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On Wednesday evening, a Poll question was asked by David Brickley and Kevin Figgers on the #1 Lakers radio show, “Voice of the Nation”.

Listeners were asked “Were you specifically rooting for LeBron and the Heat to lose the NBA Finals?”

By the end of the two hour show, which included guest appearances by Fox Sports Radio’s Matt “Money” Smith, and NBA Hall of Famer Rick Barry, 90% of Laker fans said they were specifically rooting against LeBron and the Miami Heat.

That number seems somewhat high considering the Miami Heat’s opponent the Dallas Mavericks just swept the Lakers in the 2nd round.

Conclusion? LeBron James and the Miami Heat are hated nationwide not just in Cleveland.

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Were you specifically rooting for LeBron and the Heat to lose the NBA Finals?

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  • Jr Dayao

    of course we want to lose Lebron because he’s so boastful, he think he’s the king of the NBA and the best player today, and now what he choke again in the playoffs.

    whose gonna win 1,2,3,4,5,6 but 7 championships now? haha… maybe you can win in your dreams, haha

  • Francis Bawasanta

    Of course I was. Since they celebrated their incredible 7 championship run… ridiculous behavior. I hope he and the heat never taste a ring, EVER! They showed a lack of respect to the game. I hope the new CBA forces that team to disband. 

  • J. Jackson

    any team except lebron’s!

  • Evilmrchicken

    LeBron just thinks it’s way easy to win a championship and he finally realizes that it takes more than 3 players. Oh, and good luck on 7 championships! LMAO 

  • Guest

    Wait . . you guys are on the radio? STFU . . . stop lying and pretending to be something you’re not

    • Guest

      just a podcast . . . that’s it . . . 

  • Chris Rodriguez

    People that voted no are not real lakers fans.

    • Joshua Herrington

      I voted no.  I really hated The Finals this year  because of an absentee Lakers team so I didn’t really root for anyone. I did predict the Mavs to win it in 6, and if you call that rooting for LeBron to lose, then I should’ve voted yes. By the way, I’m a real Lakers fan. I just don’t hate LeBron. I’m too busy being happy for what we have as the Lakers to worry about rooting against LeBron.

      • Voice of LakerGang

        Well as of may 8th 2011 laker fans had nothing else to be happy for… i rooted for Leroy Lebron James to lose lol

      • CRodriguez

        you clearly didnt read the part in the lakers fan contract where it says along with rooting for the lakers, you must be against everything that lebron does.

  • laffsatu

    the heat would of swept the lakers also…..dallas swept the lakers……no wonder you FEAR THE HEAT

    • Anonymous

      wake up child.your heat would not could not beat an W.N.B.A team because they have to know better than that,even if you not a normal child.

    • Luke Sucks

      Take LBJs nuts out of your mouth.  I can’t understand what you are saying.

    • TouchingMyself

      It’s would “HAVE” swept, not would “OF” swept!  Now we’re all LAFFING AT U!  

  • laffsatu