An interesting tidbit on the Lakers’ free agency search. Alex Kennedy reports:

Hoopsworld: Tony Allen has received interest from many teams in the first day of free agency. Last night, several teams looking for a defensive stopper made calls inquiring about Allen and it’s clear there are teams ready to bid for his services.

The Los Angeles Lakers, New Jersey Nets, Miami Heat, and Chicago Bulls are among the teams that expressed interest in the guard. Most teams are waiting for the top tier free agents to make decisions before pursuing others but Allen will have a list of potential suitors when that time comes. Allen’s impressive track record in the postseason and lockdown perimeter defense has many teams interested in his services.

  • LAbassani

    Do it.
    I rather have tony then bell!!
    For sure!

  • trippleocho

    That dude who played with Boston and can’t hit a jumper to save his life? No thanks.

    • Capriati

      I completel disagree going after tony allen. He is garbage, I rather have a some what defender but a good 3 point shooter in Raja Bell or Anthony Morrow.

      • LAbassani

        We need a solid defender.
        But, yeah, only IF we could get Bell, and Mike.
        In there we have a good think.
        Lets see what will emerge from mitch’s mind.

  • lakers0828

    No Way No Man No Former Celtic Thank You


      REALLY? Ever heard of Rick Fox and Brian Shaw? Do you know what teams they played for? Yeah, the Celd!cks! Hahaha!

      • RonRonGq

        Is Brian Shaw with the Celtics now?????????????? 3 rings from the lakers, he’s converted


          Exactly my point! Once they come over… they all get CONVERTED! BECAUSE THEY ALL WIN HERE! Thanks for making my point for me! Dumbass! Hahaha!

          Please, guys… some reading comprehension here huh? Lakerso828’s point is that we shouldn’t take him because Tony Allen is a “Celd!ck”! And I’m simply pointing out that we’ve had “those” players before in Rick Fox and B Shaw and look what happened? They get CONVERTED!

          And so, in conclusion… make sure you understand the points of a post BEFORE you respond! You’re 2 lines are UTTERLY USELESS! NO NEED AT ALL WHATSOEVER! And the thing that pisses me off even more is that you’ve made me waste my time responding to your STUPIDITY! And you’ve also made others read both of these posts and so you’ve wasted their time as well!

          GREAT JOB! You sure that you’re not Rio Hondo or Rio Rondo? Because the display of your IQs are quite similar… about the age of my niece, 7!

          • Rio Rondo jr

            this guy hah what a true jack ass. this is just basketball dont need to get all overprotective you ignorant ass face nut hugging laker fan. wow dude go suck a dick


    not a shooter….no thanks


    HELL NO. Sign Fish. Get Bell and Miller first. Allen might be the 5th 6th option.

  • poop

    that guy who fucked up his knee trying to dunk after the whistle? no thanks

  • laker fan

    whattttttt?? i can’t believe the lakers are even contemplating this cat… pass

  • Lakers 24 7

    Tony’s a good defender, but he has one of the ugliest jump shots/releases I’ve ever seen.

  • ^ ^

    Noooo!!! not a Celtic!

  • Odom the worst player

    No way man. We already have Odom. If we picked up this guy the Lakers could have another arena built from the bricks these two players shoot up.

    • RonRonGq

      Walton+Allen=Elementary talent shooters

    • bodybags

      you really need to get off Odom’s dick what did he did 2 u?He is a laker Get over it or dont watch our games

  • Robert

    I’m not really for this move, but funny … Tony Allen was the only one on the Cel-dicks that I didn’t really ‘hate’. I know I know … true Lakers fans hate all Cel-dicks. OK .. let’s say that I hated him the ‘least’. He appeared to be a true basketball warrior, rather than a ‘beast’ who hates the Lakers.
    and he didn’t have that Cel-dick ‘smirk’. You know … the ‘we can knock your a$$ off’ smirk.
    anyway, this move won’t happen.


      I feel you and know exactly what you mean about the “SMIRK”! I might be ok with The Lakers signing him as well. I just want our Lakers to be as defensively minded and tough as possible!

  • Lakers=beast

    no way, I don’t want a celdick touching a laker jersey

  • einyo

    this guy sucks!

  • Patrick Bateman

    Could be useful for defensive purposes, and a steal if he comes cheap. Like $1 Million for one year cheap.

    Im all for it, remember Rick Fox and Brian Shaw were former Celtics before sporting the P&G!

  • Sir2L8

    No, fuck Tony Allen he cant shoot for shit,he can defend ok but he’s not going to fit with the LakeShow atleast Sasha could knock down free throws and a 3 but Tony just got ok D plus he looks like Samuel Jackson in the movie Jungle Fever crackhead looking ass

  • kimberly

    wtf I’m pissed -_-, he’s a former celtics(best). he can’t go lower are you serious ! poooor them. he goes from best to pop.