This is a great compilation video from my boy SF’s Biggest Laker Fan.

Watch the Laker nation go into another state of euphoria as they watch their beloved purple and gold win over the Boston Smeltics. Names on the bottom left hand corner are the usernames of the youtube users that filmed that particular video.

  • L.Alaker_show

    lmao hilarious right there especially the end that dude was funny kinda had my reaction

  • Chris Manning

    I love this. I told him it was such a great concept for a video!

    • lakerlicious

      Wurrup CM, you should have included us in this one. We were rocking it over at the ESPN ZONE. Had a blast, GO LAKERS for the 3peat next year!

      • lakerlicious

        or this one:

  • LakerFanTill1Die

    Man i should of recored me and my cousins celebrating we were yelling non stop. Its great to see other Laker fans celebrating. this video is epic hahaha. LA Fan till i die.

    • LakerFanTill1Die


  • imfasterthanur


    I agree, I wish my buddies and I were recorded as well. Grown men with tears of joy, damn near hitting out heads on our apartment ceilings.

    Goodness, this year was so dramatic, I love it.

  • mecka24

    wow..great vid

  • Leandro

    Desde Argentina, no existe aquí laker fan más grande que yo. Me quedo los 82 games hasta las 3 de la madrugada viendo el partido. Me siento muy identificado con el fan que festeja solo. Saludos lakerinos. GO CHAMPS!

    • 242LakerFan

      Messi is a big Kobe fan, but I don’t think he watched all the games. LOL
      I love my fellow international Laker fans!!! Lakers World Order, stand up!!!


    Thought about recording our reactions at the box at one time, but didn’t want to miss ANY PART OF THE GAME! NOT ONE MOMENT! HOW MANY TIMES CAN YOU BE AT A GAME 7 IN A LAKERS VS CELD!CKS FINALS?

    Wished that someone else would’ve recorded it though! Hahaha! Great Comp! Brings me right back to that amazing night!

  • BE_A_LakerFan

    LOL!! That was beautiful! I smiled throughout the whole video. I wish someone could have recored me and my sisters reaction. I picked her up and started curling her like free weights lol. What a great night!

    • BE_A_LakerFan

      My sister is 23 by the way lol.

      • imfasterthanur


        At first, I totally pictured a young infant. That’s comedy, bro.


        That would’ve been a sight to see! Hahaha! I couldn’t see her standing still while you’re curling her! Hahaha! You would’ve been curling her and she’s flailing around and screaming! Hahaha! Awesome!

  • Lebron is scared

    Any Boston reaction vids? Time to look for some.

  • Touch ME

    That was the most intense game since Lakers Kings game 7. Revenge is compltete now lets get more championships than Boston.

  • wbgk

    Epic for sure.

    Such a big Laker fan and everyone around me knows that.
    When I got to basketballpractice myself the other day, my team and clubmates were congratulating me with Lakers championship!

    Dutch Laker fans are walking around with pride.
    And with my recently bought ‘only kings wear rings’ shirt LOL

  • justdogm1

    KOBE chokinhg on the pressure4 -16…really made for a tight game.he`s no michael.

    • Bill Walton

      You keep hating and he keeps winning. Keep it up, he needs you now more than ever

  • NBAmazingKB24

    Gotta love LA!
    Every race showing their love for Lakers!
    We got the best Fans in NBA!
    International Fans! This video put a smile on my face..