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Even though it has been a short Laker week due to All Star break, it was definitely an eventful one. Twitter had a lot to say about the big losses to the Heat and Clippers and the win against the Suns. They was also a lot of talk about a security guard at a recent home game. Here are Laker Nation’s Tweets of the Week!

Lil Wayne claimed he was kicked out for being a Laker fan at the game against the Heat. Was it not the sizzurp Weezy? (Laker Nation has no evidence of Lil Wayne possessing sizzurp at the American Airlines Arena)

Reunited and it feels so goooood.

That security guard looks a lot like Ron Burgundy.

Photographic proof of this is greatly appreciated.

Morgan, I’m not sure you’d be able to stomach some of the lengths Laker Nation would go to for tickets.

Who knew Flea and Khloe share the same type?!

Ok, the idea of Mike D’Antoni even knowing what twerking is, is hilarious.

Disney Channel star Zendaya Coleman had a positive outlook on the loss to the Clippers. The magic of Disney!

Kobe should write on Dwight’s face when he falls asleep. You know, to put him in his place.

Former Laker girl Paula Abdul sends her well wishes to Dr. Jerry Buss.

Really hoping this isn’t an example of Pop’s dry sense of humor.

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