on the scores table as confetti starts pouring down the Staples Center.

  • LKRFan

    Ron Artest’s last second rebound shot to win the game.

  • 3Peat>3HEAT

    My favorite moment of the 09-10 Playoffs was when Pau tipped in the game winner vs OKC (GM6) at the end of regulation. He essentially proved to the nay-sayers that a ‘Big Man’ shouldn’t always be about power. His soft hands and his court awareness has helped and will continue to help the Lakers. That is why Pau deserves the nickname of ‘Gua-Pau.’ His game is just too pretty.

  • Tim

    D-Fish Tie shot. No doubt

  • 242LakerFan

    For me it has to be “The Drive”, Fisher’s end to end drive in Game 3 past basically the whole Celtics team, getting knocked to the floor by KG and Big Goofy and STILL hitting the shot. And 1.
    Classic Fish. The Little Rock. Heart of a warrior.

  • Chris

    DFish’s 3 and Artest’s three late in game 7 in Finals.

  • Steven Ghabbour

    Kobe hitting the shot in front of Alvin Gentry in game 6 and then giving him a little tab and smirk

  • jesus

    Lakers Championship celebration at Staples after beating the Celtics. SWEET. Redemption at the expense of the celtics

  • Jodi

    I would have to say Game 7, of course, of the Finals. No doubt that Kobe was the best player on that court that game, but when he couldn’t rally the points, his team lifted him up, just as he would always have to do for them numerous times before. It reflected how you can be the most talented player on the court, but w/o the help of your teammates, you cannot win it alone. And the result of that? 2009-2010 Back-to-Back NBA Champions. :)))))

  • Jerry Lai

    derek fisher game three boston 1 on 3 layup, however, artest’s game winner was hell awesome too

  • Rocky Z

    Game 7 of the Finals. Easily. Has to be. Thanks

  • Jason H

    Fisher hard drive and foul late in Game 3

  • Jerry Lai

    also artest’s post game interview after game seven was beast

  • Nolan

    For me it has to be the shot that basically won it for us, that would be Big Ron’s 3, in game 7 of the finals.

  • bdig

    My favorite moment would have to be Kobe’s game winner over Dwyane Wade and the Miami Heat. I know it wasnt the most significant but the wow factor on the shot was through the roof, not to mention how the media is going to play that out next season when our beloved Lakers face the brand new Miami Heat. It will set up some drama!

  • Brandon K

    Game 6 of the finals when the Lakers came out and dominated the Celtics to keep the series alive.

  • Fernando Del Toro

    Ron Artest hitting the 3-pointer in game 7 of the finals with about a minute left in the fourth quarter. He sucked all playoffs but when he hit that shot I forgave him. Never been so excited in my life! Lakers baby!!!!

  • Heber

    There where so many great great moments this past season, The one that stood out was the Game 5 Ron Artest rebound and put back to beat the Suns, With all that Ron has been through in his career and even the struggles he had that game it was nice to see the team embrace Ron the way they did. Ron was looking to run at Kobe as if he wanted his approval and he got it.

  • Matt Szabo

    Artest’s put-back to win it against the Suns, Game 5 of Western Conference Finals.

  • ben ellis

    Phil…Kobe…D-Fish….enough said

  • Miggs

    My favorite moment is when Ron Ron said, “HE PASSED ME THE BALL!! KOBE NEVER PASSES ME THE BALL!!!”

  • Rami safi

    Obviously first would be game 7… But I’ll mention kobes buzzer beater vs the heat… December 4th….. I thought the game was over for sure but then I remembered we had Kobe… The bad inbound pass went off kobes leg but he gained control and got the shot off and banked it in and me and my friends went crazy and somehow I ended up on the table and now I have a huge scar going down my leg… Gotta love Kobe

  • Laker4 Life

    Favorite moment: Lakers vs. Suns Game 6. Kobe made difficult shots and was double teamed most of time and did not give the ball away. He made shot after shot after shot. Even the suns fans could not believe it.

    • LbC Ya562

      Yeahhh, that WAS dope! Al Gentry didnt even know what to say! lol wich was why he said “Was that Kobe or Michael”?? LoL Kobe =One of the top 3 players of ALL time.

  • ken

    watching Ron Artest turn Paul Pierce into a YMCA chucker for 5 of the games in the championship series.

  • KingJ77

    Tough to choose…there are so many of them. But probably, the play that stands out to me is Game 1 of the Finals. Within the opening minute Ron Artest tangles with Pierce, pushes him off, and then pushes Garnett away. That play alone proved to the Celtics that this would not be a repeat of the 2008 Finals (more specifically, not a repeat of being intimidated). I think it also gave the entire team a confidence boost and propelled them to eventually outlast a tough Boston team.

    • Willie Yohanna

      good point!

  • Ivan

    The one moment that stood out the most was the fact that we proved the world again that we are champions and we have the best team in the world

  • kng

    loved everything from start to the 16th banner.. game winners, facing the criticism in the playoffs… but probably the sweetest moment besides winning game 7 was kobe doin work in game 5 (despite the loss).

  • dwight

    one of the highlights for me was when sasha elbowed dragic in the chin.. reminded me of the younger kobe when he elbowed bibby in the playoffs :)

  • furiouseight

    the LA Lakers made a great comeback & beat the Celtics in Game 7 to seal the 16th championship at home in LA

  • DOMIN8

    My Best moment hmmm like many other LAL fans we don’t have jus 1. but when it came 2 r.artest it was up & really down I NEVER gave up on r.artest. no1 wanted 2 make those big 3pt shots more then but my favorite moment was watching r.artest step up n every series clinching game who was it that stepped up artest he did it in round 1 vs okc the semi finals vs utah the conference finals vs phx and the nba finals vs bos so jus like after the lakers defeated orl N the nba finals & after smacking bos upside the head I’m already looking 4ward 2 next season & that ridiculously hard 3peat let’s go 2010-2011 la lakers BRING ON ALL CHALLENGERS LAKERS 4EVER

  • Los Lakers

    LOL. I love the scuffle between Ron Artest and Wheel Chair Pierce back in January before the tip off… pretty much set the tone for the whole year and ultimately in the finals.

  • Bianca

    My favorite moment of the season was the win over the Blazers in Portland for the first time in 5 years and it was without Kobe.

  • Anthony Landeza

    Best moment of the season for me was when Ron Artest did his interview and told Jim to say “QueensBridge”!!!

  • jeancarlotorres

    I would say our best moment the was game 6 against the okc thunders to close the series with a last second shot by pau to not go to that game 7. That for me eliminate the second best team in the west n also that whole series mainly I thought was gonna be our toughest series. .which prepared them and woke them up for rest of the play off its was like a team lighting a fire under the Lakers and they ha nowhere to go but up!….the series really prepared them especially for that finals against the Celtic , on defense n knowing what to do and not to crack under pressure.

  • Liron

    My favorite moment of the season was seeing Kobe embrace Ron Artest right after we won the title. It comes full circle after the shower incident where Artest promised Kobe he would back him up. He kept his word!

  • ian

    best moment:

    game winning shot by kobe to beat the heat .

  • Casey

    Ron Artest post-game interview after winning Game 7

  • http://LakersNation LAStateofMind

    Lakers up 3 to 2 in the series but down 1 with seconds left in a crazy loud Ford Center. No timeout Kobe isolates, goes baseline and draws back iron. Gasol grabs the board and takes the air out of the building with a last second putback! Shhh Oklahoma.

  • Imadogg

    Game 1 against the Suns… cuz I was there :)

  • RonRonGq

    My Favorite moment is when kobe went off for 30 points or more for7 straight games to prove Charles wrong and mad him look retarded

  • gus26

    the jump ball to start game 7 of the finals… thats when i realized OMG… i’m at the finals watching game 7 between my lakers and boston… i’ll never forget this for the rest of my life and will probably tell my grandkids i was here for that game…

  • einyo

    Finals game three I think it was; Dfish heroics and final second driving layup and one to seal the game!

  • randall masters

    i would say the best moment would be seeing Kobe catch that outlet pass to end game seven….
    and being able to keep up with the lakers here in south carolina

  • KB

    My favorite moment – Kobe barking at the Celtics as they shuffled off to their locker room after he hit the game winner in the regular season game in Boston. I probably Tivoed it 5 times.

  • Summer M

    For me to pick my favorite moment from the 09-10 season is difficult because there was so many. From the many game winners by Kobe,Gasol, Fisher, & Artest. To the record breakers. All leading up to the last minute of the finals game 7. Every moment for me was special because I feel im witnessing history in the making and a soon to be legend among the greats, Kobe Bryant.


    Derek Fisher take over in the 4th quarter of game 3 NBA finals!

  • Paul

    My favorite moment had to be during the Miami heat game at home when I called a bank shot…n it was a Friday night game so every1 was at my house watching like they normally do so when I called it we went absolutely crazy…Kobe was the hero and he didn’t make me look stupid
    Ahhh good times

  • biggluv

    my favorite moment of the finals was the celebration at the end. oh it was so sweet

  • Baran

    Has to be when Kobe runs down the ball when the buzzer goes off in game 7 and the jubilation ensued!

  • Maoc Davies

    My best moment for me was when Kobe drill the last shot in the come from behind in the Boston Garden.

  • Ben

    I’d say just winning the damn thing. After game 5 and we went down 2-3 all my friends were down and out, but I kept saying that the Celtics can’t close series out and there was no way we were losing game 7 at home. After a blowout win in game 6 a bunch of friends and I watched game 7 at a sports bar, and as soon as the clock ticked to 00.0 it finally hit (not a second before) that we repeated and the place exploded. That was the best moment.

  • LbC Ya562

    Kobe Bryant and Matt Barnes, (3/7/10) great example of a great offensive player and a great defensive player. Both were really battling it out (there could be a spin-off with just THAT game, it was back and forth lol)… Im sure there are better, like Kobe’s buzzer beaters… but THIS moment is one of my personal favs and REALLY sticks out in my mind.

  • RAZO

    My favorite moment of the 2009-2010 Lakers season was when I spent all my money (that was to fix my car) to take my Dad, a LONG time Lakers Fan from Wilt/Kereem days that never has gone to a Lakers playoff game, to the greatest rivalry in sports history LAKERS vs. Celtics game 1…. I’m still carless HAHAHAHAHA well worth it… LOVE YOU POP

  • Lyndsay Ryor

    That’s tough – but probably my man and I going behind enemy lines in Lakers gear for game four in Boston and getting our pics in the Boston Herald:

    Sure, the Lakeshow lost, but that was probably best for our livelyhood anyways!
    Either that or Ron’s post-game conference after game 7.
    Be sure to check out his new single, lol.

  • Jonathan Bustillos

    My favorite moment of the [2009-2010 Lakers season] was when Kobe hit that buzzer beater against the Miami Heat. It was so awesome to see Kobe hit a shot like that from that angle. AMAZING !

  • Lance

    Finals game 6. I was very nervous going into that game.

    Utterly terrified in game 7 when the Lakers were down by double digits late in the game.

    Tip in by PG in OKC in game 6 was huge too. If that doesn’t fall the Lakers are facing a game 7.

  • oj Trujillo

    best moment was when Sasha elbow Dargic.I t showed how the Lakers were not giving in.

  • BOOYA!


  • LAL_24

    Lamar throwing the ball ahead for Kobe………Kobe running down looking at the clock hands in the air……watching Pierce, Rondo, and the Celtic benching juss look at Kobe like “damn theres nothing we can do now”….and seeing em leave the court was the best moment no moment like that

  • More Cookies 4 Kob

    Kobe’s 100th 40point game

  • EA

    Derek Fisher saving the team collective a$$ in Game 3 v. Boston. You take him for granted, focus on how he’s aged and everything he can no longer do… and there he is, still winning us titles!

  • Jason

    When Artest hit the putback at the buzzer in Game 5.

  • LkrFn4Lf

    TLN article about Scalabrine crying

  • Katie

    My favourite moment of the 09-10 season had to be when Kobe got that fast break dunk from Farmar to become the Lakers all time leader in points against the Grizzlies on February 1st.

  • DIO

    Favorite moment has got to be Kobe’s buzzer against the Heat, let’s hope for a repeat of that in the upcoming season!

  • Victor S.

    Thee best moment of the 2009-2010 season was when Kobe made a left hand hook shot and then pointed at Jeff Van Gundy who called the shot ugly before in pre-game and told him not to attempt it in a game.

  • Stefan Georgiev

    My favorite moment is the whole last game of the season and the great win against the Celts!!

  • josh

    When shannon brown almost made that perfect posterized dunk on richardson during the lakers vs suns playoffs of this year

  • ohhhmyjosh

    Best moment was when Kobe shot that game winning three over wade. I was watching that game with a whole bunch of haters and that moment just made em dead silent.

  • farru

    Best moment — Kobe’s 3 over D-wade. Still gives me chills every single time I see it. Heat are going down this year!

  • mplakers

    The best moment of the 2009-2010 season was the playoffs series against Oklahoma, Phoenix, and the Celtics because it caused a turning point of Kobe’s perspective on his Lakers teammates.

    Pau Gasol’s and Andrew Bynum’s gigantism overcoming the lightning speed of the Thunder (who can forget Gasol’s game winning tip in of a Kobe miss), Ron Artest’s game winning tip in off of a Kobe airball against the Suns, and Odom, Artest, Gasol, Fisher and even Farmar picking up the slack for Kobe in game 7 against the Celtics, all contributed to Bryant’s appreciation for his teammates. If you look back at his post game interviews after those games/series he slowly progressed from small compliments (“we just grinded through it”) to gushing about the abilities of his companions (“derek and i are brothers, i couldn’t have done it without the big spaniard, i knew we were going to win it but, i didn’t know how, all the guys picked me up”)

    The rest of the NBA better look out because in 2010-2011 we are going to posibly witness the best version of Kobe Bryant ever. The league wide acknowledged deadliest player who now has total trust in his armada of assasins.

  • Neesh

    Kobe’s backcourt shot against Oklahoma during the regular season. Pure Godliness.

  • Erik91

    My favorite moment of the 2009-2010 postseason was game 1 of the nba finals when artest and pierce got into it from the start. It showed me and all Lakers fans that this team was not the same from 2 years ago. This team was not going to be pushed around this time.

  • QuimyQuim

    When Mbenga dyed his hair blonde in support of Ron Artest….turned the team around…check the stats lol

  • alex

    when they won the finals and got revenge on celtics from 2 years ago when the lakers lost in the fianls :( but this seaon they got redemption

  • Back2BacKobe2Kobe

    my fav moments of 2009-10 season is the game winning 3 pt shot over D. Wade: but Ron’s shot in the fourth of Game 7 was also damn sweet!

  • Rob Frongillo

    Ron Artest leaving the embrace of Kobe and running towards the fans to celebrate his first championship….CLASSIC….

  • Eduardo Escobedo

    My favorite moment of the Lakers 09-10 Season is Game 7 of the NBA finals is when the whole team picked up Kobe when he was struggling. The team saw that there best player was having trouble making shots. Ron, Gasol, Fisher etc. They stepped up & they knew this game really matter to the Lakers organization & for themselves as well. Especially for Kobe. So having all those guys step up & carry Kobe after Kobe carried them through out the whole season & Win that Cahmpionship after begin down 16. & agaisnt the Celtics. Is a Game that will be remembered foever! So thats my favorite moment of the Season.
    Im a big Lakers fan! & Congrats Los Angeles Lakers on your 2nd straight championship. More to come!

  • Ronin99

    Nov. 2009 vs. Thunder…Kobe’s circus shot behind and over backboard…IMPOSSIBLE SHOT!

  • rawnoyz

    My favorite laker moment has to be the stretch of games where Kobe was out injured and the Lakers put a winning streak in his absence against tough opponents before losing to the Celtics by 1. It proved to me that our Laker squad had what it took to win it all.

  • SamV

    WCF….artest game winner. That series would have gone to seven games without that shot. That moment is so symbolic of the Lakers entire season, run to the playoffs, and the emotional roller coaster ron ron went through (and put us through) all year long. Beautiful moment.

  • AngeloV

    My favorite moment of the 2009-2010 season was Kobe’s game winning shot against Miami at Staples Center with D Wade in his face. I just knew from there that the season was going to be great. And also shows that just because Miami added Bosh and James, DWade still can’t the Lakers. HAHAHA!

  • Andrew

    Fisher’s 4th quarter in Boston.

  • Bob

    My favorite moment of this past Laker season was Game 3 of the NBA Finals. Derek Fisher taking control when no one else could and pushing us to victory. And even better during his interview with Doris Burke he showed his emotion and shed a few tears and said how happy and emotional he was that he was able to help his team win.

  • Mr. A

    My favorite moment of the 2009-10 season was Ron Artest’s rebound and shot at the buzzer to beat the Phoenix Suns in game 5 of the Western Conference Final.

  • BLUE1234

    Kobe’s game winning 3 point shot against the Heat.

  • James

    Game 1 ring ceremony. ( I was there!)

  • YvesCY

    My favorite moment from the 2010 season is when the Lakers defeated their rival Celtics in a thrilling game 7 final.


    My favorite moment involves this sequence… Game 7, 1:04 left in the 4th, Lakers up by 3 (76-73), Kobe finds Artest on the opposite 3/4 3 line, Ron Ron jabs right to fake Paula Pierce out and hits an open 3 with 1:02 left in the game.

    Now the Lakers are up by 6 and here comes my favorite moment… The Tru Warrior has the presence of mind to be in complete character of who he really is and as he’s trotting back to play D, he blows kisses to the beloved Laker fans at Staples!

    I was at Game 7, and that was truly a GREAT, GREAT MOMENT! It just showed that he was in his comfort zone and was completely calm and wasn’t overly excited. He just blew kisses to the fans and/ or to God… whatever he was thinking, he just did it so as a matter of factly and effortlessly!

  • http://lakernation Cassie Pearsall Smith

    Best moments2009-2010 season is how Lakers rallied thru the entire year with multiple injuries and NEVER complained. They had their ups and downs but met the challenge to contend in the playoff. If thought as a TRUE laker fan if they make it past the young and sprite Oklahoma team they can win the whole package. Then game 7 with Boston; what nail bitter and thank God for Ron Artest and THe bald head clutch hitter my man, Derick Fisher. WOW!! what a great ending. Thank U Lakers for another wonderful season and cannot wait for the 3-peat. GO GET’EM LOVES

  • Kevin

    There are so many favorite moments, but honestly, none of them could compare to the Lakers holding up the trophy at the end of the season, especially with their opponents being Boston, them being down 2-3 in the series, and coming back from 13 points down in the 3rd quarter in a GAME 7. The rollercoaster of emotions for that game was just so intense and impossible to describe.

  • george sfak

    my favorite moment of this season was winning ron artests tickets on power 106 to the miami heat game!! going tothe game with my dad sitting in the lower bowl and be part of the situtation that was the kobe game winner over d wade and witnessing how loud staples can get!! AMAZING!!!


    Game 7 NBA Finals vs the Boston Celtics down by 13 at one point and coming out on top….How can you say theres a better moment then winning The NBA Championship vs Boston

  • ReignMaN

    game winner vs heat cuz I was there!!!

  • SB Laker NAK

    My favorite moment of the 2009-2010 NBA season had to be Ron Artest’s game winning shot against the Suns in game five of the Western Conference Finals. Ron-Ron had one of his worst games of the season and almost blew the game for the Lakers, but he didn’t quit and muscled his way towards the rebound and made the basket. His enthusiasm and celebration after that shot showed how much he wanted to help his team win and make up for his horrible game.

  • georgesito

    best moment = ron artests post finals press conference

  • dibs24

    Favorite moment, there’s a lot, but one that sticks to my mind was when Ron Artest made that three pointer during Game 7. I think that really changes the whole thing (besides that shot made by Fisher to tie the game by 64) because even the Lakers were not playing their best that night, Artest still keep them the rest of the game and answering a 3-pointer that Wallace made in the previous possession.

  • Alex Kropach

    Kobe’s shot over D Wade

  • thagamezman

    Opening Night against the Clippers, ring ceremony night with all the players wearing the zoom Kobe IV “4RINGS” shoe and accepting their 2009 Championship rings!!!!

  • Gissele

    My favorite moment is game 7 Lakers vs Celtics Lamar throws the ball Kobe gets it and jumps and Lakers are the 09-10world champions!!

  • HiYo

    Kobe’s pass to Artest for the three to seal the deal in Game 7!

    also you can’t forget the Ron Artest Postgame Interview =]

  • John

    So many great Laker moments lol, my favorite one was in game 1 of the NBA Finals, when Pau Gasol showed everyone that he wasn’t the Pau “Gasoft” from the 2008 NBA Finals

  • CandyMan

    The best moment was dfish winning game 3 in the finals with his layup being knocked to the floor for the three point play. And the emotion he showed in the post game interview was instant classic.

  • robbie fresh

    best moment: D Fish’s and-1 to put game 3 of the NBA Finals out of reach and help punch the Celtics right back in their green mouths. Without that victory who knows if the Lakers could have gotten another win in the Garden

  • Katie Clark

    When the Lakers won the Championship! And the buzzer beaters along the way…

  • gugy

    My favorite moment was Artest making the final shot against the Suns on game 5. Tipping the ball after Kobe missed the shot. That was redemption for him and he deserved it after so much criticism on him.

  • jason

    kobe shakes his broken finger at the boston crowd after his amazing game winning shot over ray allen

  • BE_A_LakerFan

    I’m going to have to say Derek Fisher after game 3. How emotional he got. He’s been my favorite player for years! You can ask anyone. Just because he does the little things and he’s a man of character. I have a lot of respect for him and I’m glad he’s back. After all season people saying he’s too old and doesn’t deserve to start or be on this team.
    That’s my favorite part of the season. Him winning it for us in Game 3 and his passion for the game.

  • KNACsnowman

    My favorite moment was having my picture taken with the Laker Girls at halftime of the last regular season game versus Utah then getting to watch most of the third quarter from courtside.

  • Joseph Lee

    My favorite moment was in the final seconds of game 7 when Rondo missed the 3 pointer and Gasol rebounded the ball, passed it to Odom, and threw it to the other side of the court to Kobe to run down the clock.

  • Bryant Manjarrez

    Lakers vs Celtics, Game 3, When Derek Fisher runs down the court and makes the almost impossible layup when three bigger, taller guys foul him to the ground. Fisher ended up scoring 11 points in the 4th quarter. Ended up with 16. You can imagine how loud my house got when fisher made that shot.

  • KwameMVP

    Best moment…Kobe making a fade-a-way on tight defense from J-Rich and then slapping Alvin Gentry’s ass before doing the airplane.

  • Anthony Davis


  • foreverla

    Best Finals moment for me was Ron Artest’s press conference. “WHEATIES!!”

  • lakersno834

    “I GOT WEEEEAAAATTTTIESSSSSS!!!!!!!” That Sums up The whole season!

  • chris navarro

    a lot of great moments but i have to say game 3 NBA finals was one scary game, not till fisher stepped up with some big shots and of course our favorite his and 1 over ALLEN,KG, AND BIG BABY, with out that win who knows what happends…..

  • Polo

    For me it has to be Game 1 of the Finals, when Ron Artest got in that little scuffle with Paul Pierce to start the game it just showed that the Lakers weren’t going to get pushed around like the did in 08. and it jist felt like the whole team felt like that.

  • Raul

    My favorite Lakers moment would have to be the Lakers victory over Utah Jazz on their home floor, in which they ended their 9 game winning streak. And the Lakers did it without their best, Kobe “Black Mamba” Bryant. The Lakers came together and played as a TEAM. Odom with an amazing 25-11 with Pau contributing with 22-19 and 5 blocks and Farmar off the bench with 18. It was the most impressive win heading into All-Star weekend and all without Kobe and Bynum.

  • mark

    Best Moment of 2009-2010 is when Lakers signed Ron Artest. The only guy we brought in during the off-season was fittingly the guy who delivered for us in Game 7.

  • acgod15

    When Kobe hit the game winner vs the Celtics in january. sickest shot of the year. man, cant get over it

  • Chris R. Loekken

    My favourite moment is when kobe hit the gamewinner against Heat. Man that still makes me giggle

  • elijah q

    Ron artest fighting paul pierce at tip off during the season set the tone for the whole team “were not going to be pushed around” this tiime

  • Str8 Ballin

    My Best Moment was:

    1. When the Lakers beat Celtics in Game 7 and Became the world Champion once again!

    2. Ron Artest finally got Ring!

    3. Lakers won Back 2 Back

    4. Kobe went to the Table and chanting “yeah got 5 rings” ( i think)

    5. Lakers 3Peat!!!

  • Maor

    For me the greatest moment this season was in fact the whole season, its impossible to pick just one moment because ALL was crucial on our way to the championship, can i talk about one of Kobe’s 7 buzzer beaters? Of course, will I? No, because i can remember every one and each one was just as crazy. What about all the playoff buzzer beater too? Gasol VS OKC, Ron VS PHX ETC, I can talk about that as well, but will I? NO, This whole season was one to not forget, and as much as i want to be the next guy to say, “The second we beat boston in game 7 to win the title.” I cant bring myself to say that, its an 82 game season, plus playoffs, the ultimate goal was 16 wins come playoff time and we got that, so if your asking me for my favorite lakers moment, my answer to you is, EVERY TIME I SEE THAT PURPLE AND GOLD! Whether its on TV, in person, or seeing Adam Morrison in the gym(i wear i did), Its always enjoyment to me, ever scince i was a 4 year old kid, watching the lakers 3 peat.

  • 100 Favors

    I know every true Lakers fan would say the game 7 win over Boston because it was the icing on the cake, our sweet sweet revenge. But as a true Lakers fan I would say my favorite Lakers moment would be their victory over those awful Portland Blazers and all without Kobe Bryant. And at the Rose Garden in which seems like forever we’ve won in there but makes the win more sweeter and impressive. All thanks to Ron with his 21 points and Lamar with his 22 rebounds and Shannon with an amazing 19 points off the bench. The bench played, everyone played and together as a team, Lakers beat the Blazers 99-82.

  • BringDFishBack

    Artest picking up Ariza’s shoe and throwing it off the court, showed the new edge this years team had compared to last years.

  • tradesasha

    it’s gotta be ron artest game 7 after the game presser….hands down the best!

  • poop

    shannon’s “greatest missed dunk of all time”

  • ilikebasketball

    kobe’s ass-tap on gentry.

    the stuff nba dreams are made of!

  • RobG81

    Seeing the hated Celtics walk of our home court defeated and we are crowned back to back champs!!!

  • Ajay Virk

    My favorite this moment of this past season had to be the celebration after Lakers won game 7. Odom throws the ball down court to Kobe and that moment of sigh of relief that we are once again the World Champions. Just seeing Fisher crying and Kobe celebrating showed that it really is about basketball and not about the money. Fisher tear’s represent the up and downs of this past season of fighting through the first round and WCF against the Suns. Watching Kobe celebrating was also watching a kid opening their gift on Christmas. But what really made my moment was Ron Artest. Ron was beyond crazy during the celebration. From his interview on the court with ESPN, to the locker room, his post game interview in the locker room.

    This to me was the greatest moment for me this year as a Laker fan. Seeing the players celebrate Championship #16.

  • NIck Angstadt

    Ronrons post game interview, and press conference basically anything that Ron did after we won. haha. Oh and winning the championship was pretty big.

  • http://Facebook Platinum06

    My favourite moment is RON ARTEST’s Game 7 press conference!

  • Jeff Little

    My favorite moment of the season was Derek Fisher’s performance in Game 3 of the NBA Finals to BEAT the Celtics in Boston! Kobe buzzer beater against the same team that wears green and white would rank second.

  • John

    When Artest got the winning shot against the Suns and redeemed himself from that awful 3 points shot.

  • chris esguerra

    …Pau’s double pump shot against 3 Greens..I thought it was a block but for some reason PAU manage to pump it and made it…..STAPLES CENTER where AMAZING happens.!!

  • Lakers4life

    …RONRON blowing kisses after making the 3-pt game 7…MVP Ron..

  • Marc

    When Kobe throws a game winning buzzer beater over Wade to beat the Miami Heat.

  • Kid Spanish

    When we signed Ron Artest

  • Shawn

    Ron Artest telling Craig Sager to say Queensbridge .

  • Pat69

    Best Moment: On December 4th, 2009, Lakers had a home game against Miami Heat. The epic battle between Kobe and Wade going at each other. In the 4th quarter, our favorite 6th man, Lamar Odom being ejected out of the game after getting a tech with Jermaine O’neal which is a very worrying situation, then comes with the clutch shot from non other than Derrick Fisher in couple of seconds left from the 4th quarter. Then Wade gets fouled and goes to the free throw line to shoot two. He makes one which gave a two point lead for the Heat but misses the second free throw shot. Lakers get the rebound and calls timeout. Then Kobe gets the ball and does the most amazing thing in out of his many buzzer beater games in 2009-2010 series, the best (in my opinion) buzzer game against the Heat. This game beats the game 7 finals game against Celtics on 2009-2010 just because it had that buzzer beater impact. Both games have history to it, (of course Lakers-Boston has a further history into it).
    Here is the amazing link to the video of Lakers vs. Miami Heat:

    • Pat69

      I apologize. I meant to say Derek Fisher, not Derrick.

  • Ilkin

    The best part to me was when Derek Fisher put all the guys on his shoulder in the fourth quarter in game 3 and caried them to victory and then was very emotional. That just showed me that you dont have to be the most athletic or the most talented, to be important to your team you have to be DEREK FISHER!!!!!

  • Toam Bechor

    One of my favorite moments of the season was when ron artest hit the game winner in the playoffs vs the suns and when kobe became the lakers all time leading scorer

    • Toam Bechor

      oh and when D-Fish scored that layup in the fourth quarter against the celtics

  • Sam

    Best moments for sure is Ron Ron’s shot and the best press conference interview he gave after winning.

  • Roly

    When Ron Artest went around the arena instead of participating in the Championship Ceremony.

  • muneeb syed

    my favourite moment has to be kobe bryant hitting that game winner at stapes center in the first round playoffs against the suns. The steal, the lay up and then the clutch shot over bell and diaw, classic!

  • B310

    Game 7 of the Finals.

  • JonJon21

    For me and many fans as well, the best moment would be when LO tossed the ball down court, the final seconds was ticking off, and Kobe running to retrieve the ball with one arm in the air. At that moment, we have beaten the hated Celtics to repeat. Priceless.

  • Alex Hacikoglu

    Kobes buzzer beater shot right in the face of dwyane wade. Proving who is better

  • Alex Hacikoglu

    kobes buzzer shot on the d wade. proving whos better

  • William

    My favorite moment had to be Game 6 of the NBA Finals! The Lakers saw that game as win right from the beginning. Seeing that elimination was upon them if within the next 48 minutes they’d unite to become 1, one team one goal! Showtime had come back, not only into the team but the city and its fans! I watched that game with the heart of watching our true laker potential. From the starting lineup to the bench everyone brought there champion talent to the floor. Defense is what wins games, and that’s what they did! It wasn’t that we needed to protect our lead, but they hustled for every ball even after being up 20 points. That showed us fans that the Los Angeles Lakers had come to win it! That was one of the most exciting games not just from the playoffs but from the whole season! I will never forget the diving plays of jordan Farmar for the ball to the sky alley oop dunks of shannon brown! That game is what marked the 16th title for Los Angeles and Game 7 was only the icing on the cake!

  • Alan Chung

    not exactly a moment, but I liked that one day where artest had blond hair with defense written in multiple languages on his head in purple.

  • lakers2000

    Winning Boston was definitely the best!

  • Pasha Mehrazar

    i think the post moment was when kobe missed the game winner against okc and gasol tipped it back in with like a second left, amazing.

  • wackywacker15

    My favorite moment from the regular season came against the Celtics in Boston. With time winding down, Kobe made an extremely difficult shot over Ray Allen. The Lakers had nearly been trailing the whole second half. Kobe’s heroics rescued the Lakers and silenced the Boston Garden!!!!! This was only a pre-cursor to an epic NBA Finals match up in which the lakers proved to be victorious. The victory during the regular season was a special one because it showed the lakers were still committed to getting sweet revenge and that they did not forget about 2008.

  • CandyMan

    I would like to thank my pshyciatrist. Awesome!
    Kobe’s asstap on Gentry. Terriffic!
    Dfish after game 3 Priceless!!!

  • Edwin Stanley

    My favorite moment was Lamar Odom driving and throwing down on the Celtics. Kobe was watching in the locker room, and you know he was going crazy!

  • bizdasdy

    Kobe Bryant game winner against Miami!!

  • bizdady

    oops Game winner Against Miami. My previous post can be deleted, I misspelled my name.

  • ohBreeeezy

    My favorite moment when Ron Artest signed with the Lakers.

  • theresa Clarke

    The best moment was watching the Lakers win the game 7 Finals live @ Staples Center. Me & my husband were way up in section 333. We drove all the way from Montana. But everything was worth it. It still give me goosebumps just thinkin about it. Lakers were down 13 points in the 3rd, I was very nervous, but I never lose hope. I prayed & I Believed. Very emotional & something I will always treasure for the rest of my life…

    • Willie Yohanna


  • Joseph

    “i’d like to thank my psychologist…”

  • Josh P

    When Kobe gave the butt pat to Gentry after nailing that dagger over Grant Hill

  • Sal

    2009-2010 was full with many great Lakers moments, but if I have to choose one of my greatest moments it would unquestionably be when Derek Fisher won the game in game 3 of the NBA finals against the Celtics. Fisher was a significant factor to that game. It really touched me during the interview when D-Fish was getting emotional. That just showed how much love he has for his family, team, fans, and the game! I will always treasure that moment! Lakers Nation is one big family!

  • Trent

    D Fish running lay-up with the And 1 against the C’s to secure the win!!

  • Faul

    When Kobe forced overtime with the Suns in the playoffs a couple of years ago and then made the game winning shot.

    • Willie Yohanna

      aaaaaaaahhhhhh….wrong season!

  • thatonelakerfan

    Kobe’s game winner vs the Celtics during the regular season

  • lilkobe24

    my favortie is gasol game winning put back in okc game 6

  • Willie Yohanna

    Best Laker moment of the 2009-2010 NBA season:

    While wearing the championship hat and holding the ball, Kobe went up on the reporters’ desk and opened his arms wide and celebrated facing the fans. It felt as if he was retaliating for the premature Celtic celebration in the 08 finals.
    It was my favorite moment because I was sick of hearing all the analysts on the radio and TV talking about Kobe not having a defining moment while comparing him to MJ and his moments (the reaction while making those 3’s against Portland in the 92 finals, the final shot/push against Russell, and the shot over Ehlo). So to see Kobe get his defining moment while beating the most hated team in America, has to be the BEST moment of the year!


  • Aaron

    best moment was when ron artest threw away trevors shoe near the crowds haha!

  • Harry

    the best moment was when kobe, despite ANOTHER finger injury against Minnesota playing through the entire season through all that pain to come through and give us another ring.

  • Zeki Kayiran

    Hard to pick just one. D-Fish tre to tie Game 7, then Ron-Ron’s points 18, 19, and 20; Pau basket after he was clearly fouled with about a minute and a half left (of course no call); Bynum gutting it out and holding his own on one leg; Sasha’s two free throws; Lamar being his unselfish self; and Kobe just being Kobe the entire playoff run. This was just as good as the 1985 win over the C’s.

    We got much better already, and look forward to No.17 next year.

  • Kevin

    NBA Finals: Game 3 – Fisher drives to basket with 48 seconds and fouled by Glen Davis and makes the basket. Then converges the free throw and wins game 3 for the lakers to regain home court advantage.

  • Leo

    game 6 against OKC when ron ron hit the winning buzzer shot. we rode this win all the way to the championship!!!

    • Leo

      sorry…i meant pau…

  • Luis

    my favorite moment was the comeback at the end of nba finals game 7.

  • Hugo Boss

    Being down by 13ish in game 7 of the finals and making the comeback to win. Priceless.

  • KM

    Best moment was the Artest tip in at the end, because you could feel the adrenaline, it was like a Finals game, and that momentum defensively carried over to game 1 and 2 of the finals, when it counted (when we got our 2 home court advantage games you knew it was a done deal we were going to win it this year~ painstakingly but we did)

    • KM

      game 5 VS Phoenix Suns,

  • Leo

    game 5 vs suns. ron ron with the buzzer beater! ron ron truly felt like he belonged in this one!

  • JayC25

    Game 7 NBA finals. Champions trump all.

  • TheFiasco

    DJ Mbenga coming in during garbage time against the Timberwolves and scoring 12 pts. Go Congo Cash!

  • Harrison

    Best moment was when I went to the Lakers-Thunder game on december 22 when me and my really good friend who is a chick sat in the 7th row right next to the Lakers tunnel so we got autographs from Pau Gasol DFish, Morrison, Mbenga, Powell, Farmar, and Sasha. I really liked this chick so i bet her a kiss that Kobe Bryant would score at least 40 points and he scored 40 points that game and i got my kiss and i asked her out after the game and she said yes and we are still together today. That is my best moment of the 2009-2010 Lakers season.

    • rawnoyz

      alright, you won!

    • Kam Pashai

      You’re disqualified since you already won in life.

  • Sheldon

    my favorite moment was surprisingly in the regular season when we were playing the Orlando Magic…we were the visiting team. Matt Barnes had an inbound pass, and attempted to get into Kobe’s head by fake throwing the ball in his face. lol. Kobe didnt flinch. Just this simple act sent a message to Matt, the Magic and the rest of the league. The Lakers are on a mission, and we are far from the team that lost in the finals in 2008, we are world beaters and wont back down from anybody!

  • TW

    Best moment?? Gotta go w/ Ron Rons game winning putback to beat the Suns after bricking a wide open three. What a moment!

  • Lakerfansincebirth

    My fave moment was the post game Fisher Interview where he was fighting back tears after putting the Lakers on his back in a crucial game 3 victory in Boston!
    I believe that this was the icing on the cake of what could and perhaps now whould be a hall of fame career.
    It shouldn’t be all about stats…but what your presence means to your team. Congrats to D Fish and the Lakers on a fantastic season….GO LAKERS!!!

  • David

    My favorite moment was winning the title for a redemption from the rivalry. although all the stats and all the predictions were against us, we were the underdogs that came out on top. back to back titles

  • http://TLN DanG13

    My favorite moment of last year had to be watching Ron Artest celebrate! Here’s a guy who is constantly criticized for making mistakes (on & off the court) and in the biggest game of his career comes through in a BIG way for his team! Watching his post game interview and seeing him be so candid & real/childlike was awesome, you could tell this meant the world to him.

  • Marcus

    My favorite moment by far is Kobe Bryant quieting Charles Barkley after game 6 vs the Sun.
    “There was a black mamba in Arizona tonight”

    • kobe-wan kenobi

      yup agreed
      that game was unbelievable
      pure greatness

  • MIchael

    My favorite moment was when Kobe Bryant made the game winning three against the Sacramento Kings after nearly stepping out of bounds. this is my favorite moment, not only because the Lakers won, but also because I was sitting just a few rows behind where kobe made that shot with my girlfriend. and just a few moments after that happened, i proposed to my wife and she said yes. So shoutout to Kobe from me and my fiance for helping me out with my proposal.

  • I

    My favorite moment was the game winning shot by Pau during the Oklahoma series. I was watching the game at a bar in Westwood with a friend. It started with only a few people in the bar but by the end of the game, we where surrounded by 50 people, just trying to watch the TV we were sitting next to. When the shot went in the Bar erupted into cheers. It will be one of my favorite sports memories.

  • JVic03

    Favorite moment……Seeing Ron’s crazy hairstyles in purple & gold….gotta love it !!!

  • Karlo B.


  • 09-10-11champs!

    Not a game winner , not a thriller at the end, not a Shannon Brown slam dunk.

    • kobe-wan kenobi

      preach it brotha
      that was not human
      i dont know how the fuck he did not flinch

  • TheFaze

    Best play? The fourth quarter of Game 7 of the Finals. One big play after another.

  • B.J. Boyer

    My favorite moment was raising the banner on opening night, and seeing the players get their rings. The guys worked so hard together, and were a cohesive, hard working unit. To see all their hard work pay off in such beautiful hardware was very satsfiying. The looks on the faces of Kobe, Pau, Fish, and Drew were priceless. Also raising the banner was such a sense of achievement. Regrouping after the tough Boston series, seeing the adjustments and time put in to work on each others games had to be great for our guys. Winning the DVD does not matter to me, I just wanted to give my input on a fantastic regular season and playoff run. I am very excited for the upcoming season.

    All that heat, cant stop this 3 peat.


  • Kobe&Kabab

    favorite moment has to be when D fish hits the three in game 7 to tie the game 64-64! we were back and you knewwwww we were gonna win it! back to back baby! three peat is coming…..

  • Nick “The Quick” Van Exel

    My favorite part of last season is when “Ron Ron” hit the three in game seven of the NBA Finals and blew a kiss to us the Lakers faithful. He showed in that one second of his NBA career that with hard work & dedication you can truly become a changed man, not only from a publicity stand point but in life!

    To quote Mike Breen “From the malice at the palace, to NBA Champion”

  • Jack Y.

    The best moment was Game 7 of the NBA Finals with Fisher hitting the three, followed by Artest’s three. It was an incredible turnaround after being down 13.

  • Arnar Robertsson

    My favorite moment was without a doubt Game 7.. wich was also my first NBA Game, so the joy was beyond magnificent.. seeing Fish hit that three with 6 min to go.. that made me belive we would win the title.. Ron Ron made me sure of it with his ‘banger’ wow.. what a nite!

    Keep up the good work here @ Lakersnation, you’re the best.

    kind regards from Iceland

    Arnar Robertsson

  • Jerome Jimenez

    End of Game 3. Derek Fisher was interviewed. Derek broke down into tears and confessed his love for the game and his team. That brought tears to my eyes and saw how much he really deserved to be the leader of the Lakers. No other player deserved this championship other than Derek Fisher. Thank God we still have him in our team!

  • sohail

    matt barnes tries to throw ball at kobe, kobe says are u kidding me, does NOT flinch

  • Than

    Favorite moment was when Ron Ron tipped in a missed last chance shot by Kobe against the OKC Thunder in game 5 of the 2010 playoffs. That win was the epiphany of Lakers basketball in 2010. With that, the team’s defense and offense flowed more efficiently causing them to bolt their way through the western conference and ultimately gave them the predigree to disseminate the Boston Celtics.

  • KB24!!

    My best moment is when Ron Artest AKA TRUEWARRIOR threw Ariza’s shoe into the crowd!

  • Bismark24

    Game winning shot Kobe had against the Heat with D. Wade guarding him……GOTTA LOVE IT!!

  • Chozn1

    My Favorite and most memorable play of the 2009-2010
    season was when kobe made an incredable shot through the back Board, against the nuggets if I remember correctly, & right after that play kobe stole the inbound & made a last second shot with his left hand at the buzzer. I bet not alot of people saw or remeber this because this happend during the preseason. I rarely miss any laker games, I even watch all the preseason games.

  • Abhishek Duggal

    Kobe’s buzzerbeater 3-pointer against the Sacramento Kings!

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  • Zach

    Favorite moment is a small one. The opening seconds of game 1 of the NBA Finals where Artest and Pierce had to be separated. It represented a change of mindset from 2008 to 2010 and it set the tone of the style of play the series would end up being. It also magnifed the impact of the Artest-Ariza switch as it gave our team a tough swagger.

  • Chad

    The big 4th quarter comeback in Game 7 of the NBA Finals against the Boston Celtics was probably the best moment ever.

  • bc18

    TLN, wheres the log in thingy? idk how to log in…

    anyways, my favorite moment of this year was when Mbenga colored his hair…lol

    OR when Sasha got into it with Dragic…

    OR when Paul Pierce punched the ref during the NBA Finals…lol

  • sean

    the best moment was the two big dunks by shannon brown in game 6 of the finals. i think that turned momentum around for us in the series

  • Steven Guadron

    Definitely seeing that great 4th quarter. to see our team break through and take it from the celtics.

  • L.Alaker_show

    ron artest game 7 hitting that 3 pointer then just blows some kisses

  • Vigilante

    My favorite moment was Kobe in game 6 vs the Suns. He hit a tough shot over Grant hill, then slapped Alvin Gentry on the butt says “you can’t guard me” or something like that. That was classic for me.

  • Jonathan

    My favorite moments are:

    1. Game 7 Finals 4th quarter.
    2. Kobe hitting that crazy jumper over Grant Hill in game 6 of the western conference finals and then slapping Alvin Gentry on the butt.
    3 Ron Artest with the put back game winner in game 5 of the western conference finals.
    4. Derek Fisher taking over in the 4th quarter of game 3 of the Finals at Boston.

  • Good D Betta O

    For me my favorite moment was the very last one with Kobe running down the court with his fist in the air. It symbolized the intense thrill of a winning a dogfight I thought we might lose. The relief and joy was a feeling I’ll never forget.

  • mo shahshahan

    game 7 by far

  • Dione James

    I know this might not win because everyone could say game 6 of the series vs Kevin durant and company with Gasol last basket the biggest basket out of his 9 points & 18 rebounds with 0.5 seconds left on the clock or Ron Artest not giving up on the play when Kobe shot was block. U can say it ain’t over til the fat lady sings & Ron save us that game an he also did it in game 7 too but I kept on telling my basketball friends an my players that Ron is suppose to score because just the year before he was a one of the best players on Houston & coming to L.A should have not stop him from scoring. I blame Phil for not going back to the basic with Ron like posting him up or moving him around. U guys have to remember dat this triangle offense is hard the first year ask Ariza, so Artest never to be blame but Phil didn’t ajust to Ron & what he brings. But my pick of the 2009-2010 season is not during the season but the off season. I choose Kobe for not letting his pride go to his head and asking for help. He went in the off season and ask the Dream for help. To learn low post moves and how to use his left hand. He dominated those defenders with his left n right because of all the injuries and not once did he blame any of his mishaps on his injuries. Not even MJ would ask for help and not will he ever ask another fellow 50th great. People have to understand that Kobe is on a mission to be better than MJ and if he want to surpass MJ, he has yo defeat the 3 headed monster in miami and it will seal the deal. So Kobe my advice for u is rest ur body for a long season n learn to shoot with ur left hand now as many jumpers as u can…”Let’s go L.A”.

  • OliviaSen

    The best moment of the 10-11 season is in game 3 of the finals. Dererk fisher had the ball, he came from all the way from the other end of the court to make a layup with three big celtics on him and was fouled. BEST MOMENT

  • PhillipC

    best moment of the 2009-2010 season is the 3 that fisher made in game 7 of the finals to tie the game against the Celtics. It was the best moment because it gave motivation to not only the Lakers but the fans.

  • trae

    Best Moment: Kobe’s off-balanced game-winning 3 vs. Miami on December 4, 2009.

  • Ruben Pacheco

    It has to be game seven. Coming back from down 2-3 in the series against the celtics and destroying thier hopes of another ring.

  • Maherjp

    When Kobe didn’t flinch at barnes ball fake!

  • RD

    Best moment if Artest hitting the final 3 in game 7 of the finals.

  • Sh0wT1Me24

    Moment of the year: Kobe’s 3pt Bank Shot Game Winner Against the Miami Heat with D-Wade on his jockstrap!!!..Kobe Bean Bryant”The Black Mamba”!!!

  • Scotty W

    The clock winding down in game 7, Kobe’s arms spread with joy, and Pierce’s head down as he slowly walked off the court. Sweet redemption.

    • Good D Betta O


  • humpinski

    Mine was being in the trenches in Boston, MA dressed from head to toe in Lakers gear game four and seeing how stressed the celtic fans were when the Lakers were winning; although they lost my girlfriend and I made one of the headlines in the Boston Globe, through a pic of us repping in purple and gold with Massholes giving us the grill face!!!!!!!!! See link

  • tizzle

    The best moment was Artest hitting the 3 in game 7 and then exclaiming, “I was so glad Kobe passed me the ball, cuz he never passes me the ball!”

  • Eric Ridgeway

    D-Fish in game 7

  • imfasterthanur

    Although many may disagree, the best moment was game-4 against The Oklahoma-City Thunder. We lost that game and realized that no one was going to crown us, After that game, there was a different attitude for our team, and we tore the rest of the west apart and brought that same intensity slug out a tough 7-game series against Boston.

  • Dtogawa

    My favorite moment was when Kobe ran to the scores table after winning game seven in the finals and pointing his finger in the air.

  • AJ

    Best moment: Kobe getting his knee drained in the Playoffs.

  • Billy Zepeda

    My favorite part of the road to redemption Nba title 2010 has to be Game 3 of the Finals; in Boston. The outlet pass to Derek Fisher, run, and basket was amazing. What I loved the most was Pau Gasol picking up his teammate and screaming with passion. Just knowing they are a family and take care of each other is inspiring. Derek Fisher holding his tears in a T.V interview made me as a fan so proud of him; for leaving everything on the court.

  • Robert

    Favorite moment was watching Pau Gasol emerge as a better big man against Boston and redeem himself by taking Garnet to school!

  • R T

    any one of 7 kobe’s buzzer beaters

  • fLAV

    From opening night to Mamba’s moments against Miami and Boston etc. If it’s gotta be one beating Boston in game 7. What could be better.

  • Peiman

    Best moment: Fisher winning game 3 of the finals for the lakers…Crying at the end of the game. Shows how much he wanted it and how much he loves basketball.


    Derek Freakin Fisher. It is not just one moment, one quarter, etc… This guy epitomizes the heart and soul of the Los Angeles Lakers. That 4th quarter in game three was like David beating Goliath. The play that encapsulates the teams heart and soul was that last minute drive when Fish took advantage of the Celtic defense. The celtic defense disrespected Fish by playing lackadaisical. They thought “Oh its Fish we can relax” and Fish burned them. Fish has been disrespected by most of the league this year and I am sorry to say by many Laker fans. They said “Fish retire” “you are garbage” “Let’s keep Shannon instead of Fish” “He is too old” The amount of abuse he has taken by a player from his own fans this year has been just over the top.

    And you know what Fish said to those fans after the season was over. Just two words “Thank You”. Nothing more.

    Do you guys remember right after game 3? You could see the emotion of a long hard fought year. He said,
    “I love what I do. Nothing means more than to help this team win” That is what Fisher is all about.

  • celtickilla

    When Ron Artest thanked his psychiatrist.

  • richtown

    October 27th 2010 -Tip-off to the 2009-2010 season
    Reason 1- the season was finally starting
    Reason 2- first time seeing atest in a Lakers uni
    Reason 3 – all the true fans knew how the season was going to end


    rons press conference

  • Battlesaxe

    on vacation in cali for the 1st time and getting tix to game 5 vs suns and seeing Artest hit a buzzer beater.

  • Michael_23

    My favorite moment was game 7 of the NBA finals when the Lakers beat the Boston Celtics. Down by 13 in the 3rd and with Kobe’s legacy and the Lakers as a franchise was all in the line. Losing to another team other than the Celtics. Fine. But if the Lakers were to lose to Celtics at home in would spill catastrophe! It’s almost putting your career on the line. Kobe was very honest to the media that we was caught up in the moment and it was so hard to the Celtics and he said he gots 1 more ring than Shaq!

    If the Lakers lost that came, it would probably mean the end for Phil Jackson and Derek Fisher with an unsure off-season of uncertainty and doubt.


      funny how certain small events can grow into life changing and defining moments.all of what you just commented on could have been the difference between the end of our dynasty or our second threepeat!! go lakers!!

  • Ahambone

    My favorite moment of the 09-10 season? A just-inserted Sasha gets fouled with seconds left in game 7. If he makes these, it’s game over. So with all the pressure in the world on him, the camera zooms in for a closeup right as he’s about to take the first FT…and he takes the time out to fix his hair & eyebrows. Crunchtime, smunchtime.

  • Janet

    Best thing of the season was it all boiling down to Game 7, LA-Boston. Lakers were down most of the game and played horrible the first half. So many emotions running inside of me and my friends. We were nervous wrecks. For them to come back and win, especially against Boston, I will never forget that game, that day, and our joy. Thank you Lakers! =]

  • lalo76

    Best moment was Kobe running after the ball at the end of game 7,with his arm up.

  • Chris

    My favorite moment has to be the look on the Celtics’ faces as the final free throw was sunk by Vujajic. That free going in was the seal on the coffin. It meant that they got no chance in hell.

    Another moment is Kobe chasing the ball like a little kid in the final seconds of the game.

  • Mecka

    lol i got banned from the shoutbox…

    • kobe-wan kenobi

      what did u do to get banned?


    WTF why am i banned from the shoutbox…

  • Karen

    All of Kobe’s game winners! What a BEAST! Inhuman…

  • http://LakersNation Ira Schwartz

    THE FINALS MEMORIES: Relishing every moment…every game, minute by grueling minute….having the confidence that our Lakers would, indeed, prevail. Conitinuing that faith throughout…the silence after game six to all the naysayers, all the while knowing we would pull this off…

  • Kristie

    Best moment has to be the final seconds in game seven for the championship…Sasha steps up to the line and seals the game for us with two made free throws…Who would have ever guessed that the game would come down to Sasha…

  • mr.laker

    Too many moments, but I have three I can narrow it down to. One has to be when Kobe was goin crazy againts Boston at the garden in either game 4 or 5 and D-Wade was in the crowd. After Kobe makes a super far out three, D-Wade shakes his head and says “Damn”.

    Next one is in Game 6 in Phoenix when Kobe makes back to back fadeaways and then smacks Alvin Gentry on the azz!

    And Finally, one of my favorite Kobe game winners, his first of the season when Kobe hit the fading sideways three bank shot over Wade!

  • Say Queensbridge

    Best moment was the feeling of coming back and beating your worst enemy for a championship and getting to watch it all with your family and friends.

  • LA Forever

    Game 7. Enough said.

  • johnny – westcoast21

    Best Moment for me was the celebration of the title. Just seeing the emotion of the players was memorable

  • JayBeezy

    Winning the CHAMPIONSHIP!

  • lakers3peat


  • laughoutloud

    Best moment- Matt Barnes fake out to Kobe and kobe didnt flinch

  • scoobs

    favorite moment was being there at staples center for game 1 of the finals!!!

  • lakerjay

    this is a easy one game 3 of the nba finales fisher hit five big buckets in the fourth quarter to help us win.including a lay up on three celtics defenders.i had flash backs of horrys game winner vs the kings and fish 0.4 vs the spurs.its plays like that which define the lakers.yeah were the best but we are destined to win.

  • Devon

    Best moment of season was seeing a Celtic great, bill russell, give a Laker, Kobe, his second Finals MVP ( newly named after Bill Russell) at the expense of the Celtics.

  • Romel

    My favorite moment was dfish’s layup over big baby in game 2

  • Romel

    My bad I mean game 3

  • BiggestLakerFan22

    D-Fish’s layup on a fast break against not 1, not 2, but 3 celtics late in the 4th quarter to lead the Lakers to a Game 3 win and a crushing blow to the celtics in the finals.

  • Ritesh

    All the Kobe buzzer beaters (In order of favorite)
    1. Miami
    2. Boston
    3. Kings (Loved how he was standing right in the Kings bench when he made it).
    4. Bucks
    5. Toronto
    6. Memphis

  • Julian Ruvalcaba

    When kobe hits those tough shots against the suns in game 6 in the fourth quarter, i was going crazy on my house cause I hate the suns and because im a Big Kobe Bryant fan, he look just like Jordan in that game it was unbelibable.

  • Wanderlust

    My favorite moment was when the entire crowd simultaneously yelled “NO!” when Ron Artest jacked up his shot in Game 5. I feel that it showed the unity and passion of the Lakers Fans, as well as their collective knowledge that it was a terrible shot.

  • Nicole

    When Paul pierce punched the ref in the face

  • dustin devers

    Every second of everyday with the Lakers since 96′ 3 peat. No one is better

  • Tavonte Drakeford

    My favorite moment from this 209-2010 season has to be game 7 of the nba finals… kobe and ron artest reaction to the buzzer going off was priceless

  • Lupe Vega

    The Best Laker moment of the 2009-2010 season I say it would have to be when Kobe made the buzzer beater against the Miami Heat it was crazy how the ball left his hands in 0.4 seconds left and the crowd was just standing up already just looking at the ball then SWISH the ball goes in and everyone goes crazy in the Staples Center and how funny how Kobe did that in Wades face. It was just Incredible!

  • yopeepz

    the best moment was…

    when the lakers raised the trophy up high smiling with sweet revenge! and hell yeah we beat our number one nemisis, the celtics!

  • daboss1849

    The best moment was during game 7. I took Vanessa to the locker room and fucced her azz like i was kobe fuccing that slut in colorado. Vanessa came like someone shook a champagne bottle all over me. If i try hard enough I can still smell it. I am the 2010 champion…


    D-Fish post game interview with the emotions running high. , game 3 vs the celts. Moments after he just grabbed the rebound, took it coast to coast, got the and one with KG, big baby, ray ray and pierce. His emotions after the game showed us just how much heart Fish has and how hard he played in that game. He won game 3 for us in beantown,,,,,,,,,,,,,BAD ASS! and I quote “I love this game, I love this team, I love this guy and I love what I do and nothing means more to me than helping this team wim” nuff said!


  • http://Lakersnation April

    I think the season was amazing. At the end of the regular season the Lakers were in a slump but they banned together as a team & won the championship again. I think game 7 was amazing. It had all the hipe everyone wanted. I loved that Ron was amazing & he wonn his !st championship.



    • tradesasha

      what happen mecka?

      • MECKA

        Hater must of reported me for spamming or something…I smell B.S….o well… I’ll be back

  • Kevin

    My favorite moment was against the Spurs in the regular season when Ron Artest scored on a putback then blew kisses to the fans.

  • Himan

    On Dec 4, my family had a really tough day and we all were sitting and watching the lakers-miami game that evening. Just like the day, the game started to go south for the lakers with the blown lead, odom’s ejection…..but, just to rejuvenate everyone, i made a comment when lakers were down 4 in the last few secs that lakers would win and Kobe would hit the game winner. Rest as we all know is history, but that evening gave all of us @ home some hope to never stop believing and to move forward.

  • Amir

    Artest shutting down Carmelo vs Denver in the reg. season and frustrating him to the point where Melo fouls out on an offensive foul!!!

  • Josh

    3 words, “I got Wheaties!”

  • L8KER24

    My favorite moment was seeing Ron Artest in Hollywood after game 7 wearing his Laker jersey!!!

  • L8KER24

    My other favorite moment was when Artest hit the big 3 (“when kobe passed me the ball” lol) late in game 7 when he threw kisses to the crowd.

  • Lakertastic

    The moment was during the playoffs and Ron Artest put up a three when no one in the building told him not too. Noooooo!!!! Lakernation said but he put it up anyway and missing!!! That was too funny!!! And then he redeems himself by making the game winning shot. Absolutely FANTASTIC. STAPLES were AMAZING HAPPENS!!!

  • Miguel Gonzalez

    Best moments kobe hitting game winners vs bucks,raptors,celtics,kings,heat and mavericks!

  • tomek22

    favorite moment was kobe bryant unstoppable vs suns, game 6….dagger after dagger after dagger

  • LOL


  • UGH !!

    im only 7 years old but whats horny mean?

  • kobe1211

    best moment had to be game 3 of the finals against boston…fishers emotion described it all

  • Adhi Prawira

    My favorite 2009-10 Lakers moment is seeing Ron Artest jumping after the final buzzer like winning 200 million dollar lottery while seeing the Celtics walking off the court dejected

  • Kobe 279

    the best moment is when Lamar Odom threw the ball on the side of the court to Kobe in game 7 when the Lakers won back to back titles.

  • Steve

    Kobes banked in 3 over Dwade at the buzzer was hands down the most exciting moment of the season. Hearing all the wheelchair chants while we beat the celtics for the championship was probably the best overall though.

  • andy2000

    got to be game 6 veryone contributed and its a team wins.
    kendrick perkins went down with broken knees was price less.

  • Mr. EiGhTy-OnE

    18-0 run vs Atlanta

  • Patrick Chewing

    SOOOO many great moments but I would have to say that the moment I enjoyed most would have to be when Ron was on that lock down stretch of great SF, it was highlighted by the game he put on Melo… Only change we made was for Ron and he was beginning to show us why he’s there…

    Kobe buzzer beaters, Gasol tip in OKC, Ron put back vs PHX and of course beating the Celtics was awesome!!

  • Brian Yoo

    HAS to be the game 7 of the NBA Finals, 4th quarter. We were down by 13 in the 3rd quarter, and doubts kept building up like a snowball rolling down from an avalanche. Slowly we came back in the 4th with our tough and gritty play, and WE WON BACK TO BACK!

  • ehhdeerow

    kobe’s game winning three against the miami heat

  • LANative

    for me Game 3 NBA Finals. How fish lead us once again to victory. Without him Kobe might not have had rings. Kobe’s never won w/o fish, fish’s never won w/o Kobe. No one has won it w/o PJ.

    Damn, this makes my fav moment the day phil said he’s coming back. man i dont know…

  • curlette

    favorite moment of the laker season? when barkley said Kobe’s 30 pt nights are over. and Kobe scored 30 for a couple straight games then he broke his streak by having just 20 somethng pts but double digit assists

    and 4th quarter of game 7. boy the crowd was loud !!!

  • David

    Shannon Brown: the greatest missed dunk of all time.

  • andrew

    Can’t wait til next season to start!

  • Weelo111

    M. Barnes pump fakes a pass to Kobe’s grill & The Black Mamba doesn’t skip a beat.

  • Alain Lloyd Antipuesto

    as far as my favorite moment is said, there is ALOT to mention. The one that stood out to me the most was the playoff series with the Thunders. We showed the entire league that age doesn’t matter. Sure they took us to 6 games, but in the end, the greatest team of all time stood out and shined the most. That was our wake up call, it was Kobe’s injection to scored 30+ points consecutively. I believe that series was my favorite moment.

  • LakrGrl182

    My brother and I went absolutely crazy after Kobe’s game-winner against the Heat.. amazing game!!

  • Ed D.

    Ron Artest’s 3-point shot with a minute left to play in the 4 qtr of Game 7 vs. the Celts. Big time shot! You have to be happy for him to win his first ring. My whole family got crazy when that ball went through the net. Even my grandma went crazy!

  • MrL

    My favorite moment is when Artest hit that three and redeemed himself for the whole season + playoffs (including the finals) so that I would not regret getting his jersey at the beginning of the season (I got it as a birthday present but I asked for it though, cause Ronald W. Artest, Jr. is my boy!).

  • Carlos

    all the good moments from the playoffs were fckin great.. but my favorite moment was when i got back home from loooong day in school turn on my tv and kobe gets the inbound and makes the jumper over wade to win then game
    i was so glad i didnt miss it

  • stucktrader

    favorite moment. Kobe closing out the Suns in the WCF… The pat on Coach Gentry’s tush… nice touch. He shot lights out with 3 healthy digits on his shooting and a leg that was drained with fluid days earlier…

  • steven bi

    the best moment is when kobe bill rus. hand to MVP award to kobe bryant….lets go lakers for the three-peat…..

  • Robert.

    Hands down: Ron-Ron’s post Championship press conference.
    Honorable mention: Ron-Ron blowing kisses to crowd.
    Slight explanation: this year was ‘redemption’ for various reasons: 1) Malice at the Palace: it lifted the pall over Ron Artest; 2) it forced the rest of the NBA (+ media) to swallow their disdain of Artest, the Lakers, and Kobe. 3) Ron-Ron is the key to victory over Celtics- redemption from 2008.
    The press conference summarized the whole year. What a joy for ALL of LA. Ron-Ron has found a home, and we have found a hero.

  • Johnny Tran

    When the crowd chants “BOSTON SUCKS” in almost every Laker game.

  • Richard Lee

    A memorable moment was when Sasha Vujacic hit the two clutch free throws to extend the Lakers lead. I like how he celebrated with Kobe at the end. They vividly gleamed their eyes at each other with complete bliss. We all know that Vujacic can be feisty and all over the place at times, but knowing he did something in a crucial moment like that was probably the highlight of his career.

  • lakervin

    artest wrestling paul pierce at the start of the finals game 1.

  • PauloS

    Derek Fisher getting emotional after Game 3 Final Series.

  • Matteo

    Artest’s 3 pointer at the finals gmae 7 and….most importantly his press conference

  • Matt OD

    Kobes GW shot over D-Wade. *Glass*

  • PRLaker

    the best momen was watching the lakers celebrate while the celtics left the court and headed to locker room to cry

  • roball

    Favorite moment this year was the combination of the bitter taste after hearing PAUL PIERCE say “We ain’t coming back to LA” after their Game 2 victory at STAPLES, combined with the sweetest feeling of Kobe going after that long pass ahead from Lamar as the final result was cemented in history… I’m guessing Pierce didn’t eat for a week after having to swallow his words. Priceless.

  • Michael

    Pau’s outlet to Kobe at the end of game 7 to clinch back-to-back titles!

  • Darren

    The best moment of the year was probably the 2 Vujacic free throws. It brought back memories of the 2007-08 Vujacic! Sasha is my second most favorite laker after Kobe. It was a tough 2 years for Sasha. I hope the Lakers don’t trade him. He’s a keeper. A future Fisher in my opinion.

  • Rikker

    Best moment Artest put back shot against the Suns , he became a true Laker

  • Dan

    Where is the blu-ray?

    It sucks to have watched all the games in hi-def and then not be able to get the championship dvd in blu-ray format!!!

  • Naman

    Besides the entire 2010 playoff run, I think the best moment of the season was when kobe sat out a couple of games and the lakers managed to win some big games…including one in portland…i felt that really showed the resolve and talent of the team

  • ColStac

    Watching Kobe stick those impossible daggers into the hearts of Phoenix Suns fans down the stretch in game 6. How good it felt to oust the team that had eliminated us so many times. It was also incredible to see Kobe, once again, silencing all the haters and critics who said he was “washed up” or even “too old”.

  • Stan

    Last game of the 2010 season… as much as I wanted the Lakers to sweep the Celtics and avoid the drama… it was more memorable than I could’ve ever imagined it… from being tied 1-1 going to Boston; Pierce’s comment about not coming back to LA (and him backtracking after Fisher’s heroic game 3); down 2-3 coming back to LA… all leading up to the final game to decide it all… and down for much of the game until they broke through in the final minutes. Best of all… for my 3-month old to watch the Lakers win it with me and the stories I’ll be telling him as he grows up.

  • MyJohnsonIsMagic

    The pass Kobe fed to Ron Ron to make ‘The Shot’ that sealed the deal :P

  • ATM 23

    My favorite Lakers moment of the 2009-2010 NBA Season is when Kobe was making clutch shot after clutch shot against the Phoenix Suns in Game 6 of the Western Conference Finals. Then he gave Alvin Gentry a little nudge. :)

  • deejayslim

    For me, the best moment of the Lakers’ 2009-2010 season
    was at the win against Charlotte, where Pau Gasol had an amazing steal that prevented the Bobcat’s from tying the game and gave the Lakers the win. The game in itself was a big win for the Lakers. Kobe had re-aggravated his left foot when L.O stepped on it. He even had to leave the game for a while. Kobe ended up scoring a season-low 5 points. Now, when Kobe scores 5 points, us Laker fans think it results with a Loss. However, other Laker players, Bynum, L.O, Pau, and Ron-Ron stepped up big time and contributed in the Lakers W. In addition to being a really close game, Kobe Bryant before the game, was honored before the game by Jerry West himself, by surpassing him as Lakers franchise all-time scorer. Also in addition, with the win against the Bobcats, Phil Jackson became the all-time winningest coach in Laker history. This Laker moment really sealed a shift from old to new Laker greats. In the Laker history book now, for scoring, Kobe Bryant tops the list. For coaching, Phil Jackson tops the list. Two names that began their Laker career during my generation (18 y.o)

  • deejayslim

    The best moment of the Lakers’ 2009-2010 season
    was at the win against Charlotte, where Pau Gasol had an amazing steal that prevented the Bobcat’s from tying the game and gave the Lakers the win. The game in itself was a big win for the Lakers. Kobe had re-aggravated his left foot when L.O stepped on it. He even had to leave the game for a while. Kobe ended up scoring a season-low 5 points. Now, when Kobe scores 5 points, us Laker fans think it results with a Loss. However, other Laker players, Bynum, L.O, Pau, and Ron-Ron stepped up big time and contributed in the Lakers W. In addition to being a really close game, Kobe Bryant before the game, was honored before the game by Jerry West himself, by surpassing him as Lakers franchise all-time scorer. Also in addition, with the win against the Bobcats, Phil Jackson became the all-time winningest coach in Laker history. This Laker moment really sealed a shift from old to new Laker greats. In the Laker history book now, for scoring, Kobe Bryant tops the list. For coaching, Phil Jackson tops the list. Two names that began their Laker career during my generation (18 y.o)

  • Scott

    Although it wasn’t the most important moment, I think the interview that Fish gave after the Finals game 3 when he got emotional showed what kind of man he is. That moment stands out in my mind the most vivid.


    My fav moment gotta be game 3 of the finals. When Fish started looking like the black mamba and closed the game out!

  • Adam Gong

    My favorite Lakers moment of the 2009-2010 season was Ron Artest’s press conference after Game 7 of the NBA Finals.

  • 3queens_can-eat-it

    Ronron’s statement saying”I’m not going to Disneyland I’m going to Compton” (I think) and watching the celtics cry it literaly brought tears of joy to my eyes

  • LAL_2

    My favorite moment of the 2009-2010 season was during the first pre-season game against the Golden State Warriors at the Honda Center in Anaheim. Sitting in the 6th row to see SHANNON BROWN in the 2nd quarter steal the ball from Corey Maggette, run past his defender, take two giant steps towards Mikki Moore AND… LETSHANNONDUNK!!! EVERYONE WENT NUTS!!! Being there to see them up close for the first time was already amazing! Then to see Shannon Brown posterize Mikki Moore was the icing on the cake! :)
    (If some of you don’t know what I’m talking about heres the link:

    I’ve been a fan of this franchise since I was 8. That was back in 98′. Now I’m 19, and this season I FINALLY saw them live and FINALLY went to a parade. Next season I have to see them at the Staples Center… Maybe seeing them there will give a favorite moment for the 2010-2011 season… LOL

  • lakeb

    when pau blocked pierce at the end of game 7. that was the explanation point in saying “NOT THIS YEAR BITCH!”

  • LALRJav

    Best moment of the season was fisher in game 3 against the celtics or kobe against al gentry in game 6

  • Sadiq

    Best moment, without a doubt, would be when Fisher hit that layup vs. Boston and got fouled in Game 3. Just unbelievable.

  • Sadiq

    As someone mentioned earlier, the interview after Game 3 with Fish was awesome as well. I was always one of those guys that did not like Fisher much, but he definitely earned my respect in these finals

  • Mike A.

    My favorite moment of the 2010 Finals is Game 3 in a pre-game interview when D-Fish was asked how he feels about Pierce saying “Lakers won’t be going back home for a game 5.” He then stares at the reporter with a killer instinct game mode face and says nothing for about 10 seconds! That’s when i knew Fish was going to take over game 3 and indeed he did in the 4th quarter. I will never forget that moment and the emotional post game interview he gave us as well.

  • GLee

    Game 3 when fisher beat the celtics. Shows that the lakers aren’t just made of stars, but of quality role players who make big plays after big plays.



  • Mike

    My favorite moment was when Ron Artest hit dat HUGE GAME WINNER in game 5 against the suns in the playoffs!!!

  • dru

    For me, favorite Lakers moment was Kobe and Ron Ron hugging like little kids when Artest made that putback layup vs the Suns.

  • Chris

    Kobe game winner against Ray Allen

  • Andrewc316

    Ron Rons late 3 in G7

  • MannyFlores26

    As for me, I think my favorite moment of the season was just proving everybody wrong about Artest and Ariza. Saying that Ron was gonna screw everything up and a lot of Lakers fan said we want Ariza back. And when they won the championship AGAINST boston, it just made it so much better. Ron came and he proved himself. And when Artest hit that three in game 7, it was amazing. He got his ring and what better team to do it with then the Lakers! So thats my favorite moment. Artest’s season as a Laker…

  • Jhovany Gonzalez

    my favorite moment: Derek Fisher’s performance in game 3 of the finals. Go FISH!!!!!!!!!!

  • Kevin Moreno

    Best moment of this title run was game 3 of the NBA finals when Derek Fisher once again proved his heart of a champion and willed us to a must-win! To top it off was his emotional interview after the game, even made me get emotional. Gotta love D-Fish, gotta love the LAKERS! 3-peat!

  • Alexandra

    Ron-Ron’s game winning, buzzer beater against the Phoenix Suns in game 5 of the Western Conference Final! :D

    His pressers isn’t far down either. Hehe

  • Shariq

    Best Moment of the 2009-2010 NBA Season was definitely the last seconds of Game 7 of the NBA Finals against the Boston “Sucks” Celtics and you could just see the joy and happiness on everyone’s face, Especially Ron Artest!

  • mike

    Derek Fisher single-handedly stealing Game 3 in Boston with a few gutsy plays to gain back home court advantage in the NBA Finals.

  • jase21

    Best momment has to be Ron Ron’s overall play in Game 7! We were waiting for him to break out all year and when the time came, the only laker without a ring STEPED up and showed nothing was going to get in the way of him and his ring. BOSTON SUCKS!

  • LAL818

    i gotta same best moments were game Game 6 when our bench started to kill their big 3 with amazing dunks and fast break points… no compatition there

  • Andres

    Best moment of the 09-10 season for me was Artest’s 3 point shot late in Game 7 of the Finals when he blew kisses to the crowd. Very gutsy shot which cemented his place in Laker playoff history. And only Ron Ron would blow kisses to the crowd! Man of the people.

  • No. 1 Lakers Fan

    Best regular season Laker moments of the season were Kobe’s 6 buzzer beaters. Best playoff moments were Pao Gasol’s tip in Game 6 against Oklahoma CIty and Ron Artest’s final shot in Game 5 against Phoenix.

  • BeccaMo.

    My favorite moment was when Ron Artest made his 3 point shot (cuz the man can’t shoot!) and also his winning speech at the end when he thanked his psychiatrist. Haha priceless!

  • kb24isthebest

    I actually really liked this season, it was a long and nice run and it had a lot of magical game winners. But my ultimate favorite was the 3 against Miami, I remember watching that game and I couldn’t even talk after it happened I was just speechless and moments like that just make you happy to be able to watch one of the greatest to ever play the and appreciate all that he has done.

  • Khurram E

    Best moment: Time expiring and Kobe running after the ball & Staples goin wild alongwith the city of L.A.

  • Xevin

    The best moment of the season was the final buzzer in game 7. Realizing we had actually beat the Celtics in 7 games, we rejoiced and cried like babies.

  • Ashraf Dadabhoy

    My fav moment was Sashas 2 free throws that sealed games 7…after having a horrid year…coming in cold off the bench…fixing his hair at the line and as cold as ice knocking down both shots like they were nothing…sealed the game the series and brought redemption to a city…a perfect serbian-hollywood ending…

  • Ryan

    The best moment of the season was the when Ron Artest press conference after Game 7 and he was so happy to get his WHEATIES and brought his whole family to the podium.

  • Bryan Bowman

    best moment is when dfish hit three to tie game 7 late in the fourth

  • Ryan

    Best Moment: Game 1 Finals, Ron Ron going toe to toe with Boston’s best supporting actress “37” seconds in. At that point all true Laker fans new this was going to be a different series.

    • LbC Ya562

      It was only “27” seconds, but good moment tho.

  • Chris

    Kobe’s game winner in OT against the kings. To be able to free himself up off the screen and balance his left foot up so it didn’t go out. The D-Wade game winner mightn’t better: lost his balance on the inbound and still manage to catch and shoot a fall to the left game winner over an all-star player like wade. So awesome.

  • Osanna

    Definitely the final minutes of Game 7 in the Finals and the postgame celebration by the players. And of course Ron’s postgame press conference!

  • William E Mapes

    I have 2 favorite moments from this season. First is being there for the unveiling of Chick Hearns Statue out in front of the Staples Center, seeing all the past and present Lakers and the organization there was so touching and inspiring. From shaking Kareems hand to joking with Byron about coaching in LA, it was a day I will never forget. My second favorite moment was in the fourth quarter of game seven against Boston, after trailing for the first three periods our Lakers did not let us down as they surged ahead and closed out one of the greatest series and Championships in many years. I was able to atrend my seventh Laker Parade because of it. Thanks to The World Champion Los Angeles Lakers for once again spoiling us fans with another ring.

  • erick rivera

    My favorite moment of the 2009-2010 season was game 7 vs the celtics in the nba finals. Wow what a game it was, that has to be my favorite game of all times. Best moments derek and arest hitting those 3-point shots, it had pumped up the crowd and it had pumped me up too. Im a true Laker fan, ive never gone against them and never will….three-peat bbie we got this : )

  • Justin Kim

    2 favorite moments:
    1) Derek Fisher taking over Game 3 of the finals. Without him in that game we probably wouldn’t have won the title. People seem to forget that.
    2) Game 7 was epic. Seeing Kobe after the game was over stretching his arms out with the confetti falling down was sick.

  • MicL

    My favorite moment of the 2010 Lakers season was beating the Loston Smeltics Opps I meant the Boston Celtics! LOL!!! I can’t stand those arrogant guys! I really enjoyed the Lakers making Paula Pierce dang there I go again wit the name callin! Sorry… LOL!!! Paul Pierce eat his words by not only comming back to LA but ultimately winning it their too!!! I guess they lost their four leaf clover! Go LAKERS!!! Soon to be the 2011 NBA Champs! LA ALL DAY!!!

  • Jo24

    I think that Shannon Brown alley-oop in game 6.

  • LbC Ya562

    On another note, R.I.P. Lorenzen Wright


    Too many good moments through out the season to just single out one. However, I think the last few seconds of Game 7 vs the Celitcs had to be the moment. Finally, getting revenge on Bosotn, Kobe getting 1 more then Shaq, and Pau showing everyone that he is tough enough!
    With Pau rebounding the ball, passing it to Lamar who throws out it out ahead and Kobe chases it down as time expires. The rest of the Lakers run toward him and he gets mobbed as Artest runs around in circles and gives his amazing interview! Definitely had to be the moment of not only last year but my favorite Laker moment ever!

  • Gogo

    Kobe’s buzzer beater against Miami.

  • datruthbme11

    was whenn everybody was saying that the celtics were going to win…in 5 or 6

  • Baer35

    The best moment of this season was when Kobe Bryant passed Jerry West to become the Lakers all Time leading scorer. Its all about the legacy. Can you say greatest Laker ever.

  • yoni Gliksman

    when farmar dunked on kevin garnett

  • Joeljr22

    The best moment for me was at the end of game 7 when Ron Artest finally got his championship ring. All of the Lakers deserved it: Kobe, Gasol, Fisher, Bynum, Odom, Sasha, Brown, etc.. but I was glad to see Artest get his ring. You could tell he was genuinely happy and excited. Glad the Lake Show got to repeat!

  • JC Herrera

    Hands down, the home game vs Miami 12/04/09. LA down 105-107 but its Laker ball, Artest inbounds to Kobe and he shoots a long three over D. Wade with .4 seconds left on the clock and hits as the clock expires for the 108-107 victory over the Heat! The team and crowd go wild! I love LA.

  • Jordan

    Too many moments. Artest’s redemption in Phoenix with the game winner.

  • Ross

    The best moment was the buzzer at Game 7 when Kobe went running down the court to get the basketball! The Lakers beating the Celtics for the ring in 7…it doesn’t get any sweeter than that.

  • Trenton Calabia

    When I watched the ball sail down the court and Kobe ran to pick it up and the look on his face when he ran back to the team knowing they had just won back to back championships.

    That was amazing defense they played that game.

  • JNee

    Shannon Brown’s put back dunk of Bynum’s missed free-throw during game 3 in PHX.

  • SteakandEggs

    Best moment is Ron’s postgame interview/press conference!

  • pricelesst

    Lakers @ magic. Kobe vs Matt Barnes (and the fake pass). If kobe flinches even one bit , his credibility is down the drain. That’s just a testament to kobe’s toughness and incomparable competitiveness.

    Till this day, I still dont know how ANYONE doesnt flinch at that!

  • b2kt

    favorite moment was kobe’s game winner new years day against the kings. i love that it was right in front of the king’s bench


    Kobe`s winning shot during the season,
    Kobe`s clutch play against the suns in the WCF game 6,
    and my best was the last 1:30 of game 7 of the finals.

  • DubG

    The best moment of this past season has to be the playoffs. We got our 16th NBA trophy and along the way took revenge on two teams that had beaten us in the playoffs, the Suns and the Celtics.

  • uzzie

    There’s been so many amazing moments this past season but if I had to pick one it would have to be Fish in game 3 of the finals with the layup and the foul. It showed what an integral leader and player Fish is for the Lake show.

  • Ryan

    Best moment was Ron Ron hitting that big three to help seal the deal in Game 7. Dude worked his ass of without complaint all season. He was my favorite Laker for the season.

  • John

    My favorite moment was after game 7 of the NBA Finals. When Ron was all hyper cause he won his first ring.


    best moment seeing kobe chASE THAT bALL DOWN AS THE CLOCK WENT to :OO ..


    Kobe Bryant’s game winning buzzer beater over Dwyane Wade on December 4, 2009. The 1st of 6 game winners of the regular season!!!!

  • Lakers!!!!

    Best 2010 nba finals, was game 3 towards the end when Celtics missed the shot, and Fisher got the rebound and took it home for an and 1 to seal the victory! :)