A bunch of news from the L.A. Times. This should break it down in pieces for you:

L.A. Times: “He’s not shot the ball well recently,” Jackson said. “It has to do with legs. He’s talking about some knee things probably going on.”

Bryant has been bothered by knee tendinitis since training camp.

Phil on Ariza; looks like the lack of basketball IQ is in question:

New acquisition Trevor Ariza still hasn’t played for the Lakers, although Jackson doesn’t necessarily blame a lack of knowledge of the triangle offense.

“You don’t have to be a genius to play basketball,” Jackson said. “This isn’t rocket science.”

Just the same, Ariza hasn’t had a chance to practice with the team. He arrived Wednesday on a game day, there was no practice on Thanksgiving, there was another game Friday, and the team did not practice Saturday because of a lengthy flight home from Boston.

Lastly, here is Kobe on Odom and his thoughts on why he is struggling:

“He’s very emotional,” Bryant said of Odom. “We just have to stay with him and continue to talk to him to give him confidence and help him come out of it as much as possible.

“He’s played bad in two games. Man, I’ve played bad in five, six, seven, eight games in a row. I mean, come on, now. I tell him, `Don’t get down on yourself. It’s two ballgames. You’ll bounce back (tonight against New Jersey). You’ll be fine.”‘

  • http://www.friendster.com lakerfan101

    when is Ariza goin to play???? can anyone tell me???!!!!!!

  • Shawn

    yo i think tonight against nets and im saying it TIME TO TRADE LAMAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://www.stockkevin.blogspot.com StockKevin

    They should just rest Kobe until he’s 100%.

    “Bryant has been bothered by knee tendinitis since training camp.”

  • dave p

    Lamar is not the answer. Every year there is so much hope for him but its always the same with this guy. It’s time we unload this turkey. He has to have one of the smallest basketball IQ’s on the team – very lacking upstairs. And while we’re at it Kwame is another loser that we need to get rid of.

  • willow

    It’s easy to say get rid of this and get rid of that but I know we don’t live in that kind of world. If we did we’d still have the dynasty Jerry West built and he’d be in the tunnel watching every game but let’s face it who’s willing to take in the pieces we throw out? Do you guys like to pick up the garbage your neighbors throw out? Logistics my friends…think about it.

  • Thomas

    Lamar Odom has to play well for the Lakers to succeed. A lot of teams know that he is a good player and will hurt you if you don’t defend him. Ariza’s knowlege of the offence will come with time. I personally don’t expect to see him play this week maybe over the weekend. The offence is complicated and you can’t learn it overnite.

  • Michael_23

    We probably should have made the Ariza trade before or during training so he can learn the system.

  • Jrich

    Bad news. Ariza had problems with his foot last year and now the other foot this year during pre-season. Plus he has a bad knee:

    “The Magic wanted another shooter to stretch the defense, so it took on the Lakers’ Brian Cook, no fan of Phil Jackson, and gave up Trevor Ariza, who, despite being only 22, is a physical wreck waiting to happen. The whispers out of Orlando are that the ex-Knick has structural foot problems that will eventually catch up with him.”


  • Bryan

    2 bad games and you guys want to dump LO already? No loyalty… just as bad as the guys that made tradelamar.com and then took it down when he was doing good. Lamar has been solid for us during the playoffs. Don’t you remember what he did for us last year through his injuries and heartaches? Show him some support or don’t call yourself a Laker fan.

  • David

    Lamar is GARBAGE. The most inconsistent player on the team, possibly in the NBA. I would even trade him straight up for Artest.


    Like Kobe told LO,”only 2 bad games,try 5,7,8 etc” but that’s not the point at all,to me anyway.The point is in the 4th season A.S.(After Shaq)we still haven’t brought in someone who can compliment these two(Kobe and Lamar).Kobe needs time off because he can’t do what he did last year tryin’ to carry this team especially if LO is still banged up.Kobe told everyone on this team IT’S TIME WE PROVED WE CAN CONTEND FOR CHAMPIONSHIP and they are not proving that,at best they will win 39 to 42 games,with this squad,struggling to get into the playoffs,period.DAMN!I really can’t stand THE CELTICS now.

  • Meraz

    It’s really too much to ask Kobe Bryant to do everything on his own. Although that is pretty much what he has been doing since the Lakers management staff decided to donate their brains for money. Lets face it, Kobe is getting older (although I think he still has at least 5 years of superman-style basketball left in him), and if Lamar doesn’t start to perform, it would be a good idea to trade him. I have nothing against Lamar Odom and I have seen greatness in him, but potential greatness means absolutely nothing if it isn’t actualized. So Lamar suck it up man! And go kick some butt!

    P.S. Kobe you’re unbelievable!


  • mse

    Sup dawg. I love Kobe all the way, but seeing the way he plays is hurting me. How can he have knee problems when he was playing great during the summer team usa?

  • http://nba.com marc

    lamar is a terrific player he can shoot from the outside very well and can strech the defense by blocking shots and is a very hard working player maybe the most underrated player in the whole nba he derserve more cridit than he reciving.

  • KR8

    guys, listen… wait kobe’s spectacular games and then lamar will be fine, he will can “follow” kobe, take it easy… they will play as a team and they will play very good.
    This year ==> Record: 50 – 32

  • Jamaal

    Kobe and his knees will be fine and so will Lamar. Kobe’s always been good and dealing with pain as well as nursing injuries when he can. Lamar has played just a few games so far and obviously not much practice in the summer because of his injuries. Kobe was rusty at the beginning of last season when he came back too. Once the Lakers start gelling better, they will pick up the pace and begin to contend. I know it’s a long way from now, but just wait till the long road trip in February as an indication of the TRUE attitude of the team. GO LAKE SHOW!! Brrrraaa!!

  • http://myspace.com/sheldz Beastinem323

    lakers can’t afford to trade lamar, i mean come on let’s be serious here…they have one consistant double figure rebounder outside of him in Andrew Bynum but he cant put up points like lamar can…you got this player who can hurt you in so many ways, ball handling scoring, rebounding, hes the only person on the team to help Kobe, and stats show that the lakers are more successful with lamar in the lineup than without him and y’all talking about trading him are you serious? Trust me the lakers will suffer so much more without him.

  • aq

    jerry is not listening, kuptcpack(?) is an idiot, jerry’s son thinks he can run the show, jennie should but in daddy’s mind she’s a little girl. kobe will not win a championship with lakers, unless jerry takes control, but he aint listening. And quite frankly with garnett already happy who is left to be brought in to help kobe??? a banged up jemaine o’ neal?? sorry the market for a complimentary supermarket is closed. for kobe’s sake i hope he ends up in dallas. i guess we shold be big enough to let him go, hes given us 10 years and 3 rings. time to say goodbye and wish him the best. thankyou kobe.

  • http://www.myspace.com/kizzotainment Charles

    Kobe is struggling true enough, and while I would LOVE to see him get in LeBron mode and do it all, the truth is, he has done it all and always has. Lamar does need to step up, and I don’t think it’s his IQ or talent, it’s his desire and compettitive nature (that’s what he lacks). If the Lakers aren’t going to trade KB24 (and they shouldn’t), get the man some REAL help please (or trade him and give a chance to be successful before his carrer is over).

    He should’ve already been the MVP, but the lack of team success shoots down any opportunity he’ll ever get.

  • http://dave.dave dave

    kobes dropping 82 vs boston december 30th

  • laquay

    KOBE IZ THE BEST……WHEN he do what lebron james iz doin, people wanna call kobe a ball hog…HATERS!!!

  • laquay

    oh i forgot….kobe drop’n 40 sumthin points tonight against denver(its on my page)……….myspace.com/laquay_713

  • ripp dawg

    Man kobe is a beast. He is the best freaking player in the league and the GM just needs to get him a little help. I think andrew bynum just need to hit the weight room, he has great potential, but dang he has to start really producing. Do ya’ll remember shaq when he first got to the league he was big, but he wasn’t shaq diesel yet, He hit that weight room and he’s been a beast ever since. Come on bynum you need to get on that P90X program or something, and step your game up playa. For my dawg KOBE’S sake. Damn shaq got his ring, get my dawg kobe a ring.

  • law

    kobe is still the best!!!!!