No more Laker basketball until the Fall. Are you bored? Need something to remind you of this historic year?

How about a 28 track exclusive mixtape with The Lakers Nation own Flo’z featured throughout the CD.

From September 7th’s latest release “Lakers 2009 World Champions Mixtape”  a musical celebration of the Lakers 15th title win as a franchise. September 7th put this project together for fellow Laker fans (and haters) to enjoy throughout the championship summer of 2009.

He encourages you to send to a fellow Laker fan or hater… download, burn, support and provide feedback to September 7th @, or

Download, throw on a CD, and bump it in your ride. It will bring back good memories and remind you and those around you that we are 2009 NBA CHAMPIONS!

Download Link: Lakers 2009 World Champions mixtape