Thanks Ron, non-stop hard work on defense!

O.C. Register: Lakers fans, thank Ron Artest.

Thank David Lee, Trevor Ariza’s agent, for misplaying his free-agent hand when his client would’ve rather returned for the money the Lakers then went and gave Artest.

Thank Jim Buss for, as he says, “maybe a little bit harder pushing toward Artest” than others in the Lakers’ organization.

Thank Kobe Bryant for embracing this oddball (“He’s one of my favorite teammates ever,” Bryant said) despite Artest’s inability to keep the triangle offense angled to help Bryant’s scoring.

The Lakers are done with Oklahoma City Thunder, the series finishing Friday night with the Thunder not even trying to get Kevin Durant the final shot because of how well Artest guarded him all series … and then Durant sprawling face-first to the floor in sadness upon seeing teammate Russell Westbrook miss.

In the same moment Durant went down because it was all over for him and his team, Artest bent down, too. Artest didn’t celebrate; he stooped over at the waist – as if finally realizing how much of himself he’d given up.

Utah did the Lakers a favor and knocked out budding rival Denver, meaning no Carmelo Anthony for Artest to guard next round. Neither San Antonio nor Phoenix has a formidable wing-scoring threat, either.

“I won’t play against anybody that tough,” Artest said late Friday night, his bruised left shoulder packed in ice, two more icepacks around his knees, his feet soaking in a bucket of more ice and water, the majority of his fingers mummified in tape from so many jams and sprains.

In other words, Artest just played his Western Conference championship series and won it. He won’t have to work this hard to earn his keep again until the Lakers face the other elite scorer in the league: Cleveland’s LeBron James.

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  • 242LakerFan

    Thank you, Ron! Thank you, thank you, thank you for proving all the critics and the haters wrong, for justifying Mitch and the FO having faith in you.
    Thank you for vindicating me and the many fans who had to go through the constant “Trevor this, Trevor that” this season.
    Thank you. Now let’g go kick some Jazz ass!

  • BE_A_LakerFan

    Thanks Ron Ron!


    This dude should’ve been a Laker a long time ago! He was practically begging to be on the team but so many factors were stopping him and the Lakers from making it happen. They had a mutual respect for each other and now he’s showing us why it wasn’t a mistake signing him instead of Trevor. Imagine a Ron Artest 5 years ago with this team? I guess things happen for a reason and I’m just gonna enjoy the rest of the playoffs laughing at Ron when he misses a dunk or a layup. But seriously, thank you Ron!

  • Varick Hudson

    Kobe led the way, I want to say thanks to all of the Lakers as a team. Yes, Ron did a really good job. However, I’m not ready to hand out those kinds of congrats until we bring home the the championship. Gooooo Lakers, and be ready for and prepared for this next nemesis, the JAZZ!.

  • lakerbunny


  • 242LakerFan

    Varick and bunny have it right, actually. This is a franchise that doesn’t even display Conference Championship banners. This is a Championship or nothing team. But I’m still glad Ron got his vindication.

    • Marwan Marzina

      If the Lakers did display the Conference Championship banners, it would cover out STAPLES completely. I mean 30 Conference Championship banners, 15 Championship banners, the retired jerseys. You won’t be able to see anything.
      Plus, theres gonna be another Conference Championship banner coming up this year and more importantly another Championship banner. Its just too much to handle. Shows how rich in history the franchise is.

  • Kino

    Well the objective has not yet been accomplished, can’t thank him yet lol.

  • alex

    The one thing that comes to my mind is whether or not it was actually his agent that fucked it up for him.

    It’s REALLY hard for me to believe he had no knowledge of how his agent was dealing with the Lakers AND….

    who in the world would leave a championship team for a scrub team for the SAME money (correct me if I’m wrong? about the same)

    makes me think the Lakers just gave him the short end of the stick. But hey I’m not complaining, we’re winning lol.

    • Marwan Marzina

      Yeah me too. I mean at the end of the day, the players have the last say on where they want to play, not the agent’s decision. And if that is the case, that ARIZA made the decision to leave and not his AGENT’S, then I have lost alot of respect for Trevor and this was just a big EFF YOU to the Lakers, by taking the MLE from the Rockets and leaving the Lakers.
      Whether he comes back or not, I won’t look at him the same, no matter who he is or was. Just like Shaq, if he was to return, I wouldn’t look at him like the 200-2002 Shaq because of all the feuds and letting his ego get the better of him.
      But right now, DEFENSIVELY, Ron has been outstanding! He is a warrior on defense! His offense could use some polishing but that will take time. Heck it took Trevor 2 years to do so and he didn’t really bloom till the playoffs and if you ask me, you can’t base a long term contract and a raise based on a 2 month play (see Sasha) Where as Ron has proved his worth with an 11 year career with tough defense, and good offense. And Artest DIDN’T ask for a raise, he took a huge paycut to come play for us and if you ask me, that is the REAL indicator of whether you REALLY wanna be on the team or you are just talk (i.e. Ariza who expressed his ‘Love’ for LA and didn’t want to leave)