UPDATE: Sasha agrees to sign with Lakers!!!! THE MACHINE!

Press Enterprise: After some tense negotiations, the Lakers and restricted free agent guard Sasha Vujacic agreed to a deal Friday afternoon.

Vujacic agreed to a three-year, $15 million deal, according to sources close to the player.

The 6-foot-7 guard is scheduled to earn $5 million per season.

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OCRegister: Lakers GM Mitch Kupchak said he expects a “resolution” to the Sasha Vujacic contract situation later this afternoon.

“I hope it’s pro-Lakers,” he said.

Vujacic, a restricted free agent, drew little interest from other NBA teams after the Lakers issued a qualifying offer of 1 year, $2.6 million. Recently though, several European clubs contacted the Slovenian, which might have prompted the Lakers to bump up their numbers.


PE.com: Negotiations between the Lakers and restricted free-agent guard Sasha Vujacic have reached an impasse.

Because Vujacic rejected the Lakers’ offer, the team is “aware” the 6-foot-7 guard has an offer from a European team he hopes to use as leverage.

The Lakers offered Vujacic a three-year deal worth about $12 million, a salary that would pay him $4 million per season.

Vujacic, 24, is seeking a deal that will pay him between $5 million and $6 million per season, similar to what Jason Kapono (four years, $24 million from Toronto), James Posey (four years, $25 million from New Orleans) and Mickael Pietrus (four years, $25.1 million from Orlando) got.

“If there is a deal to be made, the deal will be made,” Lakers general manager Mitch Kupchak said in a phone interview. “If there is no deal to be made, there won’t be a deal.”


L.A. Times: Lakers reserve guard Sasha Vujacic, a restricted free agent, is prepared to leave the team and accept an offer from a European team in the next few days if the Lakers don’t make him an offer he deems fair, according to a source in the Vujacic camp who spoke only on the condition of anonymity.

The source said Vujacic is seeking a multiyear deal from the Lakers averaging about $5 million a year. Vujacic was hoping for a six-year deal, but anticipated it could be shorter contract.

He has not received an offer sheet from another NBA team. Teams were hesitant to make Vujacic an offer because they anticipate the Lakers would match it, the source said.

  • lakerschamps09

    aww great hes gone :((((((
    we need to resign him

  • http://myspace.com/sonicussj Whatsa

    sad face

  • http://lakers.topbuzz.com Mamba2410

    MATCH THAT OFFER MITCH, MATCH IT! Unless…it goes up to a 7-mill per year offer, then I say don’t match that…but less than that like around 6-mill or a little higher (no, not 6.9-mill, that’s not little to me, that’s a lot), but I think that 6.5-mill+ is where I might get a little queasy, that’s where I’ll be afraid…

  • NATH

    hey, can you find someone more SUITABLE than the Machine in this Roster??? let Turiaf go now Vujacic…you should go Mitch!!!

  • matej

    its all about the money fuk you pussy seshi!!

  • dub824

    YES!.. bye sasha

  • BringDFishBack

    I don’t believe it for a second, he’s just using it to get a better offer from the Lakers cuz no one in the NBA will help him do that. He’s using it as leverage. But if he wants 5 mil a year, screw it let him walk.

  • daboss1849

    This is actually good if sasha leaves. this will force mitch to trade for artest…

  • Fantastic5LAL

    wow, fck Europe, NBA is suppose to be every young basketball player’s dream.

  • http://twitter.com/andrewho andrewho

    offer him 4.3, let him walk if he “demands” more

  • VoiceofReason

    No match that offer Mitch. To good of a player to let walk away.

  • Nocturnal Dream

    We NEED him.

  • Sako

    Doesn’t surprise me, Mitch is probably still locked in his bedroom jerking his dik off while we lose players and opportunities while other GMs (yes, even Danny Ainge) is making changes.

  • Kobe Bryant Fan

    First, the top ranked high school player skips out on the useless 1 year college rule to go make money with an Italian team, then Josh Childress, now Vujacic? NBA better change its salary cap rule so teams can sign and keep players like Sasha in the league. The reason teams can’t afford players like Sasha and Childress is cuz they already have 1 player on their team with a max’d out 80 million deal like Shaq, JO, Marbury, McGrady, Marion, etc.

  • Fantastic5LAL

    get JR Smith

    He might even learn tons from Kobe and be his apprentice.

    cause Melo and AI arent exactly the best role models.


    If the Nuggets had fears of some team swooping in to sign the restricted free-agent guard to a big offer sheet, they can breathe easier.

    Smith was asked Friday if he’d heard this summer from any other teams.

    “Not yet,” he said.

    Wait a minute. You haven’t heard from any teams having interest in signing you?

    “I haven’t heard from anybody,” he said.

    Smith said he hasn’t gotten an offer from the Nuggets, other than the option to return next season for the $3.04 million qualifying offer. He said it’s too early to say whether he might take that offer, which would enable him to become an unrestricted free agent next summer.

    “I’m not sure yet. I’d have to go over that with my people,” said Smith, who said he plans to talk to his representatives “at the end of the month.”

    we can land him if Nuggets arent willing to match

  • Parich

    All I have to say is… which 2 players are going to replace Turiaf and Vujacic? Damn Lakers at least be decisive about something. They have been hesitant to resign players or sign free agents from other teams, but they have not proven that they can replace the players that they will lose, let alone making the team better.

  • Che

    i rlly like vujavic hopefully he can sign

  • _Nejz_

    You want to know the difference?
    5 mio a year contract from NBA team will get him 2.5 mio a year.
    5 mio a year contract from European team will get him 5 mio a year.

  • http://getgarnet Louis

    Oh woa,First Ronny now Suaha our two key players from the bench.Mitch, I Swear you better match his offer before we lose him.Right now I think it is the best time to do it.

  • _Nejz_

    Matching an offer from European team doesn’t matter.

  • Short Diezel


  • xtro

    Ciao macchina!

  • killo15

    if sasha goes then he’s a damn liar for saying “WE(as in the lakers including him) will win the championship next year” imma gonna choke him carmelo style if he leaves. he’s a fan favorite and i’d hate to lose the machine. hopefully he chooses a championship over money but its not the popular thing now a days. =/

  • lakerfan81

    I think Sasha wants to stay in the NBA, and his agent is just trying to use this an offer from a European team as a bargaining chip. my guess is that he signs an offer within a week. They let Turiaf go so that they could resign Sasha.

  • aka24

    Goodbye Sasha. I hope Lakers sign Mo Evans n Kwame Brown for a minimum

  • lakerschamps09

    if sasha leaves we screwed at the backup at sg.. umm we can trade vlad for jj redick..i mean i rather have sasha but if we wants lot of money then some european team will give him the money…

  • daboss1848

    lol – the same ppl crying about luke’s and vlad’s contracts are begging for the Lakers to overpay Sasha . . . dude has no other offers from any other teams b/c he’s asking for too much!!! If Lakers give him what he wants, these same guys/gals will be screaming at Mitch for overpaying – rofl!!!

    His fair value is 3-4 million with increases over the next several years – – he sees himself as as a full MLE guy, so him and his new agent have concocted this Euro story to put pressure on their Lakers.

    Take your fake Euro offer and good luck. Otherwise, take what the Lakers are offering, and if you dont like that, stay and play for 2.6 this year and become an unrestricted free agent next year.

    Enough with the fake threats – not all of us are so gullible. Note to Sasha: when Childress said he was going to Europe he presented a real offer with actual numbers from an actual team.

  • lakerschamps09

    hahah boss.. well i like 3yrs/12mil that sounds rite for him…

  • Short Diezel

    do NOT offer more than 4 mil a season.. please!!!!

  • http://lakers.topbuzz.com Mamba2410

    …I think max on offering Sasha to me is 5-mill…even though he is only a role-player, he may be the 2nd best off the bench right now (Farmar is good), MATCH IT MITCH, PLEASE! :( *cry*…

  • rei24mamba

    thats too much for a guy who just shoot 3s trade him for gordon or hughes……… sasha THE MACHINE MONEY vujajic

  • Al

    He is not worth anything over 4 mil. We already have dead weight in Walton and Radmanovich that are getting paid for nothing. For 3 years Vujacic played like crap, than in the last year of his contract he finally woke up and now he dares to demand long contract at 5-6 mil per season. P..lease, show us what you can do next year and then complain, otherwise, the league is full of role players.

  • Freshh

    Good deal
    Now we’ll see



    …if we (grindin’ my teeth) lose SASHA(DAMN)….THIS GUY,(and Tyrus Thomas,3 way trade)

  • http://lahoopsblog.wordpress.com Tim M.

    Hats off to Broderick Turner at the PE. second morning exclusive in two weeks.

  • einyo

    stop being greedy sasha and TAKE THE MONEY from the lakers

  • daboss1849

    [Comment ID #46892 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Damn boss u finally said something intelligent… I’m proud of u. I knew you had a brain in u!!!!

  • Sako

    [Comment ID #46912 Will Be Quoted Here]

    I think Mitch’s backup plan is to have Coby Karl as backup SG.

  • daboss1848

    9, if u learned to read sooner, ud know i always write intelligently

  • Bynum Bryant 09

    Here we go again. Overpaying for another player. This guy ain’t worth 4 mil after averaging 8 points in a season. No way.

  • Furn-daddy

    hes worth 4

  • Sako

    Check My Machine

  • Bynum Bryant 09

    He’s worth 4 if he plays one more season at 2.6 and is consistent.

  • daboss1849

    With this hot european market is there anyway in hell that vlad and luke get offered something? I pretty sure the lakers would release them… LOL

  • Bynum Bryant 09

    Europeans ain’t stupid

  • M0Z

    Mitch didn’t hesitate to resign Luke and give him 5 mil. I’d rather have given that money to Sasha. Mitch quit low balling Sasha and resign him so we can move on…

  • gugy

    I think the Lakers offer is good. Sasha still young and have to prove he is a caliber player. Why not do 3 years for 9 million and then if he indeed is the “Machine”, Lakers will raise his salary later.

    Luke and Vlad are perfect examples of lame overpaid players. The last thing we need is one more like that.

    Plus, playing on the NBA and with the Lakers is a huge deal of marketing and exposure for him. If he is not satisfied, then ship his ass out!

  • VoiceofReason

    Thats a great offer he cant has to take it.

  • LakersFirst

    $12M over 3 years is a more than fair offer for Sasha. To make it even more fair, the Lakers could give Sasha a player option after the second year.

  • LakersFirst

    [Comment ID #46943 Will Be Quoted Here]

    So you’d rather have Mitch make another mistake??? Don’t you learn from mistakes? $12M over 3 years is more than fair for Sasha.

  • xtro

    The Machine will remain in L.A.

  • varsityoptimism



    Tyrus Thomas(’cause Ronny’s gone) and J.R.Smith(high energy,plus Kobe can stop embarassing him and coach’em).

  • boozy995

    You guys are all totally unrealistic if you think this is a no-brainer. We can’t just sign Sasha to whatever he wants. He is worth about 3-4 mil a year. I love him, but he’s 1-dimensional for the most part.

    And if someone pays him more than 4-5 mil, they are grossly overpaying for him, and will be made to suffer for it in the long term. We need cheap, hungry veterans right now. Not young, cocky dudes looking for the payday.

  • http://thelakersnation.com kb24 4life

    good offer, i think that 4 mil per year is pretty fair for the machine.. we aren`t overpaying him and i think 4 mil is what he deserves, no more, no less…

  • Lakers-GetYours

    Being in this postition of really needing to sign a guy nobody else wants just plain sucks.

  • lakerman1

    If we pay him he’ll become like the other caucasians we have on the Lakers i.e. Luke/Mihm/Vlade [ i won,t include Coby K YET ] overpaid & worthless, wish teams would have players prove themself 1st and that is not even guaranteed i mean Luke was playing pretty good prior to his contract and now his game isn’t even D league worthy. Lets bring in some guys who are hungry and not want the money so they can feed their family [ Latrell / Iverson ].

  • Freshh


  • varsityoptimism

    [Comment ID #46965 Will Be Quoted Here]

    wow…just wow

  • T-Dub

    Lakersfirst….you know my stance. I agree completely!

  • T-Dub

    If we want a scoring machine, JR Smith will run a dozen circles around Sasha. Sasha is a streaky at best spot up shooter. He has no handles, can’t get to the rim for S-H-I-T! JR is a much more potent scoring machine than Sasha. He does it all.

  • mike

    which 2 players are going to replace Turiaf and Vujacic?

    Kwame Brown & jr smith

    they both or cheaper & mite be better role players

    you can give Kwame the vet minimum

    and if vujacic walks away from 4m a year give it 2 jr smith he is receiving 3.04m a season the nuggets will not match it

    wut yall think?

  • daboss1848

    ridiculous to compare kwame and turiaf – and if u dont know how they differ, start watching another sport

    Sasha and Smith – to diminish Sasha’s worth and elevate Smith’s worth is interesting for discussion’s sake, but they too are extremely different from attitude to abilities – check stats and watch intangibles. Besides Nugs would match a 4 mil offer.

  • dom3983

    You cant fall too in love with role players and over value them and over spending. Reminds me of when Madsen left and when Lue signed with the Wiz after everyone was bananas over him in the finals. They havent done much since and were exposed as overpaid role players and the Lakers were just fine by winning another title and going to two more finals. Role players come and go and can be replaced. Managing a team, you have to look and focus a lot on keeping your core players, such as Bynum, Kobe and Pau and keeping in mind the business side of money. All other players are expendable and if they leave or are traded you do your research and get other players at the price you can afford to fit with the team. The lakers have recovered 4 years after the Shaq disaster trade and have now been drafting some serviceable rookies. I think they can recover from the “Devastating” losses of Ronny and Turiaf as I recall were really no where to be seen in the finals.

  • fernie alellano

    im telling u if we dont resign sasha the lakers are not gonna go deep in the playoffs next year..sasha helps to spread the floor plus he gain alot of confidence this year..people r gonna be crying where are the shooters.

  • laker-nate

    fuk sasha….if he leaves 2 play n europe over the lakers then i hope he gets herpes

  • dom3983

    lakers have plenty of shooters. thats what this team is full of. D Fish consistently was better shooter than sasha. people we were crying wheres the defense this past finals and if they get eliminated again next season, it will be for the same reason if they dont get more serious about D.

  • LakersFirst

    Laker fans, you have to remember, the Lakers already have a salary of $75M going into next year. Offering Sasha $4M for next year brings it up to $79M, and the Lakers still need to sign players to fulfill the roster guidelines. With the luxury cap at $71M, any signings now, is basically doubled. For example, Sasha’s offer is $4M, but with the dollar for dollar tax, it is really $8M out of pocket to the Lakers.

    And for you guys that want the Lakers to go after JR Smith, he’s in the same boat as Sasha, although JR’s value is higher. Teams are reluctant to give JR Smith an offer sheet because teams aren’t able to offer anything more than the MLE (unless its a sign and trade), which Denver will obviously match. I wouldn’t be surprised if JR Smith goes to Europe.

  • SILO

    hmmmmm. either he gets resigned or maybe a sign and trade. with who?
    i have no idea but i wouldnt be surprised if there was a deal in the works so sasha can get the money he wants and the lakers getting a player to either replace him or possibly ronny. who knows?
    hopefully we keep him.

  • Rpoc

    15 million/3 years. I don’t like the 5 mil per year but I can live with 3 years. I’m guessing this contract is backloaded.

    I wish they did this with Luke/Puke in the first place.


    Let’s be honest,Lakerfirst,the reason why we are our salary is tight is because of these IDIOTIC CONTRACTS OF ‘PUKE’LUKE,VLAD AND MIHM(hasn’t played in 3 seasons).

    Now that we need to make trades because of the loss of Ronny and maybe Sasha,hell,we can’t get one player to say “I WANT TO BE A LAKER” AND WIN A ‘CHIP(or help win one or 3).I just wish either Mitch challenges the Buss Family,’cause they got money to lend……..


  • Bynum Bryant 09

    Isnt’t 12million/ 3 years??

  • Rpoc

    That’s old news. The dude signed with us: http://www.pe.com/sports/basketball/lakers/stories/PE_Sports_Local_S_web_sasha_signs.2ecdf99.html

    Mitch gave him more money and he agreed.

  • Bynum Bryant 09

    My bad

  • Freshh

    I knew it all along
    : ]

  • lskerfan567

    dont resign him sasha iz the next luke waltom, spend your money on somebody who actually gonna be good like j r smith whos only 21

  • LakerNation1


    The Machine ” I’ll be back….for more money.”

  • asdfjkjk

    ya’ll trippin.

    “UPDATE: Sasha agrees to sign with Lakers!!!! THE MACHINE!”



  • nyla


  • JC

    That’s GREAT News. We should have kept Ronny for 4 years 17 Milli.

  • e

    great news!!!

  • M0Z

    Awesome news, now lets go win a Championship

  • http://getgasol.com getgasol

    Hell yeah. I’m happy to hear this. Glad to keep Sashsa.

  • gugy

    wow, too much money for him in my opinion.

    Well, it doesn’t come from my pocket, so who cares…..

    Where’s Artest? Bring him Mitch!

  • LakersFirst

    [Comment ID #46995 Will Be Quoted Here]

    You are incorrect about blaming Vlad, Luke and Mihm (especially Mihm, he only makes $2.5M, which is low in the NBA). The Lakers went over the salary cap when they traded for Gasol and his $15M+/year (and increasing) contract (he has 3 years, $47M left). When they traded for Gasol, the Lakers (yes Jerry Buss) basically said, I am going to pay the luxury tax for a year or two. However, LO and his $14M expiring contract will help that tight salary cap.

    The Lakers aren’t keeping LO because of his talent, the are holding on to LO because his $14M expiring contract will help the Lakers luxury tax issues after next season.

  • ak24


  • Michaelmichael

    wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooom, hoooooooooooooooooooooo yes baby i love sash

  • http://jamieinsider.celebuzz.com Jamie Spears Insider

    Good stuff even though that’s a big contract. I hope he develops a stronger driving/inside game.

  • goodfella

    this is good news. sasha is a good player. and now he’s got experience. we are going to make noise next year.

    “give me the f’ing ball”

  • e-bucher

    nice to have you on board maquina


    Lakerfirst,again you’ll have to apologize TO THE KING,so check my comments after that one.

    I know you can’t help but give me props on my comments ’cause like Tony Montana say “I tell the truth even when I lie” but have a question…SHOULD THE LAKERS GO AFTER TYRUS THOMAS(You better say HELL YEAH NEGRO)?!?

  • Banzai

    Money make machine happy….machine destroy opponents next season…

  • lskerfan567

    [Comment ID #47025 Will Be Quoted Here]


  • daboss1849

    way to go mitch. you definetly no how to over pay some white boys… were going to have a bench of white players that never play. hip hip hooray!!!!!!!!

  • lakerferlife7

    wow thats still less than fluke walton

  • NATH

    It is worth. The Machine is not on sale. He is on HOT next season

  • LakerNation1

    he can afford better batteries now!

  • http://www.lakers.com/ Kobayashi

    At least it is only for three years, so if Sasha starts to become a “disappointment” like Fluke and VladRad then the Lakers can trade him in the third season.

    If the contract was for five years, then I’d think Mitch was smoking something illegal.

  • ak24

    [Comment ID #47029 Will Be Quoted Here]

    RACCIST fag sasha will on u anytime and any day

  • mr.laker19

    ak24 you are an idiot and im black and i still think that. Any way, im glad sasha is back, we did pay more then i would of liked to but i think sasha is going to be worth it. Glad to have you back Sasha. TURN ON THE MACHINE!!!!

  • Gelo

    I think he’s more with it than Puke and Space Cadette. Sasha plays with ore fore and desire and intensity then those 2 guys combined. Now, if Mitch can find a way to get rid of at least one of them. That alone should make him GM of the year.

  • lskerfan567

    [Comment ID #47032 Will Be Quoted Here]

    didnt we say this last season bout luke

  • Mitch4Pres

    thank god

  • west213


  • lskerfan567

    sasha iz the next luke walton or the next steve kerr

  • varsityoptimism




  • http://TheVerveNerve.com Billy Kupchak

    [Comment ID #46794 Will Be Quoted Here]

    how about a nice cup of STFU?!


  • LakersFirst

    [Comment ID #47025 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Word on the around campfire is that Tyrus Thomas has an attitude problem (i.e. a head case), just like Gerald Green, another player you wanted the Lakers to get (what’s up with you wanting the players with attitude problems – you must’ve been a fan of the jailblazers a few years ago).

    Anyways Tyrus Thomas has potential. He makes 3.7M next year with a team option the following year, so the risk of acquiring isn’t too high. With the team option, if Tyrus Thomas proves to be a bust, the team could just exercise their option. If the Lakers were to acquire him, the only person they could trade would be Mihm and his expiring $2.5M (the Lakers would probably need to throw in another smaller contract to get within 75% of $3.7M, which is $2.7M). Chicago does need a center (they have no center), but I don’t think Mihm has much appeal.

    If you ask me, I would rather get Charlie Villaneuva as he makes $3.4M so to get within 75% of that is $2.55M, which is around Mihm’s salary. Milwaukee may want to Mihm just to buy him out. The Bucks are getting close to the luxury cap so to get rid of Villaneuva and then acquire Mihm to buy him out, would reduce their salary about $5.9M.

  • Daryl Imhoff

    Sasha’s signing is good news. Now the players likely to be the main rotation players are signed for this year. Sasha may have turned down more money to be part of an NBA Championship. He supposedly told Mitch that he’s had the taste of being in a Finals and wants to return and win as a Laker. He will be even better this year! Say what you want about the Machine, but nobody can say that he does not work hard and be truthful.

  • T-Dub

    OVER FU-CK-ING PAID AGAIN!! Mitch, let these average players walk! They come a dime a dozen! Now let’s watch Sasha become an overpaid irrelevant bench warmer for the next 3 years, just like Puke and Space Cadet! There are some hardnosed PLAYERS out there. Bonzi Wells, Ryan Gomes, JR Smith, Ben Gordon, Louis Williams, Carl Landry, Delonte West, Ricky Davis, Keyon Dooling, Jarvis Hayes, Jannero Pargo, Quinton Ross, Juan Dixon and more. Mitch, WTF are you doing, all these guys will run circles around Sasha!

  • lakers2000

    I believe that Sasha is an important piece for the lakers. He has improved and will continue to improve for seasons to come. He will undoubtedly work on his defense this summer as well as the rest of the team. The Lakers obviously can score with most any team in the league. I see Sasha, with his size, being able to be a huge factor on the defensive end next year. We also know his offense is a huge asset as well. OK Mitch, What’s the next step? One more “out of nowhere acquisition! Go Lakers!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • lskerfan567

    [Comment ID #47079 Will Be Quoted Here]

    finally, thank you

    sasha iz nothing compare to the beast that J.r smith will become he can shot the 3 and dunk on pierces cokee ass

  • lskerfan567

    [Comment ID #47066 Will Be Quoted Here]

    charlie villanueava iz annoying to watch, and hes not that good

  • ab4sure

    To All the Idiots who criticized Mitch on this post. Basically the same azzes as last summer. You know who you are. Everyteam has bad contracts and some have extremely bad contracts. Judge a GM on his results. This year pretty damn good. The talent is there we just got outcoached and outmuscled. BTW DC quit bragging again or else I will have to pull out more of your insane trades you wanted Mitch to do that would have had us in the lottery.

  • xtro

    time to grow my hair long and grow a beard again because machine is back.

  • http://myspace.com/plummerrocks Machinehead18

    Finally. Man, now I can breath again. The next 3(+) years are gonne be exciting.

  • http://Home LakerFan50Years

    MItch, Great Job! You get an “A”.

  • LakersFirst

    [Comment ID #47095 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Well said.

  • LakersFirst

    [Comment ID #47086 Will Be Quoted Here]

    You think Tyrum Thomas is better than Villanueva? If you do, you’re f’n high.

  • lakers24

    since miami is desperate for a point guard lakers should do three way trade with chicago and miami

    this is good for the lakers becuase we get expiring contracts by the end of 08-09 season and we get rid of fluke walton and vlad contracts

    and we get tyrus thomas ,and drew gooden and shawn marion and all three are them are free agents in the end of 08-09 season

  • varsityoptimism

    i need my twin to stay in L.A.

  • varsityoptimism

    THE MACHINE! He is one in bed to lol

  • lskerfan567

    [Comment ID #47116 Will Be Quoted Here]

    i’m on parole for that exact reason, and villanueava iz better then thomas, right now, but tyrus iz more fun to watch

  • SEAN

    lakers 24 i like the trade u did but i dont know if the other teams will take luke and vlad especially since pat riley runs it. he wont take that trade unless he get lo but good trade if the other parties agree

  • lakers24

    Hey Sean thanks for the compliments if this trade happened, it would be good for all teams,because miami heat really need a point guard, and lakers get a true small foward.and chicago gets a versatile player,lamar odom goes to the 4 and deng to the 3 and bulls backcourt is rose, and gordan.

  • lakers24

    I dont think Lakers need artest, all we need is a veteran foward who could play good D, and plus odom’s contract goes off the cap.

    Mitch Kupchak Said he gonna sign a veteran who could at least play 15 minutes a game.

    all these guys are unrestricted free agents

    these are the lakers options:
    1)Gordan Giricek / decent defender / 3pt shooter
    2)Deaven George – who can guard big fowards in this league.
    3)Lindsey Hunter – Championship Experience, Probably One of the Greatest On Ball Defenders Of All Time.
    4)Quinton Ross
    5)Kwame Brown Or Theo Ratliff – backup center for Bynum

  • ak24

    [Comment ID #47085 Will Be Quoted Here]


  • rei24mamba

    sasha is back but overpaid …. sign a center now mitch or que ross get him waive koby carl


    It’s a GREAT thing Mr. Kupchack, nor anybody from the Laker’s brass; pay any attention to the dumb A S S racial remarks that these dumb A S S adolescent D I C K HEADS spew from their tiny wittle peep (A S S) holes.

  • http://lakersfansonly.92324@yahoo.com lakersfansonly.92324@yahoo.com

    That’s right! way 2 go on keeping The Machine. Good move Lakers

  • Big Phil

    Agreed…another OVERPAID contract like Fluke and the Space Cadet. Sasha has improved, but he still needs alot of improvement. His defense is overrated. He needs to develop other offensive skills besides shooting countless 3’s. And he is still very immature.

  • Laker24

    I dont think Lakers need artest, all we need is a veteran foward who could play good D, and plus odom’s contract goes off the cap.

    Mitch Kupchak Said he gonna sign a veteran who could at least play 15 minutes a game.

    all these guys are unrestricted free agents

    these are the lakers options:
    1)Gordan Giricek / decent defender / 3pt shooter
    2)Deaven George – who can guard big fowards in this league.
    3)Lindsey Hunter – Championship Experience, Probably One of the Greatest On Ball Defenders Of All Time.
    4)Quinton Ross
    5)Kwame Brown Or Theo Ratliff – backup center for Bynum

  • Evelin


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