Photo Credit: Jon SooHoo

The Twitterverse had a lot to say about the Lakers as they started the year with two disappointing losses to the 76ers and the Clippers. Here are 2013’s first Tweets of the Week!

ESPN’s Michael Smith offers a silver lining regarding this week’s loss to the 76ers.

We all know Kobe’s a tough guy, but Kevin Ding points out that he’s also just a guy with the occasional, arbitrary nosebleed.

Jeanie Buss reveals a very special gift from Phil Jackson. Congrats Jeanie & Phil! Will the wedding colors be purple and gold?

Rapper Juicy J gives the Lakers shout out. I bet most of you didn’t know of Jerry Buss’ ties to the hip hop scene.

Black Mamba has entered Twitterland! How long until Instagram? We want pictures!

Even Lil Chris can’t resist enjoying the Mamba’s dunk on his daddy.

Comedian Tony Baker has an interesting comparison between the game against the Clippers and a popular Disney movie.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt starts a Twitter feud with Time Warner Cable.

Fan Tweet of the Week by @jwreck

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