The Lakers kick off against Rockets and finish in Sacramento. CHECK OUT THE SCHEDULE HERE!

ESPN: Fans of the Los Angeles Lakers and Boston Celtics will have to wait until January for their NBA Finals rematch. The Lakers and Celtics will meet for the first time since the Lakers won Game 7 of the NBA Finals on Jan. 30 in Los Angeles, in a game to be televised on ABC. The rematch in Boston comes Feb. 10.

The NBA unveiled its full 2010-11 schedule Tuesday after releasing portions of it a week ago. The Miami Heat’s first game, on Oct. 26 at Boston, and first matchup with the defending champion Lakers on Christmas already had been announced.

The announcement also made official Dec. 2 as the date for LeBron James’ return to Cleveland.

Fans who watched the kid from Akron turn the Cavaliers into one of the league’s best teams were irate when James went on ESPN last month to announce he was leaving as a free agent.

Chris Bosh, who like James went to Miami to form an All-Star trio with Dwyane Wade, will face his old team for the first time when the Heat visit Toronto on Feb. 16.

ESPN and ABC will televise a total of 90 games, with all 75 ESPN games also available on and many games on ESPN Mobile TV.

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  • jackjackjackasssasssa

    bring in shaq and wade and lebron. and c who the jack ass . kobe is the hero and they are the jack asssesss

  • Celtics Suck Nuts

    If LA Lakers can deny drives and clog the paint, I don’t think Wade and LeChoke can stroke it all game long.

  • karkrazie626

    I’m a huge NBA and laker fan, I say we boycot the Christmas game. With Miami players saying they will sell out every road game, as lakers fan do not buy tickets to that game. Let’s stay home save the $500 for the 300 section, watch Miami get spanked from our homes.

    • ThEMVP

      That’s stupid since it’s our home game how dat make any sense at all.. A fan wants to go watch the Lakers beat them at HOME, its called home court advantage for a reason man

      • 242LakerFan

        I think you missed the point. He wants to deny them the sellout they’re already bragging about, as though their presence would be the cause of a sellout at Staples (for a non-Clipper game anyway).

        • ThEMVP

          Nah I understand, but their bragging rights have nothing to do with them playing a game away from home, it’s an XMAS nationally tv’ed game, so therefore that point is null, and then it wouldn’t be about the Laker fans coming to see them it’d be about coming to see our team, beat them

          • Sasha4Lvp

            yea I agree with EMVP. It isn’t just any regular season game. Its a nationally televised Christmas Day game. Staples Center would be sold out whether we play Boston, Dallas, OKC or whoever. So the Heat and Lakers should both be expecting a sold out crowd.

  • KaPau

    Well balanced schedule as compared to last season where the lakers had most of the home games in the first part of the season.

  • Muy Caliente

    We all know the Lakers will lose on Christmas day. They always choke on Christmas.

    • 3queenswho?

      they won in 09 against the celtics

      • 3queenswho?

        i’m sorry i meant 08

        • ricky

          yeah they tend to choke Christmas games. hopefully it changes this year and we all have a good holiday because of it.

  • 24allup inya

    they will all be hungover and will probably leave us with more to ask for!

  • Robert.

    Recall that Artest had that accident close to Christmas (was it before the game?) – you know – when he tripped and hit his head.
    I think he’ll be good to go this year. We have a tougher team.
    I also think the KEY to this year is the Lakers playing well as a TEAM. The more they move the ball, pass the ball out, and utilize the triangle, the more unstoppable they will be.
    Also, they won’t need to double team LeBron and DWade – they can man up with them (unlike other teams), and also we have the twin towers guarding the post. Actually, last year, Shaq helped clog the Cleveland post, and that was difficult for us (surprise?). This year, the Heat have nobody to handle that – and chances are, they won’t ever get someone like that. (you think DHoward is going to switch over to the Heat?) Who else then, would be able to match up centers with the Lakers? NOBODY.

  • jayo

    The Lakers I guarantee have the most sellouts on the road this past decade than everyone else combined. Just like Steelers fan travel well, SO DO WE.

  • LiLJ SiLvA #24

    it doesnt matter if james,wade,bosh are in the same team…LAKERS all the way.

    • Kobe’s#1

      that iz correct

  • Kobe’s#1

    Watch and see on christmas the lakers r goin 2 WIN!!!!!

  • Kobe’s#1

    lebron iz goin 2 choke
    and wade cant do it by hiself!

  • Kobe’s#1

    Wade iz OK! :}
    James iz BAD!:(
    Kobe iz the BEST!:)

  • Kobe’s#1

    1 more time

    KOBE IS THE BEST!!!!!!!!!

  • Kobe’s#1

    yes he is