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This was supposed to be a festive column, filled with excitement about the NBA and their players coming to an agreement and ending the 120-day long lockout.

Instead, the BRI (basketball related income) split – which has long been the elephant in the room during recent discussions – took a seat on the negotiating table this afternoon and squashed any lingering sense of optimism built up over the last several days of meetings.

Hunter: “We think we gave more than enough. It would have been in striking distance if they had come to our number. But they didn’t do it.”

The difference between the two sides stands at only 2% (players at 52%, owners at 50%), but that gap may widen as games (and revenue) continue to be lost.

Stern: “We’re going to have to re-calculate how bad the damage is, so the NBA’s next offer will reflect the extraordinary losses that are starting to pile up.”

In an expected move, Stern also officially axed another two weeks from the original schedule, eliminating games through November 30th. If an agreement is made in time to salvage part of the NBA season, it is likely that the schedules will be re-worked, meaning these cancellations are time-cancellations, rather than game-cancellations.

Even so, the damage is done.

Stern: “There will not be a full NBA season under any circumstances.”

Currently, there are no future meetings scheduled between the two sides, and most unfortunate for everyone involved, this lockout soap opera will continue…

  • Filthy_2x

    fuck i stern i wanna fucking kill that nigga fucking dumb ass bitch

  • Sheds

    Well, the players are already giving something up and yet the owners are still as greedy as ever. Their fault tbh. If they cant get enough then it is only right that they suffer losses because of their stupidity… I am pretty sure that this hurts them more than the players.

  • Jev2043

    Funny, I have never paid money to watch an owner play basketball nor Have I ever bought a David Stern endorsed product. I imagine Mark Cuban is pulling his hair out right about now…

  • Eidraq

    Listen, I dislike Stern with a passion. However, this lockout is not his fault and it’s not Adam Silver’s fault. If you want to point fingers at anyone, point it at the small market owners and the players’ agents.

  • R.

    Really?  Stern has nothing to do with this?  Read from Hoopshype:

    So while bringing the mediator back into the room couldn’t hurt, I have a
    better idea. To borrow a phrase from commissioner David Stern:
    mediator, schmediator. Breaking the impasse and securing a handshake on a
    new CBA so the NBA can reopen for business really only requires two
    people to be in the room: 1) Stern, and 2) Hunter.