Phil at it again.

Yahoo! Sports: The NBA has fined Lakers coach Phil Jackson $25,000 for criticizing the officials during Game 4 of the finals. The league also penalized the Lakers $25,000 on Saturday for Jackson’s comments, which came during an interview with ABC between the first and second quarters of their 99-91 overtime victory Thursday.

Jackson said there were some “bogus” calls after the Lakers’ Pau Gasol, Lamar Odom and Andrew Bynum each picked up two fouls in the first quarter.

  • lakerschamps-09

    wow they fined him after freain first quarter durin the tv interview wow those mofos are thirty for money dang.. but phil is rite

  • gugy

    FU-CK the NBA and David Stern.

    PJ is just saying the truth. If the league does not want this kind of criticism, then make the refs accountable and stop trying to fix games.

    I would love to see David Stern retire and pass the torch to a young and more respectful person to lead the association.

  • kobe8

    that’s bull. George Karl criticized the refs and was never fined, so why is it when Phil Jackson does it he gets fined everytime?

  • Lakers2000

    Phil had no idea how bad it was gonna get after the fact.

  • Mitch4Pres


  • LakersFirst

    David Stern has got to go!!! Worst commissioner in all of sports!

  • Robert

    All is true, but even the refs couldn’t stop the Lakers this time! I think the NBA, Stern et. al. are stunned. Fish ruined their parade. Lakers prevail as always. Thanks, Phil!

  • Robert

    Officiating has been suspect during the entire playoffs. The day that Luke Walton (Luke???) fouls out of a game, is a sign.

  • Western Conf Champs

    It was so painfully obvious that the refs were fixing Game 4. IT WAS OBVIOUS. I fcukin hate David Stern and Stu Jackson. Stern is one of the worst and most crooked commissioners in all of sports. They should put a limit on how long one can be at the commissioner’s post. And it’s not just the Lakers playoff games. I’ve watched other series as well, as this year’s officiating has been by far the worst.

  • Wilt

    thats funny how #15 is always the ref when phil gets fined (he was the ref when phil got fined in denver after game 4)and the same ref that lets the magic shoot 20 to 2 freethrows in the 4th and ot. hes another donaghy ref

  • Dan Andreas

    I always find it funny that when a coach openly complains about the officiating, the NBA is so quick to fine them instead of attempting to disprove them or find out exactly what they were displeased about. It’s almost like saying, “No, we’re never wrong, and don’t ever say we are”. Notice refs are never questioned by the media, nor do they openly apologize for making a bad call after the NBA acknowledges one was made (contrary to the MLB or the NFL, where an official carrying a cloud of suspicion is on the verge of being fired).

    And why doesn’t the media get on Salvatore, Javie, BOTH Crawfords, and Foster the same way they were messing up Ed Hochuli’s reputation? Why is it even the casual NBA fan knows these stupid officials names, when I can barely name one or two officials from both the MLB and NFL?

  • west213

    u could have given that 25k to me!!!!!!!

  • LakerHater – NOT!

    We know their names because they CONSISTENTLY make the bad calls – and are obviously Laker Haters. That’s why!

    And what Dan A. said is true – they never make a public apology (though I’m not too sure if they apologize to any NBA organization) for a bad call. Especially if the call cost the team the game.

    Like we’ve all said – David Stern and his lil’ minions (b!tches, I guess would be more appropriate) tried to stop the Lakers so they can take back the series to LA. Because LA is where they generate the most money. HECK -Game 6 and 7 are probably already sold out even though they might not be necessary games!

  • 242LakerFan

    Well put, Dan. You said a lot of what was on my mind.
    How many flagrant fouls were either called then overturned or called regular fouls or not called at all then upgraded to flagrants after review? And I’m just talking about these playoffs? Many of these possibly affected the outcome of close games.
    Phil’s not the only voice of dissent either, and there would be many more if the LEague Office weren’t set on such a hair trigger with these fines.
    The complaints are just a symptom, Sterno breath. Try treating the disease.


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    Why? Support your drug use?

  • ilikebasketball

    where does this money go?
    is there any accountability with that?

    does anyone know this?

  • golakers75

    phil calls it as he sees it. and this is the problem with the nba, he gets fined, but the refs that make the bad calls after bad calls work the nba finals. do they get fined for call thats bad, and can influence the out come of a game like say 18 free throws for the magic n the fourth and 0 for the lakers. the nba needs to hold there officials accountable for there calls, and start to fine them, till then david stern i have this for u…… F U C K OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • get rid of puke walton and sasha and fartmar

    phil is right

  • lakers1fan

    All I got to say to the NBA (Nothing But A$$holes)is…………”THE TRUTH HURTS”…….

  • Wilt

    [Comment ID #75932 Will Be Quoted Here] DAN dont even get me started about how awful #15 salvatore is!

  • Western Conf Champs

    It would be naive to think that Tim Donaghy is the only guilty ref in the NBA.

  • kobe8

    when i saw #15 as a official in gme 4 i knew what kind of game it was going to be.

  • dan

    NBA = Nazi Basketball Association

  • west213

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    no dude i need some useless money that people trow away for no reason. make a great down payment for an m5 or an m6. lmao

  • sketch

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    Yeah, all that money goes to hyping up LeHype!

    It’s total Bull$h!t and definitely $ not well spent as LeHype has proven himself!

  • Touching Myself

    Yo Phil, I believe that your $25K is a great investment! You’re buying your 10th championship baby! I think that Kobe should definitely go halves with you on this, after all he wants his 4th as badly as you want your 10th! Hahaha!

    Fcuk you Stern and Stu Jackson! You 2 suck big time! After all you 2 are reassessing players flagrant fouls and techs all over the place during this year’s playoffs. That’s basically like saying that your refs in the NBA are doing a horrible job and that you have to redo their jobs! But only you 2 can “say” anything while everybody else needs to just eat it! Well FCUK you!

    This is the reason why you 2 bozos will never have the NBA surpass the NFL! They got their $h!t down! Their refs do a GREAT job in maintaining and enforcing the rules not like you 2 jerk offs making $h!t up as you go! Amare and Diaw gets tossed for taking a stroll, basically, away from their bench a few years back and Pietrus can drop kick Pau and gets a slap on the wrist! Real consistent! Makes great sense! Dumbfcuks man!

    Anyway, despite their bull$h!t, the Lakers will win their 15th tomorrow!

    FCUK STERN AND STU JACKSON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GO LAKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Deport Vujabrick

    You would think in the finals we would get the best refs, so how do Savadore and Wonderdik get on the floor? Wonderdik made an obvious blown call a few games back where a team (was it Dallas?) tried to foul right in front of him on the last play of the but the A-hole refused to blow the whistle. This ba$tard should have been penalized but no – he gets to ref in the finals! Unbelievable!

  • Smush Walton

    The league needs to actively look to weed out the substandard refs. I propose that each team be permitted to identify three refs that UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES they will permit them to ref any of their games. Then if the same A-hole refs are identified by every team then that would be a good clue that there is a problem with these guys. These ba$tards should not be immune to critcism or scrutiny. The jacka$$es should be weeded out!

  • WatWudChickSay? (WWCS?)

    Whether Stern wants to believe it or not, refereeing in the NBA is definitely an issue and the viewing public, as well as knowledgable media members, are commenting on the inconsistency and opacity of how the games are being called.

    And don’t believe all that cr*p about how hard it is to call a game because players are bigger, stronger, faster, etc. than they used to be. If you watch an NBA game sitting within the first 10 rows or so of the court (which I’ve had the pleasure of doing twice this year), the calls and non-calls are pretty obvious.

    Stern needs to fire Stu Jackson and dump the “bunker” mentality on this issue.

    Bring the coaches and GM’s together to form a competition committee, institute stricter grading on the refs, be willing to retire older refs like Salvatore and Bavetta, be willing to put the VP of NBA reffing at the mike the day after all games to answer questions (like the NFL does), and mostly be willing to address the perception problem he’s let develop since the Donaghy debacle.

  • magicfan4lifesuckers!!!lulz

    what is this???? do i hear some babies crying!!!! dont worry dwight said the series will be back in la and then will end your crying once and for all magics in 7 suckers!!!!!

  • Tim Donaghy

    Don’t blame David Stern and Stu Jackson. When I got beat up in prison the other day I made some phone calls to Scott Foster and Bennett Salvatore – two of my old gambling buddies. They assured me the Magic would win by more than the 2 point spread going in Vegas.

    Unfortunately, things didn’t go according to plan. Hopefully I’ll still have my kneecaps come next week. But you can’t say we didn’t try! Damn Fisher! Didn’t see that coming at all.

  • BigPC

    My guess is that David Stern pays absolutely no attention to what the fans think about his knuckleheads calling these games. Anybody who, “after further review”, can let this assasin get away with his assault on Gasol, has got to have something other than fair play on his mind!($$$$!) It’s scary and disgusting! By the way “Upon further review”, I think he my have been a little hard on Ron Artest for that little misunderstaning in Detroit.

  • californiagrown

    Recession money !! I mean come on, what happened to Freedom of Speech?! I’ve seen a lot of Coaches disagree with the ref’s, but they dont get fined for it. Howard walked out of game 4 w/out doing an interview, where is his fine?!? They fined Lebron, FINE his ass too ! Phil isn’t worried about 25k, thats chump change.

  • Re-sign ARIZA and BROWN

    Stu Jackson is David Stern’s domination and bondage b!tch.


    [Comment ID #75943 Will Be Quoted Here]

    …The cheap way LEADERFISH sells his wannabe poser ass all over this site, being the biggest Moby DICK, with the biggest blow hole4sale, 25K isn’t such a bad deal after all!