Photo Credit: Fox Sports

Laker Nation is giving you another round up of our favorite Tweets of the Week! Check out what people had to say about another rollercoaster of a ride for the Los Angeles Lakers.

Steve Nash missed two key free throws in a close game against the Detroit Pistons. Matt Moore, Senior NBA Blogger for CBS Sports gives a new perspective on who to blame for the Lakers’ shortcomings.

Shout out to Emma for sticking with the Lakers through thick and thin!

Supermodel Chrissy Teigen attended the game against the Brooklyn Nets. Can’t imagine why any man would be offended by a compliment from a supermodel!

We know Earl. WE KNOW.

At first glace, this seems like a typical informational tweet from a journalist. When looked at closer, it is proof that even in sports media Kris Humphries has been reduced to “Kim’s ex.”

Kobe’s dunk is the sundae. John Legend’s reaction is the cherry on top.

Does anyone have any research on the how many shoes were thrown at the TV in LA during the Boston Celtics game?

We almost lost to the Bobcats?! That’s our reality now, Laker Nation. But being able to come back from a 20 point deficit?  We’ll gladly take that reality.

ESPN LA’s Mark Willard gives us a positive outlook on this week’s games. Hang in there Laker Nation!

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