Photo Credit: Robert Gauthier / LA Times

One step forward, two steps back. A win against the Kings and two unbelievable losses to the Suns and Wizards.   We should have been celebrating the return of both Pau Gasol and Kobe Bryant but were blindsided by losing a huge lead to the Wizards. Oh, life as a Laker fan. Here’s what LakerNation had to say in our favorite Tweets of the Week.

Vampire Diaries star Nina Dobrev rooted for the Lakers with her friend Julianne Hough.


New Girl star Hannah Simone was also in attendance with Olivia Munn. Wow. Another beautiful duo! That’s LA for you.


Maybe the team was confused too. An explanation to the resulting score?


An unfortunately accurate description.


I wonder if Carson Daly and Adam Levine lament over Laker woes together while filming the Voice.


A beautiful tribute to the late Dr. Jerry Buss.


The good ole days!


Tweeted during the game against Washington. We couldn’t breathe either Kaley!


Note to self: Become a Disney Channel star in order to meet Kobe Bryant.

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